Musicians Essay Topics

Should Pop Stars Become Political

More and more, musicians seem to end up promoting or discussing political issues, and I got to wondering why this is. My conclusion is that the two are inextricably linked. Music, really good music, tries to say something and connect with an audience through words and reflect current feeling or the environment we’re in. Music… View Article

Rich culture

Japan is known for its rich culture. Among its many customs and traditions, music is considered to be one of the most essential parts of its culture. The Japanese’ passion for music, particularly traditional folk song music, continues to be a part of their daily lives. Despite the fact that their musical culture has gone… View Article

Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso

The painting under discussion is Three Musicians by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973). It was painted in oil on canvas in at a villa which Picasso rented in Fontainebleu in 1921 and is currently located in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I viewed the picture on the museum’s website. This painting stands out for me because it… View Article