Alone with Nature

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A descriptive essay written about the author's intimacy with nature.

Alone with Nature Arriving at the lusciously dense forest at daybreak, you gaze at the fresh dew delicately dangling on the foliage. You stroll through the winding dirt trails towards the steady flowing water while the birds proudly recite their early morning songs. Reaching the free flowing stream you bend down and see your clear reflection in front of the orange-yellow sky. Goosebumps rise along your arms as the streams icy depths run through your fingers.

The cleansing water quickly refreshes your face, quickly washing away your anxieties and frustrations of a usual hectic life. Beyond the stream is a meadow filled with a variety of flowers. Taking a stroll through the meadow is like walking through a rainbow. The shades of the velvety ornamented flower petals vary from scarlet, to baby blue. Despite the similarities in color, nothing else seems to be the same- they all tower 2 or 3 feet above the dark, rich soil.

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They sway playfully in unison with the warm caressing breeze, carefully merging the two scents into one fresh, clean fragrance. You pry yourself away from the immense meadow, still filled with many unexplored treasures and turn back into the foliage covered depths of the forest. The sun is comfortably placed in front of the cotton candy clouds, in the midst of the soft blue sky. The occasional bird soars through in a last minuet attempt to catch a worm so it may feed the yearning mouths of it's young.

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The rough dirt trail ends and you are brought to the base of a rock. Your feet reach for the unfamiliar footholds of the high rocky promontory, anxiously scrambling up the streaky pinkish rock ready to explore any new treasures that lie beyond you. Once on top, you gaze down and see it all- the crystal clear stream brilliantly reflecting the sky, the vast landscape consisting of the towering trees where the birds serenade each other and the squirrels play cat and mouse. Beyond the clearing in the far end of the forest lays the meadow where the tall flowers sway and dance. Surveying all this, all troubles will melt away, leaving yourself with nothing else but nature- where your infinite memories will never die.

Updated: Jun 05, 2020
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