Improving Waste Management in Nepal

The problem of waste management is one of the recurring problems of Nepal, especially in cities. There has been many articles written, protests conducted and lots of other things. The municipality sends vehicles to collect the waste from the homes but how do they manage it? They either dump it or burn it. If you are collecting it to dump in a place, why are you collecting it in the first place? People are already doing this.

The only responsibility of government is not to collect waste but rather manage it, especially by recycling.

To do this, the waste should be collected separately, one vehicle should collect all the degradable waste and another should collect non-degradable. And they need to be managed separately. These degradable wastes can be used to make manures for the farming while non-degradable wastes can be utilised by the companies that recycles these items or those who can produce reusable items from those. It is not a difficult task, it may take time but if done properly can result a healthy environment along with beneficial management of waste.

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Another part is the industrial waste management, government rarely focus on those harmful and toxic wastes produced by these industries. They never inspect what are they doing with those wastes. Most industries dump their waste in the river which can be hazardous to our health.

This is not an issue to be ignored as it is affecting the environment we live in along with our health. Government along with local communities must focus on this issue and apply the suitable methods as soon as possible.

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Updated: Jan 13, 2023
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