Me, Myself and I

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My Family, I admit I had a big family. My family is not perfect like others. Well, I just say that we are living well. Ate at least 3x a day, wear a normal dresses bond with them at least once a month. However, sometimes we did not expect some circumstances and trials that came into our lives. Although we are not complete, we did not lose hope instead, we kept holding each other’s hand, always pray unto God to support and never let go of us, and give us enough strength to face it.

That is all I can tell about my family. I do not want to talk about some stuffs regarding about my family because it is kindda controversial.

Ok I’ll get to introduce myself first. HAHA‼ I am Kaye Osorio Bautista, 15 years of age. Likes? Well am not that kind of brat person if they do like me, I like them too.

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If they do not like me, I guess I do not like them too. That is my attitude always depends on person on how you are going to treat me. I had many of friends. Real friends I guess? Maybe because am just being so true for them. In my everyday’s lives I can’t control myself being prank with them … even though am that kind of person, they still love me so I loved them back. My friends call me any kind of endearment they want or just my name. Humble, kind, silly, youthful, adorable, naughty, talkative, joyful, sometimes sweet, lovable, and bossy HAHA‼ That’s all I can say about me and I’m very proud of being me.

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My future Plans. After being licensed Police of course, I used to get my stable work. Earn moneys, help my family and also I’m planning to take a short-term course which is Culinary Arts, because for me eating sweets are my stress relievers and I want to know about more pasturing . Example of .

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Me, Myself and I

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