Living Alone Essay

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Living Alone

At some point in our lives we must all grow up. Growing up usually involves moving out on one’s own and beginning one’s journey to adulthood. Amongst the many aspects of becoming an adult, with adulthood often comes living alone. Living alone is not easy but it’s a part of growing up. There are often times in my life that I wish I never had to grow up. To live alone can have both advantages and disadvantages and it isn’t the best decision for everyone. There can be many advantages to living alone.

When one lives alone he/she can dictate his/her life as he/she sees fit. One does not have to consider another person’s preferences when it comes to food, chores, nor entertainment. An especially important advantage of living alone is also the fact that you learn independence and responsibility because you must remember about paying bills on time or about doing your own shopping for your own necessities. You learn to take care of yourself and not depend on others to do things for you.

Despite the many advantages of living on your own there are still quite a few disadvantages. When you live alone you are actually alone. It can be especially difficult for those whom enjoy a lot of social interaction because quite honestly, living alone gets lonely. Having a place of your own requires a lot of responsibility. When you are on your own you don’t have anyone to help you. Help with chores, cooking, and especially financial needs can definitely be the deal breaker on whether or not one can actually handle living alone.

Living alone is not meant for the faint of heart. There are people in society who find it quite difficult to not have companionship. Some people do not want to make any compromise and deliberately choose to live alone. I believe that anyone can adjust without companionship after some time. As a young women living on my own I find it most difficult to maintain a work, school, and social life balance. I have to work often to afford my bills. When I am not working I am attending school.

There isn’t much time left for a social life. Truth is living alone is not easy. There are both good and bad sides to being on your own. A person shouldn’t move out on his/her own unless he/she is committed to being responsible. Despite all the good and the bad aspects there is no doubt that one must learn responsibility in order to live alone. One must make sacrifices and prioritize one’s life accordingly. Growing is never going to be easy but it can be worth the entire struggle.

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