My Business Goals

Goals to me are attainable wishes that can be achieved by following a proven goal-setting process. Whenever I was questioned by elders regarding my goals in future, the three situations at that point I faced were:

  • Confusion.
  • No answer.
  • Giving several different statements each time.


But the one statement that I decided to turn into a goal was setting up my own restaurant in the coming five years. I grew up idealizing the profession of my father due to many reasons and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that professions of parents do influence a child’s career path.

Being born and bought up in Oman as an Indian, I tried various cuisines and always tried to determine the specific cooking techniques each food category was prepared with. This not only developed a passion and desire in me for food but also turned up to be my goal. I want to tailor this desire of mine into a full-fledged business in Canada in the coming years.

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To reach my five-year goal, I need to set the following short-term goals:

  • Finish my business-related diploma so that I can gain knowledge regarding business aspects.
  • To gain experience, I will work for a restaurant so that in future I can tailor my experience into my future goal.
  • Also, develop various communication skills required to deal with the customers.


Currently, I am pursuing my part-time job at a restaurant serving both Asian and Italian food. This experience has been helping me in a very fruitful way as I have started to develop skills like how to deal with the customers, how to carry restaurant-related business in a profitable manner and learn different business techniques.

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I will know I have reached these goals when after a span of 3 years I will graduate with a business diploma from my college. Also, When I will gain enough experience to deal with the daily activities carried in a restaurant without any guidelines from the owner or the supervisor.

To reach my long-term goal by working on short-term goals, the last step would be to work on changing the outline of the whole plan into a reality. Following would be some of the steps that I will need to follow to formulate the business goal:

  • Create a concept – decide the location and type of food the restaurant will serve.
  • Choose a creative name.
  • Outline the business plan – roadmap to success.
  • Estimate the financial or monetary needs and find financing.
  • Staffing.
  • Check the legal characteristics and promotional techniques.


My priorities for reaching my goals are to stay focused on the path I choose to be on so that I can develop a successful business and further expand it. Running a reputed business enables you to have a life-long following.

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