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Religion and spirituality Essay Examples

Seven events that shaped the New Testament world

The conviction of the group that Jesus comes in contact with when at Matthew’s is that “one who claims to be holy should not have dinner with tax collectors and sinners.” In those ancient times, tax collectors were perceived a bad lot that was made up of sinners. To the Pharisees who thought of themselves… VIEW ESSAY

Muslims and non Muslims interactions in the world

A Muslim is a person who claims to follow the Islamic teachings while Islam is the people ‘s way of life of the Muslims. The Qur’an is the source book of the Muslims and contains in it the message that Allah gave to his prophet. Islam’s beliefs, goals and values have been controversial in the… VIEW ESSAY

Overcoming Adversity to Become a Better Person

In every person’s life, facing adversity and overcoming it is one of the biggest challenges that there is. People struggle with different types of adversities and while there some people who manage to overcome them, others are not so lucky and find themselves entangled in a web of problems for their entire lifetime. However, as… VIEW ESSAY



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Causes and Consequences of the Deep Rooted Conflict among Hindus Buddhists and Muslims

Religion is a deeply rooted aspect in mankind. Since the early civilizations, human beings have developed in such a way there is worship of deity beings. Though there are many aspects of religion, the act of common worship of these deities and practices is major. At most times, political and economic factors are to blame… VIEW ESSAY

Religion A Means to an End or Just a Delusion

Over the years, people have held different opinions about religions around the world. Many believe in the existence of a divine being like God, while others worship idols and other images that they consider as their god(s), without concrete proof that these beings do exist. Based on the statement by Sigmund Freud that “Religion comprises… VIEW ESSAY

Should religion restrict blood transfusions for their believers

Over the centuries, there has been constant debate regarding the prohibitions outlined by religious denominations specifically Jehovah Witness who have held their grounds with regards to refusing the use of blood in the treatment of Witnesses thus causing so much uproar in medical circles; some doctors cry out that this request, ties their hands when… VIEW ESSAY

Chapter 4 Of Carter’s Book

Warren Carter’s book offers the necessary understanding of the Christianity’s initial stages. The book’s structure is such that it revolves around seven important events that had a great impact on Christianity in early times. They briefly include the following: the demise of Alexander , comparison between Jesus and Alexander, the translation’ process of scriptures from… VIEW ESSAY

About Jihad: 15 Misquotes from the Koran

The Cow is a story of the Koran in the Surah (vv. 67-73), and the name is derived from a story of the Cow in the Surah. There are 286 verses in this Surah, more than any other in the Koran. The theme of this Surah is divine and guidance and all other teachings are… VIEW ESSAY

The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World. Clash of Ignorance

This article by Edward Said is a follow up to an earlier article by Samuel Huntington titled “The Clash of Civilization” that was themed around civilization being a source of conflict in the modern world. The focus of Huntington’s article is the prediction of ideological differences between the different cultures say religions Christianity and Islam… VIEW ESSAY

Why I’m Not an Atheist: The Case for Agnosticism

More than 16% of the world is unaffiliated by religion. Agnostics and atheists alike fail to comprehend that there can be one God since by history many religions have had different gods. Agnostics hold the view that the existence of God is an unprovable phenomenon. Atheists, on the other hand, hold the view that God… VIEW ESSAY

Buddhism, Legitimation, and Conflict: The Political Functions of Urban Thai Buddhism

Ideally, Buddhism is a religion with a huge following whereby the believers in the religion follow and interact socially with the Dharma doctrine which is basically what the Buddha taught or his way of living. Dharma is the path to attain such enlightenment and the teachings of Buddha and through the following of Buddhists traditions… VIEW ESSAY

A God Divided: Understanding the Differences Between Islam, Christianity and Judaism

Christianity, Islam and Judaism, are the world’s greatest monotheist faiths. These faiths have some similarities and differences. In this paper analysis of what is common amongst Islam, Judaism and Christianity is analyzed at an in-depth level. Islam is the world’s largest religion after Christianity. It is a monotheistic faith that traces its roots in the… VIEW ESSAY

A Christian Perspective on Political Thought

Civil disobedience is state in which people do not follow the rules and laws of a country as a form of political protest. The people who practice civil disobedience refuse to disperse; they block access to some buildings and block some roads or may disobey the laws of the country. A good example of civil… VIEW ESSAY

Death memoir of Emperor Constantine the great

Death memoir of Emperor Constantine the great Introduction             I was born on February 22nd 272 in a place known as Naissus in Serbia. My father was the Roman Emperor by then but he later died. I was not the one who was supposed to take the position of the Emperor because there was a… VIEW ESSAY

Ezekiel’s Prophecy of the Temple

Ezekiel 40-48 Introduction The Temple             The prophesy of the temple ought to be interpreted literally and not figuratively. This is because it was given at a time when Ezekiel was still in captivity. Since Ezekiel was in captivity while stating this prophecy, this time was literal and not figurative. Similarly, Ezekiel’s apocalyptic prophecies tend… VIEW ESSAY

Is evil really the nature of mankind

Is evil really the nature of mankind? Introduction             Man is assumed to have morals. Morality can be defined as the ability to come up with ruled and adhere to them to the letter coupled with the ability to discern right from wrong. This raises the question whether man does wrong on purpose. Is man… VIEW ESSAY

In Defense of the Kalam Cosmological Argument

Kalam Cosmological Argument Introduction             Kalam cosmological argument refers to an exercise the positive apologetics which is aimed at proving that truly God exists. Kalam cosmological argument has become an argument which is extremely popular both in philosophy of religion as well as in apologetics. It was developed in the middle ages by the Muslim… VIEW ESSAY

America and the challenges of religious diversity

Religion and Theory Introduction             The world today is dynamic such that there is need to recognize the diversity of the people that live in it. People across the world are different in terms of culture, religion and race. However, there are few people that have consistently failed to accommodate diverse beliefs and opinions. One… VIEW ESSAY

Sartre, Jean Paul. Existence precedes essence

Existence precedes essence Introduction             As much as Existentialism is a philosophy, existentialist emphasize on artistic creation as a crucial aspect of existence. As an outcome, Sartre often chose to combine both points of aesthetic concerns and that of philosophy in short stories and novels. Unlike the fiction of Sartre, the philosopher fiction is not… VIEW ESSAY

Proper Way to Live by Confucianism and Taoism

Proper Way to Live by Confucianism and Taoism Introduction         Confucianism and Taoism are ideologies that originated from China. These two ideologies have become very influencing though they have been known to be different in various approaches. The analysis of this paper will include introduction of the main ideologies of Confucianism and… VIEW ESSAY

St Augustine and the Understanding of Evil

St Augustine and the Understanding of Evil Introduction        St Augustine took a very interesting position on the debate surrounding the problem of evil and the existence of God. From the viewpoint that he developed – the position maintained is that evil is caused by humans and not God (Wawrytko 50). The position… VIEW ESSAY

Ethics. Cultural relativism and Divine command theory

Ethics Introduction        Societies have different beliefs that are considered as the basis of their existence. They are the morals that govern the behaviour patterns and as far as the community is concerned, they also serve as the grounds of what is right and what is wrong. In philosophy, there are certain theories… VIEW ESSAY

What are the reasons for Anti Semitism in Britain in the new millennium from 2000 onwards

What are the reasons for Anti-Semitism in Britain in the new millennium from 2000 onwards Introduction        This research seeks to identify the relationship between Jews living within Britain and anti-Semitism. The research is intended to unearth whether or not anti Semitism exists in Britain today and if so in what ways it… VIEW ESSAY

How Vampirism Is Depicted in Dracula by Stoker and I Am a Legend by Richard Matheson

Vampires are creatures that are believed to feed on flesh blood of living things and especially human beings. From the novels, vampires evolved from dead human beings and came back to life with more powers than them making them super humans. To understand vampires’ evolution, different myths were developed across the world. Ancient Persia recorded… VIEW ESSAY


          In the name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful A beautiful scene of dusk depicts a sweet picture of the universe, when the sun sets, and calm and stillness engulfs the loud voices of the day, I often see the birds returning back to their nests. These tiny… VIEW ESSAY

Aims of Education

Education has been conceived so variously in human history, especially in term of its aims. Chopra (2005) defines the term ‘Aims’ as: “Long-term ambitions which may or may not be achieved, but which provide personal motivation and direction” (p.16). Perhaps more than other aspects of human existence, it is education which lends a direction to… VIEW ESSAY

Final research HND Business

Executive Summary Of Research on Basant or Spring Festival Event for the research was decided as “Basant or Spring Festival Lahore”. Basant was started 1300-1400 hundred century. But in near past the event was become controversial. Some religious activist called it Hinduism while some people in taking lead in kite-flying start taking lives of people… VIEW ESSAY

The Ramayana

The Ramayana: Anthropomorphism of the Divine Perhaps no single work of prose captures the breadth and depth of the meaning of the word dharma, than does the Ramayana. Not a religious book or divinely inspired text such as the Bible or Quran, the Ramayana was originally an epic poem that circulated for centuries by word… VIEW ESSAY


Use examples from the lessons to compose a well-developed paragraph on the following: Why do historians consider the greatest achievement of the Byzantine Empire to be the preservation of Greek and Roman cultures? Historians consider the greatest achievement of the Byzantine Empire to be the preservation of Greek and Roman cultures because after the fall… VIEW ESSAY

Holidays in Vietnam Speaking topic

HOLIDAYS IN VIETNAM (Các Ngày Lễ Ở Việt Nam) Liberation Day/Reunification Day – April 30 (Ngày Giải phóng miền Nam thống nhất đất nước) International Workers’ Day – May 1 (Ngày Quốc tế Lao động) National Day (Vietnam) – September 2 (Quốc khánh) New Year – January 1 (Tết Dương Lịch) Tết (Vietnamese New Year)… VIEW ESSAY

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