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Saudi Arabia Essay Examples

Saudi Arabia education system

...Principal teachers’ workshops are provided in the country to help develop leadership skills through networking between these two terms. Such forums are carried to shed light on the roles carried by the principals and how the expectorations of teachers, parents and students can be handled (UNESCO, 1996). In addition to this, the principal developed programs have been put in place for Saudi Arabian teachers. This has helped the teachers to develop leadership and management skills in order to bec...

Women's Rights in Saudi Arabia

...The Koran does not forbid women to drive, vote, or walk outside of the house. Saudi Arabia must give women more freedom and rights. While the world is moving forward, it seems that Saudi Arabia is living in the past. Saudi women are repeatedly oppressed, mistreated, and abused. They do not voice their concerns and demands out of fear of being punished for repelling the Islamic law. Saudi women should not be living in fear while doing normal daily things. Saudi Arabian government must reform and ...

Construction In Saudi Arabia -Market Strategies

...The gender distribution of the population remains skewed, with males accounting for 55% of the total population and females accounting for 45. 0%. According to UN estimates, Saudi Arabia’s population is expected to reach 33. 5 million by 2020. •The unemployment rate averaged at 5. 37% during 2009–2012, but fell to 5. 1% in 2013. The reduction has been attributed to government policies in early 2013, aimed at reducing the number of unskilled expatriates in the labor force, which initially h...

Cultural Analysis of Saudi Arabia and New Zealand

...Moreover, the guest was shown wearing shoes while seated, which is considered disrespectful by traditional Saudis. Thirdly, advertising content should be simplified but concentrated. In order to establish a long term brand and image-building, advertising content should be able to get the trust from Saudi Arabia customers, as the religious word-of-mouth effects, the high quality lamb product would be accepted by consumers in a long term. In addition, cooperating with local large media agency to c...

Compare and contrast the education system in Saudi Arabia with UK

...For example, in the past, the schools have one building and few classes all over the city, however the schools now have many buildings that are divided into elementary school, intermediate school, and secondary school building. In the classes there were few students and no chairs to focus. The development needs motivation from an individual and government. The Education system in the past was very difficult to understand, and the teachers got the basic information. Today the teaching is much eas...

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