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Nursing Profession Essay Examples

Essay on Nursing Profession

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Ethical dilemma in nursing profession

In conclusion, ethical principles are very significant in the nursing practices since they guide the nurses to make their every day decisions. The nurses, however, face ethical dilemma since they are not able to decide whether they are not able to determine whether their decision is either right or wrong. Nursing is a profession that requires a lot of decision making since t...

Care and Compassion in the Nursing Profession

Caring. (n.d). In Oxford online dictionary. Retrieved from http://oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/caring Compassion. (n.d). In Oxford online dictionary. Retrieved from http://oxforddictionaries.com/us/definition/american_english/compassion Hart, M. (2011). Compassion: A Necessity For Quality Nursing Care. Retrieved from http://www.anurseiam.com/show_winners.php?winning_nurses...

Principles of Professional Nursing

The role of a professional supervisor is to oversee training and to agree that you are competent in that task. New employees go through an induction, training and supervision. Students and newly qualified staff receive a mentor to guide them through their learning. “You must make sure that everyone you are responsible for is supervised and supported” (NMC, 2008 p5). SSSC (2009) states that Emp...

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Professional Development of Nursing Professionals

Aiken, L. H., et al. (2003). Educational Levels of Hospital Nurses and Surgical Mortality. Journal of the American Medical Association, 290(12), 1617-1623. Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing, at the Institute of Medicine. (2011). The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health. IOM, Pg. 97. Retrieved from http://books.nap.edu/openbook.php?re...

Core Competencies of Nursing

The first stage laying the foundation, occurs when graduate NPs sit for certification examinations for their specific roles, and look for available positions. The second stage generally last up to three months after the first position and consists of anxiety related to low confidence and low competence. One strategy to facilitate role implementation for all APNs is to develop a structured orientat...

Work in the nursing profession

Nursing and midwifery board, 2008. Viewed, 5 June, 2014. http://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au. Australian Human Rights Commission, 2013. Viewed june 5 2014.https://www.humanrights.gov.au/publications/achieving-aboriginal-and-torres-strait-islander-health-equality-within-generation-human#the-challenge. Culture and language training for a multicultural workplace, 2012. Viewed 5 June 2014. http://...

Concept Analysis of Patient Advocacy in Nursing

Advocacy is not as some people suspect: it is about making decisions for patients or acting 'in loco parentis'. It is about ensuring that no one overrides the needs, rights and humanity of patients. Many perioperative practice issues involve ethics and advocacy. Advocacy is very applicable to the perioperative practice environment because it is during the surgical experience that the sedated or an...

Taking a Stand

Every nurse has at some point played the role of an advocate,both for his or her patients andsomebody else because as nurses, every so oftenwe seeourselves advocating for the doctors, and the patients. Nurses ought to work together and help each other.Nurses must always work together to meet the standard of care and the ANA Code of Ethics and support the fundamental legalities as we take a closer ...

Multiple Methods of Nursing

I believe in the Planetree motto that “we are human beings taking care of other human beings” is an accurate statement. I continually try to remind myself of this statement. It is important to communicate with your patients what health and heeling is. I need to ensure that all my patients have the necessary resources to encourage a healing environment. I feel I do a good job with empathy and c...

Care and Compassion in the Nursing Profession

Along with caring, compassion is reason why people desire to be nurses. Compassion is not sympathy you show toward a patient in need, but rather the sympathy that causes you to act on an inner desire to help that patient (Hart, 2011). When showing compassion it’s not doing things you are accountable to do as a nurse, but doing it because you are urged to do it as a human being to make a differen...

Nursing Professional Development

It is okay to feel that clinical experiences are unexpected. While embarking on this unfamiliar journey, new nurse must always keep quality and safety at the forefront of practice. Asking for instruction and advice from an expert nurse shows that a novice nurse is accountable for his/her present state. Together a novice nurse and an expert nurse can create a successful team. It is crucial to keep ...

The Professionalism of a Nurse

In the nursing field, education never stops. Nurses are required every two years to do continued education and relicense. If a nurse desires to go into a specialty of nursing, more certifications and more education for the specialty is required. Science is always changing, and technology is always evolving so nurses must stay up to date on the technology in their own facility. Continuing education...

School and Learning in Nursing

The approaches are often observed as direct instruction, deductive teaching or informative teaching examples embrace the stress on lectures and demonstrations. In these ways of teaching, the teacher controls what’s being schooled and the way students are bestowed with the data they’re to find out. In order to contour the BL supported OBE implementation, the educational team are requiring to st...

The Nursing Profession

Magnet hospitals generally do not hire ADNs. Most ADN programs teach nursing students the fundamentals and basics of nursing, such as creating care plans and performing everyday nursing skills and are more task oriented. The ADN programs are training bedside nurses for secondary care settings, such as community hospitals and long-term care facilities. ADN programs are becoming harder and harder to...

Nursing Professional Practice

This model of reflection is very simple and easy for the reflective practitioner. It is also the first step on the ladder to the reflective practitioners. This model consists of three simple questions which will ask on the experience or certain activity which should be reflected on. These questions are what?, so what? And now what?. These levels of reflections are descriptive, theoretical and acti...

The Nursing Profession and Therapeutic Communication

Belittling Expressed Feelings: Every form of gesture displayed by the client must be considered important. If the RN ignores the emotions and feelings of the client, it sends a wrong signal that they are not important or being ignored because their problems are of no significance. (Mikanowicz, C. & Gmeiner, A 2015). this act further implies that the RN-client relationship would be lost. Probing/Pr...

Orem's Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory

In situations where cultural beliefs mirror that of lack of self-care this aspect of the theory would not necessarily provide effective data or influence effective strategies. In the culture of my youth it was widely believed that post-partum women should not be active and at times remain in bed at the insistence of the elder women. As nurses we recognize that immobility is not an effective strate...

NOVA Nurses Organization

Nursing is a holistic caring Professional career and with this many nurses through history have determined the need for camaraderie, and education, professional resources and advocation would best be met by forming the many nursing organizations in todays existence. Since things happen easier in groups and its more efficient to form groups to share ideas, network with other nurses through out the ...

Professional Nursing Organizations

On the other hand, nurses are required to show empathy, commitment, and respect for patients’ rights regardless of the factors that may hinder the provision of healthcare services such as the nature of the health problem, cultural aspects, or religious factors. The organizations also provide standards of practice for nurses through the code of regulations and evidence-based practice guidelines t...

Accountability of Nursing Professionals

The nurses therefore, have a duty of taking good care of the patients seeking their services in the health facilities of the United States and hence they should be fully accountable of their actions and acts of negligence while handling the catheters or any other patients should not be tolerated at any cost. They should therefore be involved in development of guidelines which are based on new evid...

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