Policy Essay Topics

Immigration and Naturalization Policy

As mentioned earlier bring a highly developed country, America is faced with numerous immigrants coming in the country. Hence, naturalization policies have been created to be able to help the immigrants fit in to the American society. However, the original life style of the said people and their adjustments towards the American society is indeed… View Article

The demand for telecommunications is rapidly increasing in Belize

Research has found that an estimated fifty million minutes of international long distance telephone calls originate from Belize each year. The government has aimed to ensure that consumers have lower prices, higher quality services, wider array of service choices, and state of the art technology. It also seeks to improve the efficiency of numerous business… View Article

After the Second World War

1) Japan  2) The “four tigers”: Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore (the sixties of the twentieth century); 3) Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, China (from the 1970s to the 1980s) In fact, by rejecting import substitution industrialization Asian nations managed to avoid some negative results of this policy. First, their economies were not dragged by inefficient… View Article

Monopoly and leearning irregular Verb

Discuss how monetary and fiscal policy could have been better leveraged to avoid the recession in the early 2000s. Discuss how supply and demand would be affected under each of the four degrees of competition (pure competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly, and monopoly). Give specific examples to support your response. Market Systems” Please respond to the… View Article

Personal inputs into US policy making

Bush has declared unending war on terrorism. The major terrorist challenge involving the USA has its roots in the Middle East conflict. This conflict could easily be settled if all sides to the conflict had an interest in solving it. But instead of settling the problem the USA under the Bush administration continues with the… View Article

Impact of political ideologies on education policy

Introduction Political parties with widely divergent views have a serious impact on government policies. If the government changes from extreme right to extreme left policies with every election, it would be impossible to make long lasting policies. A left-wing government may like to keep major resources in public hands while the right wing government may… View Article

And what about dating rules?

Implementation of policy in the workplace is hard because there are a lot of things to consider. It is not possible for the employer to prohibit dating in the workplace because it would have an effect on the worker’s morale that could be resulted a negative impact on the company, considering that everyone should work… View Article

US – Iraq Policy

The Iraq War is the most critical challenge to United States policy today and is likely to stay so in the years ahead. United States has long term interests in the Middle East; therefore America cannot just hope to leave Iraq without a corresponding impact on relationships beyond Baghdad. (Baker III, Hamilton, 2007). While the… View Article

The Impact of Social Research in Policy-Making

Research is a fundamental undertaking in enriching the knowledge of people in the society for the benefit of all aspect and sector in the society. In every research, the category by which it is defined most of the time is the achievement in terms of scientific quality rather the impact it has on the field… View Article

The North Korean Problem

American leaders have struggled to deal with communist North Korea for decades. It is a unique diplomatic problem. As China gradually opens up to democratic influence, North Korea remains as one of the few remaining communist stalwarts in Asia. American Presidents have been reluctant to deal with the issue. The militaristic stance of North Korea… View Article

The No Child Left Behind Policy of 2001

Introduction      The educational policy of the “No Child Left Behind” Bill have been signed in 2001 by the American senate for further implementation in the actual educational field of the said country. The aim of the said policy is to primarily increase the capabilities of the educational institutions in assisting a higher number of… View Article

The Role of Government in Policy – Making

The public policy making process often takes place in a policy environment that is broad and comprises of both official and non-official players. Civil society groups that are organized comprise the membership of non-official players. Such groups include women’s lobbies, business associations, labor unions and church organizations.  On the other hand, positions of the formal… View Article

The Top-Down Theory Of Policy Implementation

There are three well-defined theories on the implementation of policies.  One of these is the top-down school of thought, led by Van Meter and Van Horn (1975), Nakamura and Smallwood (1980) and Mazmanian and Sabatier (1983), which describes the act of putting policies into action as a hierarchical operation of a centrally-defined policy plan.  Unlike… View Article

Impact Of U.S. Foreign Policy In Middle East

Brief Introduction             The continuing saga of Middle East manifest from the biblical exegesis on the life of Israelites’ struggle in search for the promise land. The struggle from Egypt fleeing on foot and crossing the Red Sea has long been withdrawn from the crusade of Moses.             The exploration of Men from the Christian… View Article

The United States Never Had a Closed-door Policy

 Lawmakers and policymakers in the United States can continue to enhance American diversity through immigration.  As the world moves toward becoming a global society, American diversity will ehance the global positioning of the United States.  However, careful management of immigration must remain a top priority.  The United States must have stringent immigration policy to prevent… View Article

Policy Issue and the Three Branches of Government

In a news article written by Deborah Hastings entitled “Carded at polls: No photo ID, no vote,” it was shown how the three branches of the government works, which are the executive, legislative, and judiciary, on aspects of law for the country.             The issue elaborated on the news article was about the voter’s ID… View Article

Photocopy Policy

The company’s photocopying costs have more than doubled since the previous quarter. This has taken its toll not only on the company budget but also on the machines as well. There have also been incidents reported wherein personal documents of certain employees have been photocopied using the departmental copiers. It is, therefore, timely to create… View Article

Trade Policy Reform

Looking at the contemporary debates it is felt that the rules – based multilateral trading system is something that has recently emerged as an issue of concern. Though this system is over half a century old what is even older is the concern towards trade. On tracing down the world history we will realize that… View Article

Changes In Europe’s Foreign Policy

In tracing the evolution of European foreign policy toward the ongoing conflict between the Jewish State of Israel and the Arab nations (at the heart of which is the question of a Palestinian State), it may be helpful to understand the background of the conflict and the part played by European nations.             Palestine had… View Article

Trajectory of US Foreign Policy

Introduction             The credo for “strong America and secured world” re-echoes the vision for retaining global alliances yet draws future challenges to US foreign policy in re-aligning socio-political confidence in the contemporary shift of political power.             The rise of third forces is critically perceived in the interplay of emerging political powers that may desolate… View Article

USSR Foreign Policy

Russian foreign policies redefine dynamism. The world power is one of the countries that has multipolar approaches to economic policies from the first war through the second and to the cold war age. No specific trend can be traced of its foreign policies, this gives an indication that the variable that affect the nature of… View Article

Policy Making Process

[1]Policy making in any organization is one of the most challenging tasks that is entrusted in the hands of the management team. It entails making choices that are in line with the overall corporate objective and which are also in harmony with the ambitions and capabilities of all the stakeholders who are involved. In our… View Article

What is Policy Convergence and What Causes It?

With recent economic trends gearing more towards globalization, it is becoming more and more apparent that individual corporations can no longer act solely on their interests. Moreover, there is increasing pressure to focus on the overall results and yet adopt best practices for specific operational concerns that would contribute to the achievement of the desired… View Article

Policy Change

Health care insurance started gaining popularity in the 1940s, when people and health institutions began to realize that insurance “spreads the risk of expensive medical conditions across a large population base.” Thus, it prevents personal bankruptcy in case of serious health problems. Health care insurance also makes health care services more accessible to the public…. View Article

Policy and Policy Failure and their affects on Mono Lake

Introduction             The Mono lake case was decided in 1983. In its opinion, the California Supreme Court held for the first time that even established appropriative water rights remained subject to a duty of continuing supervision on the part of the state in order to protect the public trust in the state’s waters (Hundley 2001… View Article

Crime and Criminal Justice: Dilemmas of Social Control

Brief Introduction             Over the years, the people and  the government seek to sustain the balance of power and the capability to maintain social order. The emergence of state policies in the executive, legislative, and judicial functions of government adhere to the people’s interest to uphold freedom and democracy through the protection of human rights… View Article

Current Police Vehicle Pursuits Policies and Procedures

Why We Need Policy It is important to recognize that to use high speed methods in vehicle pursuit can only have risks reduced by un-holding a standardized guide as to how to proceed with the least of harm. The use of policy is an important element in any delivery of social and care service. Codes… View Article

Mikhail Gorbachev: An Advocate of Peace or a Dictator?

Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev was a native of Stavropol, Russia who became one of the most controversial Secretary General of the Communist Party of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. He had worked his way up the political ladder from being a a secretary of the Young Communist League at Moscow University to being the most… View Article

USA Foreign Policy and Intervention

During the first half of the 1990s, many intervention operations were launched, including in Somalia. In general, their main aim of intervention in Somalia was to alleviate the conflict. Notwithstanding, the instruments that were used to achieve this goal were mainly military. The reaction of the Western military establishment, asked to intervene in armed conflicts… View Article