Recycling is the process, by which used materials are made into new products so as to minimize waste of potentially useful resources, reduce usage of energy, decrease the usage of raw materials and cut down on pollution which has far reaching implications on the environment. Therefore, there is a need to lower the emission of green house gases such as Carbon dioxide. Recycling can also be referred to as a modern waste management technique. Recyclable materials include various kinds of papers, plastics, metals, textiles, glass and electronics.

Ideally recycling of materials produces fresh supply of the same material. However, this is not usually the case due to high cost implications of such an exercise or it is just too difficult to undertake such an operation. Thus in many cases, recycling usually involve the reuse of materials to produce different material. Salvage is a different form of recycling which is usually geared towards reducing the hazardous nature of some materials (Werner & Richter, Para 12).

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This research paper dwells on the economic sense of recycling.

It highlights the importance of recycling as a modern tool capable of not only solving economic issues but also environmental ones. Importance of Recycling In the 21st century, the desire to not only preserve but also protect our environment is an enormous challenge that demands the attention of each and every stake holder, whether in the public or private sector, due to its great importance. Thus, recycling offers a very convenient way of conserving the environment. Through recycling, the worrying trends of climate change are likely to be reversed.

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As a result of pollution, and emission of green house gases into the atmosphere the effects of climate change have taken place which have resulted to an increase in the frequency and intensity of severe weather conditions such as cyclones. Therefore, through recycling such effects can be mitigated to a very great extent. Even though recycling is perceived primarily as a social issue, it should instead be examined from an economic perspective. For recycling or any other environment management option to do well, it must be very cost effective.

Generally, the economic realities of recycling are not only true for polystyrene, but also for most commonly recycled materials. The primary challenges of sustainability nowadays originate directly from the current economic systems. These systems, not only enhances relationship between individuals, but also facilitates their relationship with the natural environment. The capitalist economies of today inevitably deplete, disorganize and disperse the social and physical energy in the process of production of various products to be used by people.

The worst element of such economies is failure to address the major problems that they create, such as reorganization and regeneration of the energy extracted from the environment. Calculation of the energy required is a very good way of estimating benefits arising as a result of recycling. This is simply because the production of energy has great impact on the environment, decrease in energy required, is related to the environmental benefits realized (Ikerd, Para 15).

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