Policy Essay Topics

Policy development

In layman’s terms, policy may be defined as a deliberate plan of action that is used to guide decisions and thereby achieve rational outcomes. There is a fallacy that policies only apply to governments. Policies may also apply to private sector organizations, groups and individuals. Difference between policy and law To a great extent, laws… View Article

US Economic Policy

The United States of America is one of the richest nations of the world, with nearly a fifth of the world’s Gross Domestic Product emerging in the country. The US has the highest level of output in the world. The total GDP in the country in 2006 was 13. 2 trillion dollars. With a population… View Article

Policy in Higher Education in USA

Higher education in the USA has been receiving the highest enrolments for students in colleges and universities followed by the UK (Dill, 2007). Public research funding continues to increase annually to ensure that the students are comfortable and the enrolments should keep on increasing. The number of international students is also increasing and these overseas… View Article

U.S. Federal Reserve’s Monetary Policy

The existence of a global financial crisis was strongly felt in the latter months of 2007 and more so, in 2008. A number of countries all over the world have been largely affected by this monetary problem. Developing countries and even the rich ones suffered much from this crisis that resulted for many of them… View Article

Explain the importance of NSC-68 in US Foreign Policy?

The National Security Council Report 68, or commonly known as the NSC-68, was a classified information drafted on April 14, 1950, under the administration of Harry S. Truman. The report was created along with recommendations for military strategy by a special committee led by Paul Nitze. NSC-68 was issued following the detonation of a Soviet… View Article

Effects of U.S. Policy in the Middle East

The end of World War II was a mark and a start of a new era for mankind and the inhabitants of this planet. It completely changed the way of life of the people as well as the relationship between states. In the process of establishment of new world order where US emerged as the… View Article

United States Foreign Policy after 1945

“President Clinton and I… have spoken often about the goals of American foreign policy. Boiled down, these have not changed in more than 200 years. They are to ensure the continued security, prosperity, and freedom of our people. ” (Albright 1998, p. 50-64) Thus were the words of then US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright… View Article

The Us Foreign Policy

The political norm “domestically earned and internationally achieved” can be attributed to the famous 25-year old American National Guard pilot Charles A. Lindenberg who was the first person to fly solo on his Spirit of St Louis Airplane non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean and landed at the Le Bourget Aerodrome in Paris on May 21st… View Article

U.S. Democracy Promotion Policy In The Middle East

This document reviews the United States Policy in the Middle East region, and its attitude towards the various Islamic movements in the region. The document further investigates the role of the U. S. policy in the Arab countries, like Egypt, Jordan and Morocco. President Bush and his administration has viewed the democracy promotion policy in… View Article

US Probation officer

Date: The idea of probation originated from a Bostonian shoemaker named John Augustus in the mid nineteenth century. He persuaded judges to suspend punishment of guilty criminals. In exchange the offenders promised to reform their conduct. They were given a trial period to do so. As the nineteenth century drew to a close the US… View Article

Probable Cause and Arrest by Private Citizens

The US Constitution states that probable cause is a standard allowing police officers to make an arrest, to obtain a warrant and to conduct property search or personal search. Probable cause suggests that a person has already committed crime or about to do it. Actually, probable cause is situation when a person is reasonably suspected…. View Article

Proposed Mexican Business

A business plan is very important guide that directs the management of the business or organization towards achieving its goals. Analysis of the market in which a business is venturing is very essential. This gives a clear picture of the entire market that the business is getting into. This paper will look at the economic,… View Article

Employers’ Decision-Making based on Heuristics

Employers in the United States, especially for those in the East coast or in the southern states, usually have a common way of judging their applicants based on some valuable attributes.  In this case, the applicant is a Hispanic Woman which seems to be enough to affect the employer’s decision.   Why?  Objectively speaking, it… View Article

U.S. Presidential Opinion Polls

Question: Find two polls from 2007, one of which offers weak support for its conclusion, the other of which offers strong support for its conclusion. Answer the following questions about the polls: What is it that is being sampled? Answer The survey is to find out how many people will vote for the particular democratic… View Article

Public Policy change in the Military after 9-11 Terrorist Attacks

Introduction According to the expert analysis on September 11, 2001 at 8:45am American Airlines, flight number 11 out of Boston MA, carrying 81 passengers and 11 squad members crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center and detonate into flames. At 9:03am, United Airlines, flight 175, also out of Boston, carrying 56 passengers… View Article

The Open Door Policy

The “Open Door Policy” is a foreign affairs idea which refers to the policy in 1899 that was made so that all countries could use China to trade without taking control of China. The “Open Door Policy” with China was proposed in the open door notes of September-November 1899, by William Woodville Rockhill. The United… View Article

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

In October 24, 1999, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN approved the implementation of a legitimate policy that addresses the relationship between registrars of domain names where individuals may register domain names, and the clients who register themselves for a domain name under the registrars. The registrars or endorsers of domain… View Article

Public Opinion and Foreign Policy

This research is a review of an article by Douglas C. Foyle’s Public Opinion and Foreign Policy: Elite Beliefs as a Mediating Variables. In addition, the latter part of this research evaluates the article and provides recommendations for further possible scholastic contributions. Foyle’s research is focused on the subject area of public opinion and its… View Article

Nike’s Responsibility

1. Should Nike be held responsible for working conditions in foreign factories that it does not own, but where sub-contractors make product for Nike? Yes, but I do not believe that the firm is 100% responsible since it is the sub-contractors who operate and create conditions for workers. Low-cost manufacturing is Nike’s strategy, and it… View Article

Economic Effects Of U. S. Sugar Subsidy Policy

Economists have for a long time studied and discussed the various effects of government subsidies and government support for specific industries and markets. In fact, in many colleges and universities, there are specific courses that are dedicated to the effects of public policy to both private and public firms as well as the overall market… View Article

Environmental Science and Policy

The occurrence of rapid economic and political changes could be traced from the post-era of industrial revolution. These changes have brought impact to the environment wherein emerging industrial progress and remarkable growth of population has acquired significant economic resourcing relating to the utilization of the ecosystem. On the other hand, the accompanying trends in the… View Article

Indigenous Australians and Familial Belonging

|Nan Dear |Gladys |Dolly | |Matriarch of the family, in her 60s |Nan’s daughter, Dolly’s mother, in her 40s |Daughter, shielded from the truth by Gladys and Nan until her own trauma | |Nan’s focus is on accepting her lot and surviving. Her approach to |Gladys reveres the young queen and ideas of royalty. She’s… View Article

Social Policy – Putting People First

For this assignment l have been asked to identify and examine a social policy and to make reference to a political ideology of welfare, discuss the contributions of social work, service user and carer’s experiences to the policy document. To achieve this l will discuss ‘Pettigrew’s model of strategic change’ which will help to summarise… View Article

School Policy

The candidate as well as parent responsibilities and their rights are communicated to key stakeholders and the community of the local school district through their collaboration in order to make this message heard. In this kind of situation, candidate and parent would work together with an organization that is heading their association in a community… View Article

Economics and Dahlia Furniture Private

On August 1984, Mr. Chua Boon Kang and Mr. Leong Sim Lam bought over Peter Lim’s forty six percent (46%) stake at Dahlia Furniture Private Limited. Although co-owners at one time, Mr. Chua and Mr. Leong have found Mr. Lim’s management of the company to be unsatisfactory. Some reorganization took place as most of the… View Article

State Level of Analysis

According to Chittick & Pingel (as quoted in the text), what is important from the state level perspective is how a country’s political structure and political forces and substantial actors within the country cause its government to decide to adopt one foreign policy or another. This is more so given the fact that policy making… View Article

Future Policy

 This report looks at the Los Angeles riots and focuses on consequence and long term implications for African Americans. The report focuses on both the Watts riots of the mid twentieth century and on the LA Riots of 1992, after white police officers were not convicted of beating Rodney King after the whole nation saw… View Article

Solving the Byod Problem for the Enterprise

Introduction Enterprise computing, as we know it, is facing a dimensional shift with the widespread diffusion of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon. BYOD is the latest trend hitting businesses where employees are bringing their own personal mobile devices. Some of these devices include smartphones and tablets which are brought into their place of… View Article

The U.S. Foreign Policy during the Cold War

It is true that foreign strategy of the United States during the Cold War (1947-1989) is called containment. This policy can be described as the efforts to stop global political movement toward communist and socialist ideology (the ideology of the Soviet Union) and promote political popularity of democratic ideas dominating in Europe and the United… View Article

Agendas and Instability in American Politics

In this book, authors Baumgartner and Jones present an analysis of the nature of the policymaking process and national agenda setting. The authors’ methodology in this study was to conduct an empirical study examining national policy issues over time and then highlight any notable patterns. In the book, the authors develop a political model to… View Article