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Man’s dependence on plastic
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Introduction As man's dependence on plastic and plastic products increases, the disposal of plastic waste has become an environmental nightmare. This cheap, widely available resource has been mass produced since its creation for commercial use in 1907. Enormous effort has gone into researching the various uses of plastic but hardly any effort has gone into the elimination of it after use. Plastic is not biodegradable and is only broken down over hundreds of years. Thus, it has now accumulated to…...
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Research Paper on Use of Plastic Wastes for Road Construction
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Nowadays, disposal of waste plastic has become a major waste management problem in the world. Plastic is a non-biodegradable material and it is found that the material can remain on earth for 4500 years without degradation. Plastic waste is used as modifier of bitumen to improve some of bitumen properties of Roads that are constructed using plastic waste are known as Plastic Roads and are found to perform better compared to those constructed with conventional bitumen. Use of higher percentage…...
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The Use of Biodegradable Plastics
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The “normal” plastic products that we use everyday (such as plastic bags, plastic food packaging, plastic eating utensils etc.) are manufactured from non-renewable sources (coal, oil and natural gas). These plastics are non-degradable and take more than hundreds of years to break down in landfills, while 29 billion tonnes of this non-degradable plastic waste are dumped into those landfills every year worldwide! [Recyclaholics: The Facts] That plastic waste doesn't just take up loads of space; it also releases methane, a…...
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From the mid-1980s onwards, plastic bags became common for carrying daily groceries from the store to vehicles and homes throughout the developed world. As plastic bags increasingly replaced paper bags, and as other plastic materials and products replaced glass, metal, stone, timber and other materials, a packaging materials war erupted, with plastic shopping bags at the center of highly publicized disputes. Although few peer-reviewed studies or government surveys have provided estimates for global plastic bag use, environmental activists estimate that…...
PlasticPlastic WasteRecycling
Harmful Effects of Plastic Waste
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Plastic wastes clog the drains and thus hit especially urban sewage systems. The plastic wastes being dumped into rivers, streams and sea contaminate the water, soil, marine life and also the air we breathe. Choked drains provide excellent breeding grounds for mosquitoes besides causing flooding during the monsoon. Since plastic does not undergo bacterial decomposition, landfilling using plastic would mean preserving the poison forever. Any ttempt to get rid of plastic through landfills is also dangerous. Apart form toxic seepage…...
PlasticPlastic PollutionPlastic WasteRecycling
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
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Walking on any beach these days, you're sure to find at least some form of plastic on the shoreline. Granted, there's a lot of other stuff floating out in the sea, but unlike natural materials, plastic doesn't degrade normally. Plastic bottles, containers, foam pieces made from polyurethane, and fishing lines are showing up in whole or pieces, and are getting dissolved into the water, to be absorbed by plankton. So much plastic has taken over our oceans, in fact, that…...
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