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My way to the programme leader

Categories: DanceLeader

Heading into my fourth and final year at London College of Music (LCM), it has started to dawn on me that the safety blanket of university will no longer be there. A mix of excitement and nerves has quickly come over me. By doing the one year professional development plan and creating a timeline, I believe it will give me somewhat comfort and help me plan for the year ahead outside of university.

My timeline begins with sending out letters and CVs to agencies, on the basis I hadn’t signed with an agent from my final shows and showcase performance.

After some research I would like to sign with Andrew Harding Management, Sally Hope Associates or BBM Management because they have a small clientele and a good mix of artists varying from stage to television. These particular agents do not have a small, brunette actress with acrobatic and gymnastics skills so I believe I would be a worthy addition to their clientele.

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My second goal on my timeline is to apply for productions that are heading up to the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer of 2019. Ever since performing at school, it has been an ambition of mine is to perform at the Fringe festival in Scotland. It would be a brilliant experience and a great networking potential. Before I graduate I will do my research online and on spotlight to find out which productions are planning to attend the festival and start applying and auditioning for shows.

Whilst training at LCM I have discovered and worked on many of my strengths as a performer.

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These strengths are something I need to keep working on to make me a strong, diverse and capable actress for future opportunities. Some of my strengths include being punctual and organised, these will help me prepare for auditions, castings, meetings and self tapes. Although I am a very organised and assured student, this can sometimes reveal one of my weaknesses; nervousness which sometimes lets me down. rather than going with the flow?

“nervousness are considered weaknesses by many actors. However, they’re not only universal experiences; they’re also vital ones. A “rush” before performing can spike adrenaline and keep an actor alert and emotionally vulnerable during the performance.” (Timoney, 2016)

Another strength I have worked on is being a strong mover and dancer. Being able to move and pick up choreography within the arts is an important and vital trait to have. Although it is one of my strengths, it could also play as one of my weaknesses. This is because although I am a dancer, I am not on the same level of dance of those graduating with dance degrees and diplomas from Urdang Academy, Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance or Laines Theatre Arts.

In September I will be starting back at Richmond Gymnastics Association (RGA). I started coaching gymnastics at RGA two years ago and last year became the programme leader of the gymnastics floor and vault squads. In September I hope to be promoted again and work more hours per term. By coaching more of the recreational classes that are also on weekday evenings, leave my day times free for meetings, auditions and castings. Luckily because I get a high hourly income, I don’t not have to work the same amount of hours as someone working in a bar, for the same amount of money per week. Whilst coaching I’d like to continue working towards my level 3 coaching qualification. Alongside coaching I have my gymnastics judging award and I will be judging the compulsory level competitions throughout the year to earn extra income.

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