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The Case of the Scheming Employee Case Background The instance is about a former OFW. Mr. Gonzales. who worked for 25 old ages in Saudi Arabia and decided to migrate in US. He gave his trust to his belongings decision maker. but the said decision maker took advantage the state of affairs of his employer. The decision maker tried to acquire money from Mr. Gonzales while Mr. Gonzales wasn’t cognizant of this. Time Context This instance happened from the twelvemonth 1982. when Mr.

Gonzales decided to migrate to California and hired a belongings decision maker. Brutus Banquil. And ended at twelvemonth 2004. Cardinal Issue and Problem The evil strategy of Brutus is the root cause of the job.

He was dazzled by the money. He wasn’t contented to his pay from Mr. Gonzales because he wanted to acquire a larger sum of money from his employer. He wasn’t faithful to him and he didn’t have unity. Secondary Issue and Problem The secondary issue when Brutus opened new history to another bank to make a good feeling from the bank for loan intents.

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He wanted to acquire a loan of 5 million utilizing the name of Mr. Gonzales. He even presented paperss for them to accept the loan petition of Brutus. Aims In order to halt his evil program. the loan officer who knew about it should state Mr.

Gonzales about what happened and state him the whole narrative so that Mr. Gonzales can action Brutus and allow him pay for what he did and all the amendss.

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if any. he may hold done. Areas of Consideration Strength. The loan officer knew about what Brutus is be aftering to make. He was a great aid to work out the job. Weakness. There was an issue about how long Brutus was gulling Mr. Gonzales. It took many old ages to cognize his bad program. Opportunities. Brutus. nevertheless. used to be faithful to his employer. So there might be a opportunity that Mr. Gonzales will forgive him and give him another opportunity to repent what he did and get down a new life. a better life.

Menaces. Mr. Gonzales isn’t in good status so there’s a possibility that he might non cognize what is truly go oning to his money. and Brutus’ evil program. Alternate Course of Action As a sensed solution. since Mr. Gonzales in comatose. his household or relations can be the 1s to register a instance to Brutus because it is deemed to be unjust to the portion of Mr. Gonzales and really unethical. This would allow Brutus endure for what he has done to his employer. Recommendation I would urge that Brutus should pay for what he has done. He can be put in gaol. This would be fair on the portion of Mr. Gonzales who gave his full trust to him.

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