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In the wake of the nineteenth century, many European women felt that they had a call from God to tend to the sick. They established communities of immigrants, building and running hospitals, schools and orphanages and other facilities for the poor. They acted under the Church and worked autonomously.

Nurse Motivation Letter
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Pages • 3
“Oh God, my IV needle has slipped out again. Nurse Sammy!” My ears prick up to the sound of my name as I rush over to the sickly patient’s bed. I am on full alert as I assess the situation; ready to aid in the comfort and restoration of my patient’s care. My primary goal for going to school is to enter into my dream career. That career is nursing. I believe that my destiny in life is to become…...
NursingNursing As A CareerNursing Profession
Accountability of Nursing Professionals
Words • 718
Pages • 3
Introduction The safety of patients in the health care facilities has of late become a major concern to not only the general public but to the policy makers too in both federal and state levels. This interest has further been activated by the news coverage showing patients who have become victims of severe medical irregularities and also as a result of the 1999 publication by the Institute of Medicine. This report highlighted the various risks patients are exposed to in…...
AccountabilityMedicineNursingNursing Profession
Overcoming Challenges in Nursing: What Nurses Face Daily
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Pages • 5
Nursing has become one of the largest and important health professions in the world, without them doctors would not be able to do their jobs properly. Nurses plan and provide medical and nursing care to patients in hospitals, homes, or another setting who may suffer from severe and enduring physical or mental illness. They tend to work in numerous locations such as hospitals, schools, nursing facilities, and much more. Nurses are crucial to all healthcare environments and take pride in…...
NursingNursing ProfessionOvercoming ChallengesOvercoming Obstacles
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Acute Care Nurse Practitioner
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Imagine a person is taken to a hospital emergency room for a problem with their health, such as a myocardial infarction, otherwise known as a heart attack. When the patient arrives in the emergency room they will see multiple types of healthcare providers working as a team. Team members would include the general nurses and doctors, anesthesiologists, and EMTs. There is a specialty often forgotten, but a valuable part of the team, the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP). Acute care…...
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What is a Psychiatric Practitioner?
Words • 1555
Pages • 6
The importance of nurses in the society has continued to heighten. Their services are required more than before. On that account, the psychiatric practitioners are on high demand. Mental health has received a lot of attention. This is due to the fact that many suicides are caused by depression. Scores of people, therefore, seek help before it gets worse. Many celebrities have taken their own lives due to a number of mental illnesses. Thus the society has come out to…...
Becoming A NurseFamily Nurse PractitionerMedicineMental HealthNursingNursing Profession
Effects of Turnover Intention and Burnout in Nursing Profession
Words • 2078
Pages • 8
Abstract This study attempts to examine the burnout effects on turnover intention in nursing profession, does supervisory support. Multiple group analysis with the adoption of the internet access technology was used to complete the analysis procedure for this study. The major findings of this study have shown that turnover intention and burnout have positive relationship with nursing profession. Nursing is among the most stressful jobs in the modern healthcare system. The emotional pressure, the insufficiency of health units, the qualification…...
HealthNursingNursing ProfessionPsychology
The Nursing Profession and Therapeutic Communication
Words • 1095
Pages • 4
INTRODUCTION. The nursing profession has since gained more significant improvement since when emphasis has been on patient-centered care. The therapeutic care has been one of the major tools towards these achievements. According to (Sherko., Sotiri&Lika) therapeutic and communication are two complex words that portrays different meanings. Therapeutic-refers to science and art of healing while communication is a medium through which information is exchanged. The amalgamation of these words has since created a tool and since formed the basis of nursing…...
CommunicationEmotionNursingNursing ProfessionTherapy
Nursing Professional Practice
Words • 421
Pages • 2
Introduction Reflection is an important component for nursing professional to attain knowledge, nursing education and to learn through practice. Reflection is understood as a deliberate process of critically thinking on the clinical experience which leads to the development and potential change in the practice. Many scholars agree that the reflective thinking and reflection in nursing will help the nurses to build the knowledge through practices, developing clinical judgments, improve the communication skills and improve patient care. Reflection is used by…...
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The Nursing Profession
Words • 474
Pages • 2
The nursing profession is viewed by the public in many different ways. Some people have the idea that a nurse in the hospital is the same nurse that is shown on television shows as the flighty or sexy nurse in a white uniform, cap and high heels. Others see nurses as the source of all information. (Dickerson, 2015). Many factors can influence the public's perception of nursing. If a person or their family has been previously hospitalized, they may use…...
HealthNursingNursing Profession
Nursing Professional Development
Words • 1934
Pages • 8
Nursing is a career in which those who are new to the profession are faced with many obstacles and challenges. Learning to make the transition from theory to practice is an important journey. Content taught in nursing school equips a student to think critically, but a student must also have the opportunity to gain experience by applying these fundamental concepts to clinical practice. When a student transitions from an academic environment to a professional role as a registered nurse, he/she…...
Human NatureNursingNursing ProfessionProfessional DevelopmentPsychologySocialization
The Hippocratic Oath
Words • 1390
Pages • 6
Medics and nurses are guided by the Hippocratic Oath to exercise dutiful care for their patients. Due to its sensitive nature, medical profession has to be governed by a number of ethical and legal principles to ensure that it is carried out within a set framework of standards. The principle of Informed Consent was coined in the bid to protect patients and ensure their participation in the decisions concerning their bodies. Informed consent according to Berg et al (2001, 3)…...
Becoming A NurseChoiceDecision MakingDoctorHealth CareLaw
Taking a Stand
Words • 1053
Pages • 4
Nursing profession is constantly changing with the development of new technologies that lead to a new level of responsibility. The new level of responsibility challenges nurses torespond to different and difficultsituations in the health care industry, especially in protecting the human right, dignity of patients and their safety. Nurses hold adistinctive position as patient advocates, regardless of their respective areas of practice; either in a home health, clinic, or in a hospital setting. Nursesare faced with ethical decisions, both personal…...
AdvocacyBecoming A NurseCareerHealthHealth CareNurses Roles
Work in the nursing profession
Words • 2806
Pages • 11
Explain the differences between modern day nursing education and the old hospital based training model. Modern day nursing is quite a different experience and process when compared to the old hospital based training system. Today’s nursing is theory based. Nurses learn the theory behind actions, procedures and decisions, before gaining the experience of performing the action or duty within the profession. In stark contrast the hospital based system is on the job, training where the nurses learn various processes as…...
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Professional Nursing Organization- AANN
Words • 933
Pages • 4
Becoming a nurse is more than just performing patient assessments, passing medications, and charting. When entering the nursing profession one feels a sense of pride, an ethical obligation, and a desire to uphold a certain image nurses want to display. To its members, guide nursing behaviors, are instrumental in clinical decision making, and influence how nurses think about themselves” (Creasia & Friberg, 2011, p. 49)”. The profession’s values give direction and meaninAs a new graduate nurses are overwhelm with learning…...
AutonomyNursingNursing ProfessionOrganization
Nursing and Professionalism In Healthcare
Words • 449
Pages • 2
​All nurses need to strive for maintaining a professional appearance at all times. People will always judge nurses by their appearance. When it comes to nursing, a nurse’s appearance can either instill confidence in the patient or total mistrust. Watch and Analysis ​Was this individual professional I think the individual in the image is a professional nurse. The nurse is dressed appropriately in a clean blue scrub. Her is hair short, neatly styled and out of her face. ​What made…...
ClothingHealth CareNursingNursing ProfessionProfessionalism
Professional Development of Nursing Professionals
Words • 815
Pages • 3
In 2010 the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report indicating that nurses are a key component to the improvement of the healthcare transformation in the United States of America. The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health discussed the powerful impact of a highly educated and trained nurse in the medical profession by examining evidenced based research and relative trends. In the following essay we will discuss how these findings influence nursing education, primary care nursing practice, and the…...
NursingNursing ProfessionProfessional Development
Professional Nursing Philosophy
Words • 1800
Pages • 7
Introduction After seventeen years in the nursing profession I realize each day is a learning experience. As my experiences evolve so do some of my beliefs and values. However, I believe nursing at its core has fundamentals that are unwavering. The essence of nursing: Caring, empathy, honesty, trust, communication, and respect have transcended all theories. What follows will be a discussion of how I was called to nursing and my vision for my future in the nursing profession. I will…...
BelieveCommunicationHealthHealth CareNursingNursing Profession
Care and Compassion in the Nursing Profession
Words • 421
Pages • 2
Honor Code: As a student, I have neither given nor received aid/help on this assignment. Caring and Compassion in the Nursing Profession Nursing is a physically and emotionally demanding job. There are six virtues that should be followed when working as a nurse. Caring and compassion can be viewed as “nursing’s most precious asset” (Schantz, 2007). Caring and compassion are two different characteristics with similar meanings. Caring is defined as showing kindness or concern for others (Oxford, 2013). Compassion is…...
CareCompassionKindnessNursingNursing Profession
Qualities of a Good Nurse
Words • 641
Pages • 3
Qualities of a Good Nurse Introduction             I was prompted to join nursing because of several life experiences. I used to feel helpless when I saw one of my family members fall ill and I could not do anything to help them ease their agony. I would sit and get deep thought and wishes that I could help if only I had appropriate training. I observed how the nurses were kind and caring whenever any of my family members fell…...
FeelingNursingNursing ProfessionPatientPersonal Qualities
Ethical dilemma in nursing profession
Words • 1983
Pages • 8
Ethical dilemma in nursing profession Introduction             Ethics is the study of sensible reckoning. Nurses face ethical dilemmas on their every day practices. Ethical behavior depends on many factors. What one person regard as moral may be different from another person’s approach of the situation? Nurses face ethical dilemma regardless of where they function in wide-ranging roles. These ethical decisions can have an impact to the nurses as well as their patients. In general, there is no appropriate resolution to…...
EthicsHealthHealth CareMoral dilemmaMoralityNursing
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The women acted as a vocation to God but as time progressed, the women conflicted with the male-dominated Church personnel every time they appeared too visible because it was perceived their freedom and independence were excessive. This led them into being subjected in the direction and supervision of men.

In the course of the late nineteenth century, more non-religious women joined the vocation and this was the beginning of the secularization of the profession. Having been identified as a feminine domain of womanly skill moral authority, nurses created respect through emphasizing the virtue and ethical connotation while downplaying the skill and knowledge of nurses. This put the first mass of women professionals at a paradoxical stance of playing a crucial health care role while trivializing and sentimentalizing the essential roles they undertook. The nurses’ only legitimate claim was to couch the description of their work as altruistic, charitable, or devotional.

Over time, the nurses’ image has been depicted in various forms like the angel of mercy, the sexual stereotype portrayal in fictional works of art, and dressing in cartoon-adorned attire. In fact, Florence Nightingale portrayed nurses as inferior to physicians. These have affected the image of nursing. The face of the nursing profession – that is female-dominated – also affects the portrayal of nurses. Despite the growing number of men in the profession, there ought to be more campaigns for recruiting men into the field.

The conventional role and image of nurses has been the expression of a group of oppressed people. The dominant oppressor, the physician, has marginalized the oppressed group. This has led to the development of low-self concept and, perpetually, negative self-presentation. The image of a nurse imbued in a person’s mind is that of a caregiver, but the services nurses render to patients is very essential and can mean the difference between life and death. Nurses still suffer stereotyping and the image created in the public’s eye depends on the expression that nurses have of their profession (Finkelman and Kenner, 2013). So far, the public image fails to recognize the scientific and professional development made in the profession. Nursing ought to shift away from a virtue script identity and into a knowledge-based identity.

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Overcoming Challenges in Nursing: What Nurses Face Daily
...Karlsson, Inger, et al. “A Difficult Mission to Work as a Nurse in a Residential Care Home – Some Registered Nurses’ Experiences of Their Work Situation.” Scandinavian Journal of Caring Sciences, vol. 23, no. 2, June 2009, pp. 265–273...
What is a Psychiatric Practitioner?
...A psychiatric practitioner is beneficial to the health sector. They counsel the patient and the family in the best way to heal mental disorders. They have the patience to treat a patient form a young age to adulthood to old age. Although some nurses ...

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