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Essay on Professionalism

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Nursing concepts: competence, compassion, professionalism,

It is important for me as I progress through my nursing practice to remember that my competency level has to reach beyond simply checking off assessment on a checklist, or a test. As I will come across patients or situations of different nature, culture and need to be able to use skills that will cater to the specific situation or need at any given time. Competency in one area neglects to fulfill ...

To maintain a commitment of professionalism

The reason I chose to be in early childhood is because I love working and playing with children. I started child development classes my freshman year of high school and did it for four years. I love the way children learn and interact with one another and independently. In child development we would walk over to the elementary school; teach and listen to the children read and write for an hour. CS...

Pharmacy Technician Professionalism

8. They should not counsel any of the patients based on their knowledge and expertise as they do not own the skill-sets and knowledge of a pharmacist to gain the authorization in make sure what they have counsel are correct. 9. They cannot dispensed the medications to the patients until the identity and the volume of the diluents are checked by the pharmacists accordingly. 10. A Pharmacy Technicia...

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Qualities Needed for Effective Counseling

From this paper, for an individual to be considered an effective counselor, he/she must posses a great combination of both personal and professional qualities. All these activities revolve around developing the correct attitude towards the clients to make the counseling process successful. This will lead to a good relationship with the clients as well as building a concrete rapport builds thus a f...

Professional Development Action Plan

This assignment was highly effective. My career goals have been set and my career action plan is complete. I know what I have done, what I can do, what I want to do, and what I need to do. I have been equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge of making my dreams a reality. I have some immediate goals, and some long term goals. They are all a work in progress but well within reach. Achievemen...

Professionalism in the Army

A professional handles money and accounts very carefully. An amateur is sloppy with money or accounts. A professional faces up to other people’s upsets and problems. An amateur avoids others’ problems. A professional uses higher emotional tones: Enthusiasm, cheerfulness, interest, contentment. An amateur uses lower emotional tones: anger, hostility, resentment, fear, victim. A professional per...

Ethics, Discretion and Professionalism in Policing

Record numbers of officers are being investigated, almost two hundred and forty five a month. With all of these crazy numbers you would think more of it would be in the public eye. But it’s the complete opposite most of the bad discretionary acts go unannounced to media so it doesn’t look like the cops are the bad guys. Having good police discretion is a must, because we need loyal law enforce...

To Maintain a Commitment to Professionalism

I chose to become an early childhood professional because when I got out of high school I needed a job to pay my bills. But the main reason was because I loved being around children and at the time I did not have any of my own yet and there were none in my family either. So I thought “what a great way to spend the day and get paid to spend time with other people’s kids.” In the beginning it ...

Professionalism in Nursing

Cruess RL, Cruess SR. Teaching medicine as a profession in the service of healing. Academic Medicine 2006; 72: 941-952. Medical Professionalism in the New Millenium: A Physician Charter. Ann Intern Med 2008;136: 243-246 Inui, T.S. A Flag in the Wind: Educating for Professionalism in Medicine. Assoication of American Medical Colleges 2008 Doukas, D.J. Where is the Virtue in ProfPessionalism. Cambri...

Alfred Hitchcock's Professionalism in Making Films

Different color filters used by Hitchcock in Rear Window add to the mood. The use of the color orange in the courtyard and blue in Jeffries' apartment contrast the two worlds. The world Jeffries' looks out into is separate from the one that he is trapped in. Metaphors are present in both Rear Window and Psycho. Psycho has a bird motif that is present throughout the film. From the famous scene wher...

Concept Analysis of Patient Advocacy in Nursing

Advocacy is not as some people suspect: it is about making decisions for patients or acting 'in loco parentis'. It is about ensuring that no one overrides the needs, rights and humanity of patients. Many perioperative practice issues involve ethics and advocacy. Advocacy is very applicable to the perioperative practice environment because it is during the surgical experience that the sedated or an...

Commitment to Professionalism

Being informed is being ready to assist any child with any need they may have. I feel it is important to always stay positive and keep a smile on my face. Stay on top of new regulations for the school as well as updated laws and other developments within early childhood education; Always making sure to have information to help parents that have children with additional needs. I feel I am a kind an...

Artists' Creative Process

Obviously, one has first to learn a language before he or she can talk. Similarly, it is nearly impossible to create anything without the foundation. And just because the artist uses the background from previous works or different cultures does not mean they are not creative. Examination of the artists’ creative process in this paper suggests that analogical thinking is important to the creative...

Professional supervision Within Organizational Behavior

Although conflict in the supervisory system is inevitable, the amount of conflict that supervisors and staff experience can be reduced and managed. An attitude of humility on the part of supervisors can promote less conflictual relationships with staffs. When supervisors show fallibility and are willing to admit their own mistakes, while at the same time maintaining a sense of leadership and conf...

Professionalism: Skills for Workplace Success

Many hospitals and offices are now turning into computerized environment to reduce too much paper being put into a record. As a Medical office administrations professionals we should all have these characteristics and skills and most importantly we should do our job confidently. As long as we all have these things on us, our work as a Medical office administrator will be easier and we will be able...

Maintaining Professionalism in Early Childhood Education

I enjoyed being encouraged to be creative and playful in daily activities and have a substantial input in the classroom curriculum and schedule. I really liked using games, storytelling, and other activities to help children develop language and vocabulary, improve social skills, and learn basic science and math concepts. The highlights of my days volunteering was when I saw a child’s eyes light...

The Importance of Portfolio as Proof of Professionalism

Apparently, being able to complete a professional quality portfolio gives value to the skills and possibilities that a person can exemplify in the professional setting. Adding up to this is the fact that portfolio highlights the tremendous assets that a person possesses based on his or her personal experience. From here, one can easily say that a professional quality portfolio is an invaluable ele...

Michael Jackson vs Prince in Pop Culture

His best-selling album was “Purple Rain,” which he released in 1984 and sold over 20 million copies around the world . This album alone catapulted him into superstardom and produced the number one hits “When Droves Cry” and “Let’s Go Crazy”  Both he and Jackson were also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on separate occasions in their respective careers. However, consider...

Professionalism in the workplace

Thus, good professional behavior will enhance a positive working environment and also affect ones reputation and performance on the job. Different professions have their own different codes that govern the conducts of individuals in that specific profession or field. With good leadership in place and commitment from employees, good behavior and professionalism at the work place will be highly enha...

Professionalism in the Classroom

There needs to be a separation in order for the learning environment to stay productive. Teachers of today should be worried more about the learning environment they are working in rather than if they look stylish for the students. Their clothing should be of a mature, classy, and professional manner and they should also try to keep hair and makeup to minimal and natural earth tones. This will all...

Issues of Wider Professional Practice and Professionalism

I will need to ensure our literature and marketing is standardised with the LLS sector to maximise our visibility and professional image in a competitive environment. My own personal CPD journey will be the vital. I realise there is a lot at stake in the way I view professionalism and being a professional. Not only will these views affect my personal development but because of my role it affects t...

Professionalism in Grooming and Etiquette Scope

In a nutshell, what I could conclude from this assignment work is that grooming and etiquette is very important to a person to succeed in life. I have learnt and able to capture many important points as well it made me realize that grooming and etiquette is the main aspect in my career which I am going to be involved after my studies. I will always carry myself and ensure I ...

Chartered Accountancy

Chartered accountants are the one who are specialized in accounting, auditing and taxation. They also serve as a management and corporate caretaker. In recent times, accountancy has become popular as a profession. The services of a Chartered accountant are required in money matters even in a small business. Moreover according to the Company Act only CA's in professional practice are allowed to be ...

Police Professionalism

Workload requires a clear information system, expressed performance standards, well-elaborated community expectations and prioritization of police activities (Roberg & Kuykendall, 1993). The workload analysis of patrol usually involves various steps which include documenting total patrol workload occurring. Determining the time taken to handle the workl...

Professionalism in Healthcare

From a professional point of view, self improvement is another key substance in the practice of health care. A professional should evaluate themselves rationally from time to time based on their attitudes, efficiency and interest in their field of practice without presuming that everything is known well to them. With respect to this, a professional is expected to continue education to update their...

Copy of Impact of teaching Professionalism on students achivements

Effect of Teachers professional development on students' achievements IntroductionTeachers assume a fundamental job in country building. Students are like seeds; teachers turn seeds into strong trees. Teachers help the students to come forward, move ahead confidently and boldly. So the teacher is a backbone of any nation. Without their presence no one can make progress and become a civilized membe...

The Professionalism of a Nurse

In the nursing field, education never stops. Nurses are required every two years to do continued education and relicense. If a nurse desires to go into a specialty of nursing, more certifications and more education for the specialty is required. Science is always changing, and technology is always evolving so nurses must stay up to date on the technology in their own facility. Continuing education...

Accountant: Responsibility and Professionalism

Some professional accountants don't report ethical wrongdoing because they don't want to be classify as a whistleblower. They don't want to get discriminated by the company because they couldn't keep a secret to themselves. They don't want to risk not having job because the boss could get mad at the accountant for telling and he might fire the accountant. The accountant may not have the courage to...

Key Elements of Professionalism and Ethics in Teaching

This, however, does not constitute representative organisations’ monopolising of the responsibility for and the control over the determination of the criteria for practice, policy decisions regarding the nature and direction of practice, and curriculum development for professional education. (Preston, 1993, p. 10). Teaching today is largely an autonomous affair, requiring teachers to demonstrate...

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