The advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad

In the 21st century, the requirement of studying abroad has ended up being an emerging trend among the youth. Nevertheless, every coin has 2 sides and so does travelling to study; it has numerous benefits along with drawbacks that need to be thought about. Studying abroad has terrific pros. To start with, trainees have a remarkable chance to have better education. When we compare our education system with that of extremely developed nations, there will be a huge quantity of distinction in the method trainees are informed.

Studying abroad helps us learn the cutting edges and advanced understanding which is a far cry from the academic understanding that Vietnamese trainees are taught. Furthermore, we're provided a wonderful chance to enhance our language. Nothing is much better than finding out language with the native speakers and using what we've discovered to talk to them. Secondly, as we have actually been geared up with important understanding, we'll have a much better degree and increase the size of on our job chances.

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When we request a task, our degree will acquire us higher advantages than the others.

The third pro is that students can develop social skills. We can be independent because our family won’t be around to tell us what to do and eventually, we’ll learn to take care of ourselves. In addition, we are more confident and we can make friends easily. Last but not least, studying abroad opens to us an abundant world of cultures and languages. This might be the best experience one can have in his life time and studying abroad paves way for it.

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On the other hand, going abroad to study has its own cons. Sometimes, if we don’t get a scholarship, studying abroad is very expensive. If we don’t know the language, there will be a huge language barrier. Thirdly, we have to adapt to a whole new environment on our own. We can easily feel lonely and homesick. If it gets worse, people will be racist because we’re Asian. Fourthly, some students might not be able to control themselves. They might skip classes, steal their parents’ money to spend on drugs, alcohol and involve in social evils. In conclusion, while studying abroad offers great opportunities for a better future, it also has challenges that we must try our best to overcome to make our dreams come true.

Updated: Jul 07, 2022
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