The Psychological Benefits of Being Alone

Friends are one of the pleasures of life and spending time with them can make the person happy. Yet, no one can spend all of their time with their friends because they have work and responsibilities. Even in their free time, many people find it tiresome to spend a lot of time with their friends. There are types of people, however, who cannot spend a minute alone and they should always be with someone, especially friends. Personally, I find solitude more inspiring and peaceful although I am a social person and have a lot of friends.

The most powerful argument for solitude is that it is a chance for reconsidering our decisions and how we live. When we are alone, most of our day comes back to our mind like a movie and it is the best time to evaluate everything. This way we consciously reinforce the good parts and try to change the bad ones. For example, if we have a fight or a strong argument during the day, we can recall the incident and try to judge the whole situation objectively without strong emotions.

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This definitely improves our relationships and the way we react to similar situations in the future.

Another reason for preferring solitude is the peace we feel when we are alone. Our bodies need this rest after a long day. Our ears need quiet and peace and our eyes get tired of the strong lights. If we do not get this rest and relax at the end of the day, we will hurt our bodies and souls.

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People who keep going out with friends all the time will suffer from health problems and spiritual issues. When I say health problems, I mean eye and ear irritation, weakness in the body, and problems in the nervous system. Moreover, they will feel a lot of emptiness in their souls because they are used to being with other people and get scared of being alone.

On the other hand, many people prefer to spend the bulk of their time with their friends. they think that this is their way of interacting with the world and getting the best of it. In their point of view, being alone is meaningless and sometimes harmful. To them, being a member of society means to socialize, and this entails meeting with people and doing activities with them. In addition, people who spend a lot of time alone are in danger of depression or more serious psychological problems. This is why they spend most of their time with their friends.

In conclusion, there is beauty in being with friends and having fun together. But wasting time like that is not good. We can plan for the future and achieve many valuable things we are alone. The opposing party has a point also when they think it can cause depression. To have a compromise between them we say that it is not favorable to spend too much time alone doing nothing. So, if you can do something useful when you are alone, go for it; otherwise, it is better to spend your time with your friends.

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