Studying Alone vs Studying in Groups Essay

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Studying Alone vs Studying in Groups

Reading the content of a text book is not studying; in fact, studying involves thorough understanding of the topic. Incorporated with this is good concentration and involvement. This can be achieved either by studying alone or studying in groups. Many students have different studying approaches which depend on their preferences, character, and availability. Some people are more self- centered and prefer working alone while others prefer interacting with others and engaging in group discussions. Personally, I would prefer to study alone which I believe helps shape me for the future as it forces me to be independent.

Studying alone allows to you to study wherever you want at whatever time best suits you – it saves you the hassle of trying to meet at the scheduled time at places that might not always be at your convenience. Some students need to be in a calm environment to achieve the effectiveness of their studying; these students are better off studying alone. In doing so, they would be able concentrate more on their studies without worrying about being distracted by the chit-chats of other peers or anything that can cause a distraction.

Studying alone also forces you to read the entire text in which you’re required to study and it also forces you to think since no one else would be present to feed you the information. When you are faced with problems that may seem difficult and no one is there to tell you what to do, you will more than likely resort to the textbook and you would also think hard on the problem and the best possible solution. In doing so, you are enabling yourself to improve your ability to deal with problems on your own.

Studying in groups, on the other hand, exposes members to a wide variety of ideas and it also exposes them to different ways in solving problems which can be very helpful. However, studying in groups won’t be effective if the group members are not dedicated, inconsistent and lazy- effective studying is dependent on the mentality of the group members. Students that study in groups has to choose times and places when they are able to meet which will be suitable for most, if not all members -group meetings are more than likely deemed a failure if a suitable spot cannot be found for gatherings.

Students who study in groups are easily distracted by motions or outbursts of other members in the group. If one of the group members isn’t in the mood for studying, it is very easy for that person to strike up a conversation that they are sure will capture the attention of the other group members. Some students often tend to only remember facts about unnecessary conversations that occur during group meetings more than they remember what they’ve studied. As opposed to studying alone, studying in groups encourages you to take a shortcut in studying- instead of reading and understanding the text for yourself; you may find yourself relying on summaries of the text from other group members without ensuring the accuracy of their summary. Students who study in groups are more dependent on each other’s knowledge as oppose to students who studies alone.

In closing, although studying in groups helps you to solve questions faster, encourages friendships etc. which contributes to a somewhat noisy environment, I would rather study alone as opposed to studying in groups because I am better able to stay focused in a very peaceful environment as opposed to an environment that consist of unnecessary chit-chats, etc. I would be able to spend as much time as I need to strengthen my weak areas and I would be able to work at my own pace without having to worry about inconveniencing anyone else. Studying with other people can become stressful and chaotic especially if I’m studying with people who do not take their work seriously or those that are inconsiderate for anyone other than themselves. As mentioned earlier, studying alone will help me to develop the sense of independence which will be less risky for me because I would be able to depend on my own understandings rather than the understandings of someone else. -697 Words

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