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Pros and cons of horse racing

Horse racing is an adrenaline filled sport for all the participants. It is a short lived, action packed, joy ride. The sport has increased in popularity over the past several years, due to the need for a rush, and is continuing to rise. Due to this massive influx in size the amount of money the business is contributing to the government is large. The business has also had to hire a multitude of people to help carry out the job…...

Riding the White Horse

Within the universe, there are celestial bodies that join together in solar systems that make up galaxies, galaxies that create everything tangible and visible and real; however, within the heavens and all that is palpable and perceptible and concrete, there is so much more: the intangible. At times this is presented as luck or fortune, and sometimes, it shows itself as love. Yasunari Kawabata’s “The White Horse” (1963) is a ravishing run through the intangibility of love, and of loss.…...

Analysis of the Rocking Horse Winner

A literary analysis of 'The Rocking Horse Winner' by D H Lawrence cannot fail to mention the strong metaphor of the toy rocking horse itself. Other strong metaphors include the race horses and the idea of gambling in general.. The image of a boy rocking himself to illness and death on a toy horse suggests a powerful and upsetting metaphor for a child's burning ambition and distress, and to understand the metaphor we must look more closely at the story…...

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The Rocking Horse Winner by D.H. Lawrence

The fantasy like short story "The rocking horse winner," is about a young boy who believes that if he has more money he will be more loved by his mother. The author, D.H. Lawrence develops a theme throughout the story that money and social status can be a destructive force. The story is about a young boy named Paul who is gifted a rocking horse that seems to have super natural powers. Paul begins to take on these supernatural powers…...

The Rocking-Horse Winner By D. H. Lawrence

People in life who are unware of how they affect others, brings out their struggle with ignorance. This ignorance can hit every aspect of their life. In the short story by D. H. Lawrence, “The Rocking-Horse Winner”, a young boy named Paul encounters a rough lifestyle due to fact that nothing is ever good enough for his dear mother, Hester. He takes the burden on himself, and tries to reclaim everything that his mother desperately longs for. As young as…...

A speech about horse racing

As most people know, horse racing is a contest of speed between two or more horses. Usually thoroughbred. To most people it would seem that horse-racing was the purest sport imaginable. With tracks monitored by overlapping cameras and gates controlled by computers, it seems like the honest man's game. Horse-racing is a 15 billion dollar a year industry and the 2nd most widely attended spectator sport after baseball. It started around 4500 bc in central Asia and for thousands of…...

Harvard Business Review: Carter Racing Case

This is a really tough decision and the mind is constantly changing against to the conclusion. But after a thorough consideration, I don't think the team should race this time. John should get more data and information for the engine failure until he decides to race again for the next season. There are numerous ways to decide to race or not for John Carter when it comes to decision making. He can make the decision based on either his fellow…...

A Day at the Circus Maximus

The Ancient Romans knew how to make their politicians work for them, and often demanded "bread and circuses" from political candidates. This lead to the races being free which meant anyone could go. Gangs were seen rioting through the streets in celebration of their favourite charioteer's victory. Fights broke out between the fans of victors and losers. Just like modern day sports fans. Many friends would meet up and have a good time at the races supporting their team. Latin…...

“The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein

The novel, “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein is a tale that takes you on an unforgettable journey through another kind of mind, through the eyes and nose of a dog. The novel features many plot twists, references to natural and supernatural, interesting characters and is set in Whidbey Island, United States. This story is about a dog, Enzo, who is different from other dogs; he is a philosopher and an observer of humans. The major…...

A Competition I Have Participated In

When I was a little boy/girl, I was interested in impromptu speech competition. I wondered their speaking skill and body movements. They were very smart in my eyes. When they were on the stage, they had no fear and they competed like an ideal student. So, I made my mind that, one day, I will be on that stage and show my welled-trained skill in front of many students. I will be an ideal student and I will persuade my…...

Formula 1 Racing

Formula One racing is one of the most revered sports in the world. In the auto-racing world it is second to none in class, prestige, history, and skill. The level of competition is immense and the window of entry is miniscule. This brings up one question: (what is the question? ) Formula One racing’s history dates back to the 1950s when racecars were simple front engine, drum brake cars. Compared to the cars of today, they are dinosaurs, but they…...

Seabiscuit And Red Pollard Comparison

Many times people see their life reflected in the life of another person, some times because they have the same experiences or even because they are similar physically or they have some aspects in common; as it could be behavior, the way of life, or decisions that could change their lives.In the book Seabiscuit an American legend she illustrates one of the most difficult moments in the United States, the great depression, and how people adopted the dream of a…...

Sepang International Circuit

Sepang International Circuit was designed by a German designer called Hermann Tike. It was located at Sepang, close to the KLIA, with its' modern and state of the art facilities, it was given the honor to embody the F1 logo in its name. Early history was officially inaugurated by the famous 4th Prime Minister of Malaysia which was Tun Dr. Mahathir on 7th March 1999. He also subsequently went on to inaugurate the first Moto GP Malaysian Grand Prix a…...

Drag racing is a competition of vehicles

Drag racing is a competition of vehicles which is concerned by how fast a car, van, and motorcycles can achieve with a limited time. Often times it is one vs. one which most of the time taken place on different types of race tracks. Remapping is a process that changes your car engines computer, which is formally known as engine control unit (ECU). (Tan, 2018) stated that as of today there are five racing circuit in the Philippines which are…...

Formula One Racing Tires

Introduction The value of Formula One tires is the consistency of a F1 engine. F1 tyres falsely imitate a normal road tyre. Although the standard tires have a useful life of up to 80,000 km (50,000 miles), on average, the tires used in Formula One are built to last less than 120 km of race distance. To understand the tyre's failure, in a critical condition, we need to consider the material of the tyre and the tyre's behaviour. The tire's…...

Drag Racing

CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Background of the Study Drag racing is a competition of vehicles which is concerned by how fast a car, van, and motorcycles can achieve with a limited time. Often times it is one vs. one which taken place on different types of race tracks. Remapping is a process that changes your car engines computer, which is formally known as engine control unit (ECU). When a vehicle undergo remapping, your car or van can achieve better performance and…...

Racing Extinction: A Movie Review

"Slowly wiping out our wildlife " Racing extinc tion a documentary movie is an opener for us. Opening our eyes to the reality that we, humans are slowly killing our wildlife. The movie introduce to us Anthropocene , the topographical age that started when human exercises turned into a main thrust for major land changes . Due to these changes different creatures are slowly lessening their numbers. Researchers anticipate that inside the following 100 years, 50 percent of Earth's species…...

In keeping with Dayao 2019 he stated that racing is just like

In keeping with Dayao (2019), he stated that racing is just like a motor sport that is a pretty expensive game that a player must have a quality type car and a pretty expensive amount of money to play within the race tracks. There are different types of race tracks in the country, some are commonly played in a circuit and another one which is the drag racing track. According to him racing is slowly becoming a trend in the…...

An Unforgettable Victory Short Story

It's not so a sunny day today, with scraps of cloud hanging on top closely. Sunshine doesn't seem to penetrate through; the whole area seems to be dim yet intense. As you look into his eyes, you don't see fear, but a man of vengeance, determined to cross that finish line the very first. Sweat rolling down his eyes brings him to the point of desperation, only striving for the signal for him to release all the madness upon his…...

"Winning Isn't Everything", by Vince Lombardi

The paper lists other important consequences of taking part in sports, aside from winning. Vince Lombardi's famous saying "Winning isn't the most important thing. It's the only thing" is unfortunately the motto of too many athletes today. Although winning is important and sports are, and should be taken seriously, by far, winning isn't the only thing. Putting everything you have and giving one hundred percent to the effort is also very important to competition. A team that puts everything they…...

Silverstone Circuit

The Austrian Grand Prix attracted over a quarter if a million visitors in 2001. Discuss the access problems that result from staging a similar event in a region or country of your choice. Clearly indicating how the demand for transport could be managed successfully. The role of any commercial venue is to provide the services and facilities needed to host an event, whether it is a regular fixture or a one off special event. A venue can be anything from…...

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