Studying Abroad or Studying At Home

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Studying abroad has become very fashionable for many residents. Many students seek the opportunities to study overseas to create a bright future and achieve childhood dreams. People who prefer to leave their home and study abroad seemed to be searching for educational satisfaction over their entire desire. Homesickness and culture shock besides unsafe environment are only a few problems of what an expat may face. It is believed that students shouldn’t leave their home to study abroad.

The first reason why we should encourage students to pursue education locally is that a student studying locally doesn’t need to learn how to speak the local language of the foreign country that’s because they already known it.

This will help avoid any communication problems between the students and their surroundings. Students can mix and blend with fellow classmates and teachers with ease. Moreover, students would be closer to home, being able to see and communicate with their loved people. Learning to live without a family is difficult and hard to cope with especially if someone was far alone from friends’ support and help.

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Another reason why a student shouldn’t leave their homeland to study abroad is the difficulties of moving. Studying locally is not as expensive compared to studying overseas. Students would not need to rent apartment as they can stay in the house they have been living in. Winter clothing, which also costs a lot of money, is not needed for those who are planning to study in western side.

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Local calls are also far cheaper than international calls for people who study outside of their country.

More important, as a foreign student, students will experience distinct traditions and customs from that of their homeland and influence by their behaviors and norms. Students sometimes encounter with cultural shock. In different country things can be different than our habits. It is difficult to get used to live in a foreign country. Traditions, habits and people are different and besides this it takes time to learn what their traditions and habits are. Culture shock also causes student not to be social and feel homesick. Students might miss their environment, family and friends.

The opponents argue that studying abroad has many advantages, such as the advanced courses and developed approaches and facilities and the glory name of the western universities. They think that could expand student outlook and autonomy. However, local universities have encouraged students to study at home by opining international and famous worldwide university branches in its land. Furthermore, these universities branches are not less significance than the main branch in its original country. The counterarguments may think that speaking the language is better when someone lives between native people of the language. However, governments established many numbers of language institutes whose crew exclude native speakers.

To conclude, studying locally is the best choice for students who are looking for satisfactory ad high level of education. People should be proud of pursuing education in homeland universities, where the difficulties of alienation can be avoided. By studying locally, there is no need to speak the language and moved on, only to enjoy studying among your loved people and to live dreams.

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Studying Abroad or Studying At Home
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