Causes of Insomnia

Have you ever turned and tossed in bed all night long? Have you ever woken up at midnight and could not fall asleep once again? If you answer is affirmative, simply take care. Perhaps you are a victim of sleeping disorders. Insomnia can impact working efficiency and everyday state of mind. The purpose of this essay is to go over the main reasons for insomnia which are psychological aspects, life style and environmental elements. The first cause of insomnia and, in my opinion, the most important is mental factors, consisting of mental pressure, unusual feelings, and mental health problems.

A research study said that psychological pressure is the top killer of sleeping disorders. The pressure might come from work or school, and likewise family or marital relationship. These tensions might make individuals feel nervous and worry. Thus, individuals under pressure can have trouble in falling into sleep. On the other hand, unusual feelings can also impact sleep, such as too fired up or too sad.

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In this case, an individual’s mind will keep being active and lively due to the fact that of feelings. Then, dropping off to sleep will be an effort because condition. Aside from that, psychological diseases are also one of reasons for insomnia.

Among mental health problems, melancholia can trigger insomnia easily. The second and an essential reason for sleeping disorders is lifestyle, consisting of drinking coffee, doing exercise or mental work and drinking alcohol. Initially, some individuals like drinking coffee in the afternoon or during the night.

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The result is that Caffeine may reduce sleep to some degree. Then, an individual who chooses doing exercise and psychological work at night likewise might own a bad sleep. The factor is that these actions may trigger sharply feelings floating. For that reason, these feelings floating may impact sleep.

In addition, drinking too much in the evening can also influence the quality of sleep quickly. Alcohol might produce an excited state and than cause insomnia in the end. The third and last cause of insomnia is ecological factors, such as temperature, brightness and noise. As we all know that both too hot and too cold in a room can make us feel unpleasant and than this bad sensation may affect sleep. On the other hand, too bright in a room can also trigger sleeping disorders. The reason is that the light may make individuals in a state of anxious irritation.

Another thing that will cause sleepless is noisy. In a noise environment, people can not keep calm and fall asleep easily. To sum up, many factors can affect sleep. Although the factor of insomnia varies from person to person, there are still several same reasons. The causes of insomnia can be summarized into three parts: psychological factors, life style and environmental factors. Therefore, pin order to avoid insomnia, people can guarantee the quality of sleep by adjusting psychology, changing life style or improving environment conditions of living place.

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Causes of Insomnia

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