Simple Living Sharing an Apartment vs Alone

Sharing an apartment with a roommate could be a good thing because a roommate can share your expenses and contribute to your home’s maintenance. When you share your apartment, you can save half of the money you spend every month. However, there are many ways in which sharing an apartment with a roommate can be disadvantageous, for example, no privacy, discomfort and fight.

First of all, when you live with someone else, you sacrifice some privacy. Some activities that you used to do while living alone are not possible to do because you have to share your space with the roommate.

For example, if you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, there’s a chance that your roommate is using it. Another thing is if you need to get a cup of water and you are lying in your bed, you may have to dress before leaving the room to avoid any unexpected encounters.

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It is so difficult to live in an apartment without seclusion.

Secondly, it is so uncomfortable to share home appliances and electronics. The roommate may own the television while you own the couch and she or he wants to watch television as the same time that you are watching your favorite show. You have to let her or him choose the program because it is her television. Also, the food you buy is in the refrigerator and when you want to eat some the other already ate it without asking you.

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It is so painful to live in an apartment with another person.

In addition, you and your roommate can have a fight for different reasons. For instance, your roommate doesn’t have the money to pay the rent on time every month, and you don’t want that to keep happening. Therefore you want her or him to move out before the lease ends, but your roommate doesn’t want to move out. That’s where the problem gets started. Another reason is if one leaves an hour after the other, he or she might forget to lock the door and all the items in the shared space can be stolen. Consequently, the person who does not let the door open would get so angry as to fight with the other person. As a result, people with different lifestyle are always fighting for anything.

To conclude, sharing an apartment with a roommate is a terrible idea because you lose your privacy, your comfort and your tolerance. I think that there are more disadvantages than benefits in sharing an apartment, so I recommend you to look for an apartment that you can afford. It is better you live peacefully in a small apartment than painfully in a fancy apartment.

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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