Improving Health and Safety Management at Barfoots: A Call to Action

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When it comes to analyzing the current state of health and safety management at Barfoots, it is evident that there are several areas that require improvement. The initial GAP analysis and GANT chart provided a starting point, but it failed to address the serious issues at hand. The lack of a proper risk assessment as the foundation of the analysis has hindered progress. Many initiatives have faltered due to inadequate information flow and a lack of commitment from management.

One of the key issues identified is the lack of management buy-in across all levels of the organization.

Managers have cited being too busy as a reason for not prioritizing health and safety. However, IOSH guidance emphasizes the importance of effectively managing health and safety issues regardless of workload. It is crucial for all managers to understand their role in ensuring a safe work environment. While some managers, like David, have shown a good understanding, others, like Kev and Alex, have not taken action on recommendations.

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Furthermore, health and safety at Barfoots is often viewed as a secondary business activity rather than a primary concern. While there are numerous suggestions for improvement, there is a lack of willingness to take action when necessary. Low attendance at committee meetings reflects a lack of engagement with health and safety issues. It is clear that a shift in mindset is needed to prioritize health and safety as a fundamental aspect of the business.

The current health and safety committee has been ineffective due to low attendance and a lack of resolution of issues.

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A suggestion to form a new committee comprising safety representatives from each area of the business could lead to better representation and accountability. These safety reps would require training and dedicated time to fulfill their duties effectively.

As the individual responsible for health and safety management at Barfoots, there is a sense of overwhelm and confusion regarding the next steps. The burden of responsibility falls solely on one person, leading to challenges in keeping track of necessary actions. It is essential to shift focus towards policy development, organizational structure, and auditing processes rather than daily management tasks.

Investing in qualifications such as NEBOSH is crucial to enhance skills and meet the growing demands of a multi-site business. The requirement for competent persons to assist and advise on health and safety underscores the importance of obtaining relevant qualifications. By aligning with the NEBOSH syllabus, there is potential for cost savings and increased accountability within the role.

Reporting structures and accountability must also be clarified to ensure effective communication and decision-making processes. Establishing clear lines of reporting can streamline operations and improve overall health and safety management.

The establishment of an Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) should have been a primary goal from the outset. Various frameworks such as HSG65, BS 8800, OHSAS 18001, and ILO provide guidance on implementing an OSHMS. Adhering to the Plan Do Check Act principle can help create a structured approach to health and safety management.

Adopting HSG65 as the HSE's recommended OSHMS can facilitate compliance with legal requirements and enable performance monitoring through audits. Setting clear performance targets aligned with the OSHMS can drive continuous improvement in health and safety practices at Barfoots.


Updated: Feb 15, 2024
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