High School Shooting

Kip Kinkel was a high school student at Thurston High who was jailed for killing his parents, 5 students, and hurting over 20 other kids at school.

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Kip had a great deal of psychological issues due to the biological and social elements of his life, that maybe if had actually been treated properly, would not have made him feel the requirement to commit the criminal activities that he did.

To start, Kip Kinkel had lots of biological problems that may have began his issues from a young age.

He had dyslexia, so he might not read and compose extremely well. This triggered him to fall behind in class and need to be kept back a year. Biological psychologists would say that he had this issue due to his brain structure and chemicals and his brain that were dysfunctional and it caused him to have discovering issues. He was also too small for his age, this made him get bullied by other kids at school. Psychoanalytic psychologists would state that because he had bed experience as a kid, he most likely would become bitter and seem like a castaway later in life as well. His mom was older than the suggested age to have infants and still be healthy, biological psychologists would state that this might have caused some irregularities in his body and brain, such as the little body for his age, and dyslexia.

Kip Kinkel had a horrible social life at house and at school. He got bullied in school since of his small body image; according to humanistic psychologists, this would lead him to low self esteem.

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He also had a lack of pals due to the fact that growing up, he only had one good friend, who was a girl, since he resided in a home that was type of remote in the woods, so there weren't numerous kids around. He also got kept back a year while all of his pals went on to the next grade. This would make him feel lonely and separated according to the humanistic approach. Kip had a bad relationship with his family as well. He did not live up to his parents requirements, and he did not actually have anything to bond with his father over, except guns. This probably made him insecure about himself, constantly attempting to be much better than he was to please his parents. According to the psychoanalytic theory, security and adult relationships are major influences on personality.

Kip also had many psychological issues that may have pushed him over the edge. He was diagnosed with depression, and given Prozac. However, shortly after he was starting to feel okay, the doctors took him off of it. This made him depressed again, but nobody realized it. He was also believed to be a schizophrenic because he would talk about "the voices in my head", however he was never diagnosed and never treated for it. The combination of depression and schizophrenia lead him to maladaptive behaviors, according to the cognitive perspective, such as exploding homemade bombs and shooting things to take out his anger and relieve stress.

Incarceration may not have been the been conclusion for the crimes that Kip committed. All of the things he did were because of his of his psychological problems that were caused from the social and biological aspects of his life growing up, and that were mistreated. If Kip had been better treated medically, the shootings may have not happened. Kip Kinkel is just the severe victim of his disorders, not just a cold hearted killer.

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High School Shooting
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