The Problems of My Country Nepal

My country, Nepal, lies in between two major nations India and China. It is twenty two times smaller than India and sixty six times smaller than China. Yet, it is struggling through the transitional phase and suffering from several problems. These problems are similar to those facing many other countries around the world. Issues such as violence, political instability, unemployment, environmental pollutions etc, are being very common. But categorically, the three major problems of my country are poverty, crimes and environmental pollutions.

As in many other developing countries Nepal has very high poverty rate. A large number of Nepali lack the inadequate health and sanitation facilities and are malnourished. Thus, they are illiterate as well. Many people either have jobs that do not pay enough to survive or are unemployed. Deaths rates are very high among children and people often can’t find adequate housing. The country needs appropriate and sustainable productive activities or more industries to provide jobs for people.

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Since many government and non-governmental organizations are helping to minimize poverty in Nepal and even creating differences in improving the life of many people. This could be taken as the positive initiative.

Similarly, crimes stand second position as another major problem of my country. Since crimes can be defined in many ways, for our purpose we define it as an act punishable by law. It can take many forms such as organized crimes like girl’s trafficking, dacoity, gold smuggling, terrorism etc. Similarly, the small scale crimes like stealing, prostitution, bribery, murder, rape etc.

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As is generally the case in many countries around the world. These crimes are increasing in an alarming rate and thus increasing insecurity and fear among people living in my country.

Moreover, it is the problem that many countries face and many government are challenged with deciding what types of policies to implement to prevent crimes. In the same way, the third major problem of my country is environmental pollutions. Although my country Nepal is known all over the world for its overwhelming natural beauty but now it is in verse of degradation and extinction due to rapidly increasing pollutions. Many beautiful mountains, rivers and different natural beauties are being badly affected by this.

Moreover, due to this land, noise, air and water pollution more people are suffering from different communicable and non-communicable diseases. People are accepting death even suffering from the minor diseases like diarrhea and different kinds of flue. Although the above mentioned problems are very difficult to improve but it is not even impossible because necessity is always the mother of invention. Thus, my proposal of improving these issues is through awareness, unity and volunteering. If I have to bring change in my country then I have to be self-responsible first. Firstly, I have to aware my family. Then one family can aware another family, then goes to society and whole nation as a whole.

On the other hand being youth, I can definitely play and active role by forming different youth clubs and these youth clubs could form civil society. T he civil society not only activate people but also awakens government to solve these major problems. It could work as a bridge between government and people. Thus, I can say with pride that my three dimensional purpose of Unity, awareness and volunteering not only find out the solutions but also helps to develop my nation with a difference.

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