Not Everyone Is Born a Leader But Anyone Can Become One

Leaders are made, not born. Leaders are developed in multiple ways by habitually practicing positive behaviors. Family, friends, an educator, and/or someone else from one’s support system can help mold a person into a leader. Education and insight are also key; reading books, listening, and looking to unconventional avenues and hidden spots and conversations help leaders get ahead. Leaders can also develop themselves. It helps if they believe in themselves. One who believes in oneself is more likely to succeed and push oneself than an individual who does not.

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

In addition, leaders develop other leaders, as seen with certain student-teacher and parent-child relationships. Leaders seek advice when they are unsure and speak with experts in their field with an open mind and hear additional opinions before even speaking of their own.

Leaders are shaped by their environment, which helps with learning how to adapt and learn when it’s best to follow instead of leading.

Leaders listen to their intuitions and emotions, but one uses that as one tool among others to make decisions. Communication is key when establishing a key role anywhere, no matter what you do. Leaders go first – they lead by example. Leaders think before they speak. Leaders don’t waste resources like people’s time; they make the most of what’s given to them. Leaders can be selfless and can sacrifice should the mission or task require it. A leader never looks to others to blame but takes full responsibility for their actions, for their happiness, for every aspect of their life, and for the world that they’d like to live in by doing whatever they can.

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Leaders aren’t negatively influenced by others but are true to themselves and their values and goals. Leaders are patient and understand that everything is a process that’s not always simple and easy. Leaders set an example; they grow and never stop. They learn from their mistakes, they reflect in their free time, and they see what worked and what didn’t work with different matters.

Everyone has the potential to be a leader in them – it’s just a matter of finding the right influences and motivation, both within and without.

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