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Paradise Lost Essay Examples

Essay on Paradise Lost

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St Augustine and the Understanding of Evil

The review of the views of St. Augustine demonstrates a lot of truth to the views that evil is fashioned by humans and not God. This paper explored a variety of topics on the subject, and showed that the fall of man was one of his choices and that the responsibilities that come with free will proved difficult for humans. From the exploration of the nature of evil, it was found that it i...

Theology Reflection Paper

The fall of man marks the day where the relationship between God and man changed drastically. According to the Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia, “the Fall of Man occurred in the Garden of Eden when the Serpent tempted Eve to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.” By doing this, Adam and Eve were forever punished and were no longer allowed to have the intimate relationship they had with God...

English Literature

No sympathy may I ever find. When I first sought it, it was the love of virtue, the feelings of happiness and affection with which my whole being overflowed (…) But now that virtue has become to me a shadow, and that happiness and affection are turned into bitter and loathing despair, in what should I seek for sympathy? This quote summarizes the emotions that the monster feels throughout the nov...

Context of Paradise Lost by John Milton

In Paradise Lost, John Milton parallels the Satan's rebellion and fall from heaven with the period of revolution in England after the reign of Charles I. Using the biblical text of Genesis Milton explores republican ideals of conscience and self-government, the balance between servitude and freedom, and the problems of ambition and pride. Milton also analyzes what went wrong with the revolution le...

Neoclassical Poetry

The purpose of Milton is equivalent to other great writers. He has given us a living, not literary, epic. It is the influence of the neoclassical age, due to which it was possible. Historically the age was one of tremendous conflict. The literature of the age is extremely diverse in character and the diversity mainly due to the breaking up of the ideals of the political and religious unity. Milton...

John Milton’s Paradise Lost as an Epic Poetry

In essence, Milton’s Paradise Lost is typical of epic poetry in multiple regards. The way it deals with the subject matter, with linguistic mastery and in an introspective mood, goes to show the unique niche the poem still enjoys in literary domains worldwide. As an authentic piece of world literature, Paradise Lost excels over contemporary heroic poetry in many ways. Right from the outset, each...

Analysis "Paradise Lost" by John Milton

Adam also knows that his ability to is inherently stronger than Eve's, yet in his love for her is so strong consents to her will. This yielding is very similar to Eve's yielding to serpent's deception because Adam is aware of the probable outcome of decision. In his final plea for her to remain pious he says to Eve: O woman, best are all things as well Of God ordained them; his creating hand Of al...

Business ethics is the analysis of correct management rules and procedures

Another characteristic of an epic is the setting also known as the hero's adventure across time and space, or to other world. In Paradise Lost the setting has a broad range from Heaven to Hell and Earth. There is also an act of supernatural deeds that required superhuman courage. Satan curiously has the courage for this epic; while fighting the war in heaven and going against God, there must have ...

Imagery used to describe the Garden

God had planned the Garden of Eden to be shared by all of his creatures to complete a picture of perfection but did not guard it strongly enough and secure it from a slinking serpent who entered his garden slyly and introduced sin into it. It remains one of the greatest ironies of humanity that our burden of original sin was born amidst such pristine beauty. Work Cited Milton, John. ‘Background ...

Book One of John Milton’s Paradise Lost: Satan as Hero

He made Satan as a commanding character who was courageous, brave and convincing to others. As a result, Milton depicted Satan as a character with redeeming qualities. However, these redeeming qualities are not enough to make him a perfect persona. Indeed, Satan is portrayed as a heroic character in Book One of “Paradise Lost” by John Milton. Works Cited Combs, James E. Polpop: Politics and Po...

The Proverbs of Hell

These quotes provide an insight about how Blake feels about the creation of human institutions. His analogy in these verses invites readers to actively criticize and rationalize the other effects of institutions towards men. Though it can actively provide the necessary means to make individuals comply, the drawback is that it hinders individual freedom of exercising actions. In addition, these lin...


This changes my view of the world because in the first passage it is said that God created heaven and earth. Before he created those things he existed prior to making those two. The book only speaks of one God; it shows the creation of the Lord by making the universe. Since, he created heaven and earth, he must be above his creation. The Book of Genesis is given readers an accurate understanding a...

Sympathy for Frankenstein

In all the monsters persuasion and eloquence were crucial in order for it to feel equal amongst people. When Victor Frankenstein first created the monster it was a horrible disaster and an experiment that had gone completely wrong. By the end of the story the monster convinced Victor to satisfy his needs allowing him to get away with the murder of many innocent people. Also the monsters eloquence ...

Hero of Paradise Lost

He is innovative and enterprising, ready for whatever challenges come his way. He does not fear God because he believes in the power of his own thoughts and actions. In conclusion, every character in this poem including the author is a pansy except for Satan, who is a boss and unquestionably the hero of the poem. Without Satan, this poem would lack the flavor, uniqueness, and action that he provid...

Explore the Theme of Monstrosity in Frankenstein

This presents the idea that society is too quick to judge- just as Frankenstein believes “seemingly to grab me”, Justine is quickly found guilty- regardless of Elizabeth’s plea- no wonder Shelley present s the law in such a negative light- “judge…meddle in the dark side of human nature”, because it is flawed and makes rash decisions. Thus, we see Shelley regard society as the monster. ...

Sonnet 16 - John Milton

The complaint is asked “fondly” (which means foolishly, unwisely), but even so, the poet is prevented from stating it by Patience (personified by Milton), who explains to the poet what the nature of God is. God is absolute and does not need man’s work. "Who best / bear his mild yoke" means the people who are most respectful to God's will. However, God judges humans on whether they labor for ...

Internal Conflicts in Paradise Lost

He needs an explanation for himself, but understands that for his work to be great, he must be able to explain the unexplainable. The question of good versus evil has been a conflict man has had since Adam and Eve lived, however it has never really been resolved. The only explanation for the conflict between good and evil is justice; God’s justice. Without a doubt, Milton’s Paradise Lost is an...

Life of John Milton

Michael is a mighty archangel who fought for God in the Angelic War. In the first battle, he wounds Satan terribly with a powerful sword that God designed to even cut through the substance of angels. After Adam and Eve disobey God by eating from the Tree of Knowledge, God sends the angel Michael to visit Adam and Eve. His duty is to escort Adam and Eve out of Paradise. But before this happens, Mic...

Frankenstein and Paradise Lost

Frankenstein also resembles God, as he created his own version of Adam, and the monster that he constantly refers to as 'fiend' and 'devil' reminds him; 'You, my creator, abhor me..' his plea resounds through the humanity of every reader who has ever felt alone or incomplete, but these feelings however are to be changed as the monster commits heinous crimes against the humanity he once 'longed for...

Satan's Pride in Paradise Lost

But in actuality, God always wins. Satan then hears a loud hiss from his audience. Everyone in hell has been turned into snakes unwillingly, which is punishment from God for all their sins. In addition they have no food to eat, everytime they attempt to from a tree it turns to dust. Overall, Milton’s Satan is a character whose hubris causes his fall. He was so prideful that he believed that he a...

Beowulf and Paradise Lost's Epic themes

All in all, we see that through Beowulf, Paradise Lost, and The Garden, the authors intentionally try to change the genre that they are working with and add a style of their own, which, in general, are very interesting. Although the authors of both Beowulf and Paradise Lost follow the characteristics of an epic poem, however both their main characters are different, one is an evil-doer who brings ...

Henry Clerval

They both created an abominable creature. I think some of the concerns in the novel are relevant today because not many people abandon things like children and pets, but the lucky ones get looked after. People also get abused because of the way they look, I think that this is wrong and should be stopped.  By Samantha Loader Page 1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This stude...

Frankenstein Analysis ; Essay

Therefore, the instructional manual of How to read Literature Like a Professor and the novel Frankenstein are relatable. The manual is solely based on teaching rising students like me how to think, and change my perspective in order to get the deeper meaning behind a piece of literature. In Frankenstein the Monster, who is thought to be illiterate, watches the Frankenstein family and teaches himse...

Eternal Light

The hopes of “poor” Frankenstein also fade with his death. He remains at the icy border, between “eternal light” and “darkness and distance. ” The only thing he succeeds in is revealing these two possibilities for the future human nature: “Seek happiness in tranquillity and avoid ambition, even if it be only the apparently innocent one of distinguishing yourself in science and discov...

My Biblical Worldview on Paul Deeds

To summarize, Paul presented a biblical world view in Romans that no man could truthfully reject. God can be seen in nature. Just as God can be seen in nature so can the sinful nature of man be seen in culture we live in. All mankind knows this truth in their heart yet all men refuse to totally honor God. “Since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God;” Romans 3:23 Paul sets the sta...

PROJECT classical poetry

1 PROJECT COURSE: BS English SEMESTER: 3rd COURSE TITLE: Classical Poetry INSTRUCTOR: Ms. Zain ul Maqsood SESSION: 2017-2021 DATED: 25 December, 2018 FATIMA JINNAH WOMEN UNIVERSITY2 GROUP MEMBERS: ј Ayesha Maryam ј Mariya Farooq ј Samia Maqsood ј Saba Aman ј Wajeeha Khalid WORK DIVISION: The first speech is divided among the group members as first three sets of nine lines are analyzed by foll...

In his Preface to Paradise Lost C S Lewis wrote "Every poem

In his Preface to Paradise Lost, C. S. Lewis wrote, "Every poem can be considered in two ways ” as what the poet has to say, and as a thing which he makes. From the one point of view it is an expression of opinions and emotions; from the other, it is an organization of words which exists to produce a particular kind of patterned experience in the readers" (2). Genre, therefore, is important not ...

Defence woman rights and call for equality

For Milton, woman is the source of problem and should be banned from authority since the patriarchal society does not allow her to share in making serious decisions while Emilia Lanyer defends woman rights and calls for equality describing the man as a sinner and responsible for commit Jesus crucifixion on earth. Although Emilia Lanyer presented her work a long time before Milton, her book was neg...

Discussion Of Satan's Character From Milton's "Paradise Lost" As an Anti-hero

In the following lines of the "Paradise Lost" by Milton Satan's character is being depicted as an Anti-hero. Anti-hero is the one having both the characteristic of a hero and a villain. He is depicted as an Anti-hero because as we know that a hero is always courageous, good and helpful to others. In the beginning he points towards his unremarkable strength in a more proud manner and is pitting him...

Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" Analysis

Then, in the end, another gothic trope is revealed, in Walton's final letter in which he encloses the Monster's final words we hear in the Novel "I, the miserable and the abandoned, as MSN abortion, to be spurned at, kicked and trample on." This use of the gothic trope, where a villain is revealed as justified, evokes sympathy from the reader, as the very thing the book has tried to make us hate f...

Final Writing World Literatur

In both Popul Vuh and Paradise Lost, the main characters learn how their intelligence can be used to harness their own selfish purpose. Their use their cunning abilities, deception, and manipulation of other characters to get what they want. In Popul Vuh, the twins use their skills to take down their enemies and rescue their family from the depths of the underworld, which effectively makes them he...

Paradise Lost

Thus, in conclusion, there are several reasons to suggest that Satan is the hero of Paradise Lost however, in my opinion, he is not. Whilst Milton's choice to focus almost entirely on Satan throughout the first 2 books of the text help the reader to see the situation from his perspective as well as drawing sympathy for him, we see later that this is just Satan's way ...

Discuss the presentation of Hell in Book One of Paradise Lost

He believed that power corrupts human beings and distrusted anyone who could claim power over anyone else. Milton believed that rulers should have to prove their right to lead other people. Milton despised the corruption he saw in the Catholic Church, repeatedly attacking it in his poetry and prose and Milton's individual view of Christianity makes Paradise Lost simultaneously personal and univers...

Language analysis for Paradise Lost

One meaning could be that something is so obvious but yet outrageous to be true. An example is the quote 'the most dangerous place is the most safest place' (meaning the most obvious place is the most safest place because no one consider looking there believing that no one would think of such a place in the first place). In this case, this would be referring to Earth but perhaps implying that a ve...

FAQ about Paradise Lost

Frankenstein and How to Read Literature Like a Professor Analysis

...Foster explains that in this chapter “It’s all Greek to Me” that the use of mythology is a way for authors to appeal to the reader if they do not believe in biblical approaches. It is in a way a much easier approach to understanding where the a ...

How to Put New Wine in Old Bottles?

...Here is where the Eden image is represented in The Passion of New Eve: Eve and Tristessa, resembling Eve and Adam, are resting at an oasis. But this locus amoenus disappears immediately after the arrival of a group of W.A.S.P, who kill Tristessa and ...

How does Mary Shelley use Gothic elements to explore deeper issues in Chapter Five?

...All of the events that occur throughout the novel, and particularly in chapter five, are that of a supernatural nature. The chapter contains many references to matters of taboo, such as necrophilia, and also explores the idea of abandonment and the w ...

Compare the ways in which ambition is presented in Act 1 of Macbeth and chapter 5 of Frankenstein

...I believe that this is where Frankenstein begins to fall due to his ambition and, in contrast to Macbeth, he dies not realise that what he is doing and has done is wrong. Macbeth describes his hopes for King Duncan’s death as “black and deep desi ...

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