Pros and Cons of Living Alone

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Peaceful house: After a long day at work, you can come to a quiet and peaceful house. This makes your home the perfect place to relax.

Freedom: It is your house, you can do anything you want without worrying about anyone judging you. You can host events at your place or attend to invited parties and live at any time. You don’t have to worry about being asked where you’re coming from at night.

No altercations: You don’t have any roommate altercation and nobody pisses you off or even bug you in regard to your habits in the house or sharing personal stuff like clothing.

Decorate: You can decorate your kitchen or living room based on your preferences. Nobody to consult with on how you want your living room or even bathroom to look like.

Invite friends: You can invite friends to your house to live with you for a few days or even organize a party.

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No roommate to consult with before inviting people to your place.

Complete privacy: It’s your house, you can walk naked without worrying your roommate accidentally seeing you.

Keep pets: Living alone gives the opportunity to keep as many pets as you want. If your apartment allows the tenants to keep pets then you can go ahead and own as many as you want.

Less annoying: Dirty dishes in the sink doesn’t annoy you because you’re the one who didn’t wash them and you can always wash them whenever you want.

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No one to push you in washing them.

No messing up things: Living alone allows you to keep your things as clean as you may want or at any place and no one will come in to mess with your things.

No more rules: Living alone is the best decision you can make for yourself. You will be able to enjoy your life without any interference from anyone. No more following of any rules and you can create your own rules based on your opinions.


Cleanness: You have to maintain cleanness of the house on your own. If you live some uncleaned areas, they will remain so until you clean them. Keeping the apartment dirty for long will invite bugs.

Feel alone: You will always be alone in your apartment and sometimes it sucks. You may need to have someone to talk to but you’re alone and sometimes the silence is deafening.

Pay all bills: When living alone, you will be responsible for all the bills in the apartment. No one to split expenses with.

Schedule hangouts: If you don’t stay close to your friends, sometimes it becomes hard to meet each other. Therefore, you will be forced to schedule a hangout sessions with them.

No one to help: When you decide to live alone, sometimes you may need urgent help but no one to help you especially when you live far away from family and friends.

Lack of safety: Staying alone sometimes makes you feel insecure thus, it’s advisable to consider the safety of the place before moving to stay alone.

Boring life: When you stay alone at times, you feel bored with your daily routine.

Lack of company: Living alone limits you to share with others or do things with others thus, making you feel that you lack company.

No friends to sleep with on a scary night: You may feel scared after watching a horror movie but no friend to sleep with.

No one to console you: when you’re down nobody to hold your back and tease you.

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Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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