High Thinking and Simple Living

Mahatma Gandhi was once asked to explain a perfect lifestyle and he reacted by saying "Basic Living and High Thinking". I entirely concur with his thoughts and have actually tried (though not fully effectively) to emulate this in my own life.

Basic living is the proper way to live. One does not get enduring happiness by living a flashy way of life. We do not require branded clothing to wear or have closets full of designer clothing. Basic fare would be far better than straining our system with big variety of unique food often.

Partying every other night neither wins us long-lasting buddies nor does it permanently eliminate our monotony. To commute one does not need leading end vehicles - I am not advocating public transportation (esp. in India) for those who can manage private transportation. However, no point in having substantial fuel guzzling lorries to move.

If we were to reduce our needs to the bare minimum, we would start being less demanding on the precious and limited resources of the earth.

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We would start showing consideration for our fellow beings (human and others too) who may not be as well endowed as us. By reducing our demand, we would check inflation and help in making things more affordable for the poor.

High thinking is what will help us in our evolution path. Human beings are superior because we can think far better than other beings. We should make use of this faculty to probe further into the real purpose of our existence and what we need to do to reach our goals.

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High thinking also refers to rising above petty and mundane issues. As ones spiritual growth increases, one tends to think about higher things and does not get trapped and lost in the usual worldly matters.

Just look all round; Look at the ocean, look at the sky; How can you manage not to be simple and not to be humble? - Osho

"Most people try to know more to become more clever every day, where as I attempt to become more simple and uncomplicated everyday." Zen expression

Updated: Feb 22, 2021
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