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Essay on Musicians

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Listening Songs From My Pop Music Playlist

The song Other Side represent Charlie’s mistake through his life. “I thought it up it brought up the past/Once you know you can never go back” make representation of the regrets Charlie had because of his childhood. Through the book we can see that Charlie makes mistakes, after and before the operation, so this song represent it perfectly. The song could be played at the end of the movie, as...

Pop Music and Effect of K-pop in the Philippines

According to The New York Times, "attempts by K-pop stars to break into Western markets had largely failed prior to the proliferation of global social networks." However, K-pop artists are now gaining more international exposure through social media networks such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, making it easier for them to reach a wider audience. In 2011, Billboard launched the Korea K-Pop Hot ...

Jazz Music of Miles Davis' in Kind Of Blue

All in all, "Kind of Blue" has worked its way into the hearts of millions of jazz fans with good reason. Davis has never had a tighter band behind him and every player exudes their confidence and knowledge of their instrument with every note they play. The end product is a beautiful blend of evocative solos and innovative progressions that deserve to be heard, studied and loved by anyone who appre...

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Critical Analysis of Bob Dylan's Song "Hurricane"

He is undoubtedly one of the most famous and influential American musicians of all-time. "Hurricane," stands as one of Dylan's true masterpieces and incorporates the best aspects of his literary style and songwriting capabilities. The song was so influential many believe it even helped to get Rubin Carter released from jail and acquitted of all charges. "…but only 'Hurricane' actually helped get...

Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso

Caws, Mary Ann, Pablo Picasso. Critical Lives Series. London: Reaktion Books, 2005. “Cubism” Article in the encyclopaedia Britannica, available online at: http://www. britannica. com/EBchecked/topic/145744/Cubism? anchor=ref172966 Leal, Brigitte and Piot, Christine. The Ultimate Picasso. New York: Abrams, 2003. O’Brien, Patrick, Picasso, A Biography. 1976: repr New York: W. W. Norton, 1994. ...

Life Issues in Damian Marley Song

The overall message in this song is to realize that we were put on this earth for a reason, and it is relevant to today’s society because we often forget where we come from and we pay too much attention to the media, and our lives are all about trying to fit in. Some of the worst paparazzi I've ever seen and I ever known, put the worst on display so the world can see and that's all they will eve...

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Fugue

Normally, episodes do not contain any subject matter, but Bach cleverly placed fragments of the subject and countersubject to aid in modulating to the next closely related key. Measures 8-11, episode one, the fragment(s) are heard throughout every count in different voices, modulating to the relative major of B-flat.; this, as well, occurs in episode two. Episode three, occurring in mm. 24-27, is,...

Music of Psychedelic Rock Band

That doesn’t mean that they had to do drugs, but it means they most likely did. These were the people who went against the societal norms and expectations of the era and were engaged in music like psychedelic rock. The lyrics to most of Dr. Dog’s songs are quite ambiguous. Each song has a meaning that’s personal to the individual who is hearing it. What the listener takes away is something o...

"Mosh" by Eminem

Eminem's prior songs were adopted by audience who loves hip-hop music and found Eminem to be a great artist in that filed. However, for "Mosh", Eminem has expanded his audience to those who like to hear and discuss their political and social issues through music or a video-clip and found it to be more effective and influential. Eminem or "Marshall Mathers" states that he wished he had released the...

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