Restaurant Review (Boston Pizza)

Each time I return home after a stint of travel to other countries I always head out to one of my favorite restaurants, Boston Pizza. Boston Pizza has been around since the 1960’s and started out as a small one store location but has grown into one of western Canada’s most popular restaurants with over 150 locations in Canada with a few locations also spread out in the USA.

There are many choices that can compare in some aspect to the feeling I get when I go to a Boston Pizza but the combination of cleanliness of the restaurant, a variety of choices on the menu and the service that makes me feel at home each time I walk through the door, Boston Pizza is always my first choice when I decide to go out for a bite to eat.

Boston Pizza prides itself on keeping a clean restaurant. When I walked into the restaurant last week, it was a rather slow period and to keep busy the staff were dusting off the paintings on the wall but also attending to the customers as they needed anything.

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As I did a walk through I noticed certain things that stood out to me on each table that told me that the staff really cares about cleanliness. The table setting for each knife and fork was exactly the same on each table and not only that but the salt and pepper shakers were sitting in the exact same location to give the feeling of uniformity throughout the room.

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Almost like the symmetry of the room made it more welcoming. It wasn’t until after I was done my meal that I noticed how clean the bathrooms were and this is where it really stood out to me that cleanliness was important.

The fragrance was a nice lavender smell when I walked in and where I usually see graffiti or other common public washroom art, there was nothing to be reported. The usual soap leaking from the hand dispenser was not to be seen and they included both options to dry my hands with paper or electric hand dyer. As you can probably tell, Boston Pizza was made famous by the Pizza it first served to its customers back in the beginning but over the years it has grown into a much more diverse variety of choices on the menu for anyone’s palette.

Even the gluten free choices, such as the gluten free pizza crust, are available as more and more people wish to go gluten free in their diet. If you wish to dine on a burger and fries, in my opinion, the Whiskey BBQ Bacon Burger is one of the best burgers in the city. In the mood for some pub food like nachos or wings, well not only does Boston Pizza carry freshly made nachos they also give you a variety in wings where you can get them baked or fried. The best pub food on the menu though has to be the Cactus Cut Potatoes.

These potatoes look like regular potato chips but they have been marinated in jalapeno juice and come served with a nice sour cream, caeser dressing, and chili pepper dip. They really make your taste buds dance. Now the thing that really puts the icing on the cake for me is the service I receive as a regular customer but also the service I see provided to others around me each time I am in the restaurant. Darla, one of the regular servers at Boston Pizza, is really the epitome of great service.

She greats me by name each time, introduces me to other servers and does it with a smile on her face every time she is working. Now not every one may get the same service that I do but what I do notice around me is that all servers are very prompt with the service. When someone asks for recommendations, they truly know the menu and provide the customers with great comfort that they can trust their server into helping them make a decision from the vast amount of choices.

I know that some customers can be difficult but it is rare that I see anyone leave unhappy from their experience at Boston Pizza Boston Pizza will always be my home away from home because the cleanliness of the restaurant is top notch and they continue to surprise me with new menu items every few months. The piece de resistance, however, is that I like to think of Boston Pizza is like my “Cheers” because it is a place where people are all the same but most of all it’s a place where everyone knows my name.

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