Haircut Policy: "My Hair? My Rights!"

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St. Gregory the Great“My Hair? My Rights!”

Nowadays, Trends have dominated the world. From different foods, fashions, beauty, and even haircuts. Let's focus on haircuts! Our society has created different hairstyles from different culture and places all over the world base from different color, tone, curve, volume and length of hairs. And also from are influencers like celebrities and idols and because of this we are being influence and In fact it is popular amongst people especially to young students.

Although, many schools are implementing a policy regulating students haircuts and hairstyles. So, should we let schools dictate us what haircut we're comfortable with? Should we let schools continue implementing Haircut Policy?

In my opinion, Haircut Policy should not be implemented in school. First, Haircut policy should not be implemented in schools because after all it doesn't totally affect anything in terms of studying. There was never a case that stated "Shorter haircuts for better grades". In other words even if you have a short or long hair, haircuts should never be the basis of someone's intelligence.

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For example is Albert Einstein. The said scientist is known for his different inventions and discoveries and because of this, he is one of the most famous scientist in the history. Also, aside from his contributions what made Einstein famous and unique is his Hair or his "wild hair", specifically. Who would have thought, that the man behind the theory of relativity and the equation 〖E=mc〗

2 is a man with wild hair? Without Einstein despite of his wild hair who will make us realize that mass and energy are the same physical entity and can be changed into each other.

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Another example is University of the Philippines (UP).

UP is one of the most prestigious University in the country and UP ranks the country's No. 1 university, among the top 100 Asian universities and top 500 universities among the world. And they maintain their place at top without this kind of Policy. I've seen a lot of UP students with different hairstyles, with dyed hair, and even other professors with weird hairstyle. This is a proof that we can still study with the hairstyle we're comfortable with and be good at something that no one expect, just because of how are hair looks like. Secondly, Haircut Policy should not be implemented in schools because I do believe that everyone has their rights to look and feel comfortable by expressing themselves through their own styles of clothing, communicating and interacting and even hairstyles. Haircuts does not totally affect anything in terms of studying but it affect a lot in terms of being yourself. In today's generation everyone is into fashion, professionals and students. People express their individuality through a lot of ways and one of those is hairstyle. And if having unique hairstyle will make you feel comfortable and complete as a person, why not?

Being different in all possible ways is not bad, and that's a fact that schools must at least realize. Most people for these policies say it is for uniformity, to look nice and tidy. The point of schooling is getting an education, not to judge and rule their personal wants in life. Saying that having a haircuts with different lengths is one of the reason why most students are being distracted in studying is an old excuse. Maybe students are being distracted while studying is because of forcing a student to look different from how he would like to, and it affects his performance in school and also the student's self-esteem and confidence.

Today's people are different! Implementing this kind of policy is a total waste of time. Schools should have more focus on how they will give their students a better education. And Haircut should never be the basis of "looking clean". You'll see a lot of kids with their uniform, all dirty and muddy and students with very long hair but always clean, in other words looking clean will depend on how students carry themselves and not just with their hairstyles. We cannot and should not judge a person by its physical appearance. As long as the students looks decent and neat with the hairstyle he prefers, then it should be allowed. We all have are rights not just as a student but also as a human being and we all have to respect each other. Lastly, according to schools with this kind of policy, they implemented this because they want to teach student discipline and for student's respect to authority. Well, For me Respect is something you choose to give. Despite of someone's look, if you really have respect for other people, then physical looks doesn't matter. And in the discipline part of this argument saying that "simpleng rules, Hindi masunod".

In my opinion, it's not just a simple rule, if once self-esteem and confidence get affected. You may not be praised by following the haircut policy in school, but there's nothing more if you feel confident. There are still many more ways to discipline a student, it is not just by implementing a haircut policy where if students regulate the rule they will face penalties such as community services where it may be in the form of cleaning maintaining orderliness in school of community assigned or supervised by the OSA officer and Physical Plant Chairperson done immediately after violating a rule or after the class. Like for example this penalty, instead of letting students attend their classes and learn more where it really should be, students will need to spend time to help to clean the school just because they regulate the haircut policy and choose to be more comfortable in their haircut. Is it wrong if a student choose to be comfortable and choose the things what makes them confident?

Discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour and sometimes they use punishment to correct disobedience, and I sincerely respect schools who wants to teach this to their students. But I think they should have more ways of disciplining students aside from Haircut policy. Schools should more focus on how students can improve in their studying. According to my research, one of the common problem of a student is time management. A lot of students today are suffering from depression because of school requirements. And because of these requirements, students are suffering into depression. I think schools must focus in this kind of problems where student is struggling, instead of haircut policy.

Now that I have shared my thoughts regarding haircut policy, my intention is to share my thoughts and not to offend schools with this kind of restriction but as a human I have my own opinion and I am just sharing my thoughts, and for me Haircut policy should not be implemented in school. I do believe that 'My hair? My Rights! Everyone has their rights, everyone has their own ways to be good at something, everyone has the rights to express themselves in all possible ways, everyone has their ways to discipline themselves and schools are there for students to guide but not to rule student's life. Despite of this school policy regarding haircut, I salute other students who is questioning this policy. For me, Questioning leads to understanding. At least we know that student are aware of this kind of policy. And it makes me realize that not just because we're still students we can let other people dictate our life. We are students and not JUST a students! We can let other people help us to be someone but not in a way to change us. My Hair? My Rights!

Updated: Feb 02, 2024
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