The Spiritual Journey and Life Lessons Depicted in The Alchemist, a Novel by Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist is a read that will change your way of thinking about the world. The story gives so much hope to those who may be lost in life. This book tells a story of a boy who has a flame for a heart and he never lets it go out no matter how hard the journey becomes for him. There are many spiritual lessons placed throughout the read. This novel teaches its readers to believe in themselves and keep going no matter what.

There is no success without failure, The messages within this book will continue to touch the lives of those who take the time out to read it. I am one who believes strongly on holding tight to ones dreams. I believe that everything we want can be achieved and that once we make our minds up about the things we want in life and want to do; it will be forever set in stone for us to manifest these dreams.

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In an interview with will smith he talks about this. He talks about how he believed that we are who we want to be in life.

Anything we think, we can make manifest of if we want it bad enough. He thinks of himself as an alchemist and refers to the concept of turning lead into gold is the same as turning dream into reality. He states that “All a person has to do is decide who they want to be and the Universe works in unison with you to make the things you want happen,” I completely agree with this way of thinking.

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It has proven to be true. I experience it every day and researching others who think and feel the same is very comforting. Paulo was sending the message to his readers that not only do we have a purpose but a duty to fulfil that purpose. He refers to it as our “personal legend.” I believe that truly living is going after the dreams that people would tell you are too big to reach. To be fearless and set goals that are intimidating but you go after it anyway.

The biggest obstacle in life is fear; fear is bigger than the obstacle itself, noted from the I—qufington post. Santiago confirms these messages through his gracefulness throughout his journey. He has ample opportunity to be afraid; considering he leaves home in Spain with no one but his sheep and himself, He is very hopeful and optimistic about life and the things he wants to experience in life. Although he is a bit naive at first, he endures encounters that were not all pleasant but taught him many things about not only the world around him but himself both good and bad. During this age of time that the story is told it wasn’t unlikely to dream and set out to reach those dreams. Where we are now there are so many things to distract us along with people who can also act as road blocks in our path, It takes many life lessons for us to realize the very thing Santiago had to learn throughout his journey that the manifestation of our dreams can only be hindered if we allow them to be.

We can only fail if we fail to push ourselves even after being knocked back a few steps in our path He shows incredible strength by keeping forward even when he thought it was the end of the road for him. He regained the courage to keep going Santiago’s welcome into Africa was by a man appearing to try to help him get to Egypt, His only way would be to cross the Sahara Desert. The man told him he would need money to get him through the Sahara Desert and so he asked him how much he had Santiago was nice and naive enough to pull out the money and show him the coins. They walked to a market to purchase two sheep so that he could accompany Santiago on the way across the desert. Santiago looked away fixated on a beautiful sword but by the time he looked back up the guy was gone. He began to think of plan to start over and go back home; however he had no money at this point to get back home.

He lost his will to continue on his journey to Egypt he felt alone and as if god was not being fair He looked at his two stones that a king had given to him These stones could read omensi He wept for a moment and then said to himself “I’m an adventurer, looking for treasure,” he said to himself The Alchemist Pgst 24-27 As said before, we go through things in life that knocks us down Not to knock us down and keep us there, but to knock us down to build us up stronger than where we were before the fall. There is a spiritual aspect of this book that is deeper than some may notice, It comes off as just a fictional story that tells a wise story. The spiritual enrichment from this book is absolutely amazing! Spirituality is something that is rooted deeply from within every person on this earth.

Paulo comes from the soul in this book he speaks of energy and the way it moves the world and people through Santiago In an article “Spirituality 8t Practice”, they elaborate on the energy that Paulo is speaking of. The influence of energy affects the soul of the earth and the people covering it. “The article also touches on what I was discussing about realizing ones personal legend, Furthermore they interpret Paulo’s message that the Soul of the World is nourished by people’s happiness, and also by unhappiness, envy, and jealousy, To realize one’s destiny is a persons only real obligation. All things are one” This is one of the very messages I received from the read that lead me on to my spiritual path. To conclude, The Alchemist is a mesmerizing fable about the spiritual journey we must all take to fulfill our dreams and play out our destinies.

Along the way, we need to learn how to trust others, to read the world for signs of God, to listen to our heart, to make the most of coincidence and luck, and to accept the subtle ways love “transforms and improves the Soul of the World.” This is a beautiful way to view the world around us. Everything I have laid here is exactly howl felt after the read During this time of my life I was experiencing so much and the messages were touching me on such a spiritual lesson. This read was something like an awakening, mentally and spiritually, I can tell that this book is making the same impression on millions of lives. Paulo has sold over 83 million copies and it has been published in over 67 languages. The Alchemist will continue to expand mindsets all over the world and awaken the true spirituality within all of us.

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