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Recycling Essay Examples

Essay on Recycling

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Nestle Philippines Incorporated CSR


Directed Writing: Report on Water Pollution

...Besides than the government, the villagers also should give fully co-operations that needed by the village. Every individuals also responsible to their village. Do not throw litter or harmful substances into the river or lakes. Do your part by picking up the litters and throw them in to the rubbish bin. Villagers also should promote the ways to prevent water pollution to relatives and friends so that they can also advocate this concept. In addition, if you saw any villager that litter or polluti...

Poverty Satire

...Many people would probably argue that this solution to homelessness is too dangerous or inhumane but it will prepare the homeless people for a life after the landfill. The landfill would offer a refuge for the poverty stricken victims to be provided for and it would also allow the homeless to provide a service for the public. The landfill already offers such valuable resources that are just going to waste. It would be unreasonable to think that the landfill residents couldn’t sort through the ...

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Waste Management Case Analysis

...McPherson, Susan. "An Innovative Way To Recycle Electronics." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 16 Sept. 2013. Web. 22 Apr. 2014. Savitz, Eric. "Government Subsidies: Silent Killer Of Renewable Energy." Forbes. Forbes Magazine, 14 Feb. 2013. Web. 22 Apr. 2014. Lierandi-Cruz, Ricardo. "Time for a National Recycling Mandate." TheHill. N.p., 02 Nov. 2013. Web. 22 Apr. 2014. Hommes, Vrenni. "Cash for Trash: Innovative Companies Profitably Upcycle, Recycle and Reduce Waste." Triple Pundit RSS. N.p., 05 Apr. 2...


...This particular and specific research study can easily contribute to the youth generation, for them to be capable of deriving ropes from different kinds of plants and materials. It is again for the Youth to develop their resourcefulness by using alternative plants as different functions in life. Research studies like this also develops the value of open-mindedness to young researchers and if landed to the right plant, this will serve as an effective use in climbing, rescuing people and other act...

Marketing & Sustainability

...Doyle, C 2011, A Dictionary of Marketing, 3rd edn, Oxford University Press, NY. Galbreth, MR & Ghosh, B 2012, ‘Competition and Sustainability: The Impact of Consumer Awareness’ Decision Sciences, vol. 44, no. 1, pp. 127 – 159. Hanss, D & Bohm, G 2012, ‘Sustainability seen from the perspective of consumers’, International Journal of Consumer Studies, vol. 36, no. 6, pp. 678 – 687. Kotler, P 2011, ‘Reinventing marketing to Manage the Environmental Imperative’, Journal of Ma...

The Use of Waste Glass as Construction Material

...Civil and Environmental Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2005. Mayer, C, N Egosi, and C Andela. Concrete with Waste Glass as Aggregate. Columbia University, RRT Design and Construction, Andela Products Ltd, 2001. Nebraska State Recycling Association. Glass Cullet Utilization Study. Civil Engineering Applications, HDR Engineering Ltd., 1997. Property Bytes. Glass in Construction. 2013. http://propertybytes.indiaproperty.com/ (accessed July 18, 2013). Property Pulse. Use of gla...


...Rachna Chandan, S. B. (2010, 5 31). Eco Friendly Cleaning. Retrieved 5 29, 2014, from rachna-accomodationoperation.com: http://rachna-accomodationoperation.com/2010/05/eco-friendly-cleaning-small-step-can.html?m=1 Sinha, S. (2013, 6 4). A Green way to a Clean Hotel. Retrieved 5 28, 2014, from hospitalitybizindia.com: http://www.hospitalitybizindia.com/detailNews.aspx?aid=16809&sid=5 Green Vacation Hub. (2008). Retrieved 5 27, 2014, from Green Vacation Hub Website: http://www.greenvacationhub...

The unique selling point of the Acorn House Restaurant

...6. In the case study we see a number of innovative ideas that could be applied to any restaurant, which one you find the most intriguing, why? In this case study, the most intriguing idea is the customers can make their choice in controlling the portion of quantity could be applied to other restaurant. This is because actually many restaurants also face the wasting food from customer’s maybe the portion of dish is big for certain customers. Actually this concern is good, same gone with the bu...

Letter to Editor

...They should also arrange banners or boards at places to alert people not to throw garbage here and fine the one who violates the rules. The environmental groups on the other hand, are requested to spread awareness about this garbage causing air and water pollution and endangering the health of the people of Bedford through different means like television radio or newspaper. They should further encourage the people not to throw the garbage on road to help prevent diseases neither burn it which is...

Implementation on Solid Waste Management of Boarding Houses

...Environmental?Education Program is an integral part of the curriculum. The program as a whole installs in the student a deeper commitment to environmental stewardship. It makes use of the SEE-DISCERN ACT process to develop in the student a lifestyle of steward ship where caring is a commitment. To SEE allows the student to observe environmental realities, to DISCERN is to reflect and use her personal understanding to seek God’s plan anchored on prayers, leading her to ACT in response to God’...

Garbage Menace in Our Locality

...Such waste materials can be handed over to the local company that will correctly dispose off the material keeping the environment safe. Government should pass a norm to install close circuit cameras to keep an eye on people who doesn’t throw garbage into the dustbin and should be fined. A good place should be selected for waste disposal away from the public stay area. There should be proper timings of the municipality vehicles coming to collect the waste atleast once in a week. There should be...

Waste management in the Philippines

...Recognizing the importance of the environment’s immediate recovery and effects of improper waste management to the Philippines, there is a need for understanding and reformation of attitudes and concern towards the protection of environment. The impending garbage crisis can be prevented if we only practice waste segregation at source, recycling, and composting as what the law requires. An intensive social marketing program has to be established on a long-term scale within a barangay – the sm...

One Earth, One chance

...Let me now direct your attention on how a lots of recycled paper equals or saves seventeen trees in a paper production, now that's what I'm talking about! Finally, however evidently if you recycle glass it can produce 20% less air contamination and 50% less water pollution compared to manufacturing brand-new glass. It's type of a real surprise just how much little you can do can make a big difference and now among them can be recycling. Save Energy, and this actually speaks for itself. Plainly, ...

Types of Infrastructure

...There are less similar systems in hard infrastructure that are usually unnoticed like earth monitoring and measurement networks but serve important daily role's in everyone's life. When everything is running smoothly, we don't notice how much we need it. However, unusual disruptions such as blackouts or terrorist attacks abruptly remind us of how dependent we all are on these systems when suddenly a city goes dark. Every small interruption such as highway construction making a commute to work lo...

Keeping Our School Clean

...We encourage parents, students and staff to use re-usable containers for lunches and to recycle juice boxes and plastics. We also encourage students to take home any left-over lunches to avoid waste. To help keep our school clean, students are asked to refrain from chewing gum and sunflower seeds at school 1.We should not throw chocolate pills or paper in the school compound.For that we should make the children do it so that they understand 2.We should not throw any kind of paper in our class ro...

Benefits of 3R's


Hungry jacks annual report

...Australian Tidy Towns Awards Hungry Jack’s continued its support of the Australian Tidy Towns Awards as the sponsor of the national Litter Prevention category. To help promote and support the work of Keep Australia Beautiful and its Sustainable Communities awards programs, including the Tidy Towns and Clean Beaches Awards, Hungry Jack’s featured a competition to promote both the national finalists of both awards programs on 1.5 million tray liners in-store. This promotion ran in April/May 2...

Kitchen waste recycling

...I will not waste food anymore if there is a kitchen waste recycling scheme. When we think about how to save the Earth, we always consider the reuse, recycle, reduce and replace. But we can’t always see the kitchen wastes recycle in Hong Kong. The proposal gives us the chance to consider that how to apply the recycling of kitchen wastes in our life. We faced some difficulties when we considered the content. For example, we must choose the method of process the kitchen wastes. Different ways of...

Food Waste? Too valuable to waste!

...All in all, for thousands of years, famine has continued to happen somewhere throughout human history. In fact, the current food production and storage in the world is more than enough to support the whole populations if we are able to minimize food waste. The food waste processor, leftover food donation and fee charging are the substantive measures to minimize the food waste and reduce the load of landfills from two main aspects (usage and source of food waste). As a Chinese proverb says “eve...

USB Fan Made Up of Recyclable CD's

...And we can make sure that it can produce a pleasant air. You will just connect the USB connector in the CPU of the computer to make it move. Honestly, our investigatory project is small if you will compare it to the electric fan we usually use in our home. We can use this fan while searching our assignment in our computer so that we don’t feel the hot temperature than can cause our sweating. Consclusion - Electric fan consume large usage of electricity and also our environment are being abused...

?How we can reduce our Ecological Footprint

...One that probably everyone already does and has been made very accessible now is reusable grocery and produce bags for shopping. Countless numbers of plastic bags are used at grocery stores every day and most are thrown out after use. Most grocery stores sell their own reusable bags, this reduces our amount of garbage. Avoid using disposable products whenever possible, for example plastic lunch bags that get used and thrown out every day are wasting our resources when a lunch box or container co...

Reuse of Packaging of Bottles

...Other storage uses for cardboard boxes now include those used by removal firms, who once upon a time used wooden storage crates, but these took up a lot of room as they could not be folded flat. With advent of strong cardboard boxes, they still do the same job as the wooden ones, yet fold flat when not in use. This means the removal firm saves money, as they do not need such a large storage area. Yet the boxes are strong enough to be stored full of goods one on top of the other, either whilst be...

Waste Management

...Solid Waste Management Bennagen, M.E., Nepomuceno, G. and Covar, R., 2002, Resources, Environment & Economics Center For Studies (REECS); A Summary of EEPSEA Research Report 2002.RR3, Resources, Environment & Economics Center For Studies Aquino, P.A., Delina, L,et.al; Mobilizing Public Support for a Sustainable Solid Waste Management: The Case Study of Santo Tomas Municipality, Philippines Sumalde, Z., 2005, A Summary of EEPSEA Research Report 2005-RR1,Implementation and Financing of Sol...

E-waste management practices

...To the Information Technology Students: This study will give benefit for them in their future studies with regards to E-waste Management. It will serve as guide references for their future studies and will give further information regarding E-waste Management. To the Researchers: This study is very essential towards researchers for their fulfillment in developing an proper E-Waste Management for further implementation towards Dumaguete Internet Cafes, which would basically give them ideas about ...

Background information about waste disposal practices

...The City's Department of the Environment's Zero Waste Program has led the City to achieve 80% diversion, the highest diversion rate in North America.[6] While waste transport within a given country falls under national regulations, trans-boundary movement of waste is often subject to international treaties. A major concern to many countries in the world has been hazardous waste. The Basel Convention, ratified by 172 countries, deprecates movement of hazardous waste from developed to less develop...

Keeping The Environment Clean

...In the A.P. Environmental Science class, I see how other third world countries are less fortunate than us and how we just dump our trash in their countries. We need to find a way to use less resources and produce less trash so other countries can improve their standard of living. During the summer of 2008, I was a intern at North East Medical Services (NEMS), which is a clinic near Chinatown. I worked as a lab technical assistant and they had strict safety regulations. I always had to wash my h...

?Recycling outline

...They appreciated the nature, and saved natural and food resources. Ancestors believed that if people waste, destroy resources and exhausted the nature, nature usefulness will definitely increase, and will result in dejection the future of their children. Almost everything people use is recyclable. And all environmental and financial reasons are compelling. Arabs, and the whole world, have caused pollution, disasters, and other complicated problems related to nature, so only them, can solve such ...

Research about plastic recycling


Paper Charcoal

...Paper Charcoal as an alternative fuel.(2011).Retrieved March 04, 2014, from http://thecentralecho.journ.ph/2011/10/26/paper-charcoal-as-alternative-fuel/ Recycling paper as alternative to charcoal.(n.d.).Retrieved March 04,2014, from http://indigoblueideas.hubpages.com/hub/Recycling-Paper-As-Alternative-to-Charcoal Paper Charcoal.(2012, September).Retrieved March 04, 2014, from http://www.studymode.com/essays/Paper-Charcoal-1103282.html How to make charcoal paper.(n,d,). Retrieved March 04, 2014...

My Experience with Community Service

...The meager earnings made by one person are not enough to buy food for even for a day. Whole families are forced to climb the mountain each day, hoping that together they can earn enough to feed everyone. Children as young as four years old must work in their daily struggle for survival. Our task during our community service is to teach children about basic reading and writing. We also introduce them to world of Christianity like teaching them the basic prayer like Our Father and Hail Mary. It’...

Clean India For A Green India

...A large population, especially young people and children, are particularly vulnerable to environmental risks, for example, access to clean and safe drinking water. In addition, young people will have to live with the consequences of current environmental actions and decisions taken by their elders. Future generations will also be affected by these decisions and the extent to which they have been addressed. Their concerns would be on depletion of resources, the loss of biodiversity,...

The Problem With Garbage

...Installation of biogas plant in such places not only solves the problem of waste disposal but also can result in economic benefits. Biogas can be used for cooking as well as generating electricity. Though the idea of constructing biogas plants is being implemented in some places, a widespread popularity has not been seen. It may be because of the high one time cost. But the most interesting feature of biogas is that there is only a one time capital cost and after that there is no incurring or re...

Recycling Persuasive Essay

...http://www.earth911.com/recycling-center-search-guides/ "Recycling Center Search & Recycling Guides - Earth911.com." Earth911com. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Oct. 2014. http://www.benefits-of-recycling.com/whyisrecyclingimportant/ "Why Is Recycling Important?" Benefits of Recycling. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2014. http://www.conserve-energy-future.com/Importance_of_Recycling.php "Importance of Recycling." ConserveEnergyFuture. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Oct. 2014. http://www.benefits-of-recycling.com/recycling...

The Importance of Recycling

...What’s the deal with technology and recycle? A lot country nowadays trying to use recycle items to manufacture smart cars. Also, they try to use the recycled item to invent become solar energy items. It is glad that government nowadays encourages industries to develop products using recycle items in order to fulfill the condition to save the environment. Conclusion, recycling is only a part of the solution to save the environment, but it is an easy and important first step to fight pollution a...

Use Office Equipment

...2.5 Explain the purpose of keeping equipment clean and hygienic. When using equipment, it is important to keep it clean and hygienic which means free from dirt, germs and bacteria. For example, food and drink should be kept well away from any equipment in anything gets knocked over and causes damage. Also by keeping equipment clean makes it last longer and stays in better condition. By keeping equipment hygienic is important especially if another colleague is going to use the same equipment ther...

He-y Come on Ou-t analysis

...This hole is sure useful at times, but it will reflect on the world and the environment, because everything has its bad and it’s good. Almost everything we use is recycled or some parts of it are taken to do and produce something else. Some things do not naturally occur, so when people start getting rid of materials and things that they think are useless, we will be short on a lot of things in the upcoming centuries. Not all people are geniuses or aware of what the things they are using is mad...

FAQ about Recycling

Why We Should Recycle

...When people choose not to recycle, there are responsible for putting this world in danger. Their trash is taken to landfills, and that just takes up space. It takes very little time and effort to recycle. But some people do not have the sense to see ...

How to Reduce Plastic Bag Use

...In short, plastic bags are very useful, but it will pollute the environment such as flora and fauna are affected by the waste products and the overuse of plastic bags. Nevertheless, government resolves these problems with laws and controls the use of ...

Why is eco fashion so popular

...Secondly, fast-fashion retailers need to have responsibility to consider of the storage of fashion clothing. 7. Glossary Sustainable consumption: is consumption that supports the ability of current and future generations to meet their material and ot ...

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