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Lives Of Teenagers And Their Technology Computer Science Essay

Technology plays a critical function in the lives of adolescents. It is a medium used by Generation Y for a myriad of different intents ; communicating, leisure and instruction. Adolescents employ the usage of nomadic phones and personal computing machines ; they entree the cyberspace via these platforms utilizing them to pass on with their equals. Throughout this essay I will be analyzing the “ impact inflicted upon adolescent ‘s ( 16-18 old ages ) communicating degrees with the rapid development of engineering ” . The rapid development of engineering, communicating and its impact on adolescents will be the focal point of this essay.

The Oxford English dictionary defines engineering as “ the subdivision of cognition that trades with the creative activity and usage of proficient agencies and their interrelatedness with life, society, and the environment ” ( Technology. ( n.d. ) ,, 2010 ) . The construct of engineering interrelated with communicating refers to communication via assorted avenues such as cyberspace platforms ( msn, chirrup, waver, etc. ) which can besides be connected to handheld devices such as nomadic phones.

Technology aids adolescents in pass oning more easy and expeditiously. The function of engineering has changed greatly in recent times, and is non a new phenomenon. It is one that has been developing invariably and bettering its efficiency over many old ages.

Technology has extended people ‘s ways of communicating. To acquire by their mundane lives people require a great trade of societal communicating. It has become evident that in order to increase our consciousness of the greater possibilities and options in life, we require greater degrees of communicating.

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Adolescents are the following coevals ; they have grown up with elevated expertness with respect to engineering as opposed to the older coevalss. Technology has allowed for the use of words via msn couriers or phone samariums etc utilizing chatiquettes ( Netiquette, 2010 ) which are simpler and more convenient, yet grammatically wrong. The inquiry is whether engineering users have become more educated or less educated via engineering.

As portion of the research for this subject a questionnaire was conducted where a big sum of information was compiled from a certain age group with respect to their position on the subject of this essay. This allowed for an excess focal point on the age group 16-18 where there were 53 participants. My chief method of research was inquiring inquiries to bring forth grounds. This grounds was accordingly compiled into sets of informations to supply information about how adolescents are affected by their increased usage of communicative engineering. The pupils all attend a high school in suburban Melbourne. The consequences of the questionnaire will be discussed in a ulterior portion of the essay.

The findings incorporated in the essay are the findings of ‘Pew Internet Projects ‘ . These resources will supply an penetration into the ways adolescents experience composing and engineering in their lives and it will give a clear penetration into whether engineering users have become more educated or less educated via engineering. This will assist to find the true deduction that the rapid development of communicative engineering has on the adolescent age group ( 16-18 ) with respect to their communicative accomplishments. This will be achieved by discoursing both the negative and positive effects that engineering has had on the communicating of a adolescent. From the discussed information it will be possible to find the deduction of the betterment of engineering.

Part 1: The Lifes of Adolescents and their Technology

The function of engineering in adolescent ‘s lives continues to turn. Almost all adolescents presents have entree to the cyberspace via phones, computing machines and laptops. Furthermore, engineering is progressively found in places and schools. Teachers frequently expect pupils to hold entree to engineering in order to hold better presented work that is printed and easier to read. It seems that engineering has overwhelmed the lives of adolescents although every bit mentioned before, it is developing invariably and bettering in its user interaction efficiency. Besides used to advance engineering is the construct that the better engineering the pupil has, in this instance school go toing adolescents, the more likely they are to stand out in school, as it facilitates greater chances for instruction. In general, phones and computing machines are used by adolescents to maintain records of events, to socialise with friends and household and for amusement, be it bet oning, films and/or as an educational tool.

In the questionnaire participants were asked:

How frequently do you prosecute in some sort of format of electronics ( instant messaging, directing electronic mails, texting or posting remarks ) ?

Graph 1: correlativity between male childs and misss

As seen on the graph, modern twenty-four hours adolescents accomplish a big portion of their communicating via engineering. For internet-illiterates to understand these adolescents they need to implement similar linguistic communication conventions that adolescents employ whilst utilizing the cyberspace. It is non to state that the original methods of communicating have been eliminated, they have been modified through engineering. This alteration has aroused the concern of many people, with respect to the consequence of the usage of engineering in this manner and whether it has a positive or negative consequence on them. It can be argued that adolescents communicating degrees have deteriorated by utilizing sawed-off dictions like abbreviations or ‘chatiquettes ‘ as used in on-line chew the fating systems.

About all adolescents use the cyberspace. The cyberspace use has grown over the old ages ; it has become evident with many companies as they are supplying offers of higher cyberspace use at lower monetary values, which indicates as to the demand of internet use by people. It is suiting to state that since adolescents spend most of their clip utilizing engineering so they would be the largest consumers of cyberspace use. The construct of engineering in this essay is its interrelatedness with communicating. There is a direct nexus between adolescent ‘s usage of new media and how it allows them to heighten their communicating techniques.

Adolescents attempt to entree communicative engineering from assorted locations. Schools and libraries play an of import function in the cyberspace a adolescent can entree outside the place. Now with WAP ( wireless application protocol ) pupils can entree the cyberspace on their phones, significance pupils are invariably up to day of the month even when they are non at place. Teenagers entree the cyberspace through recognition or through the latest most advanced engineerings known as Hotspots/WIFI hot spots. They allow you to entree the cyberspace from that “ specific ” topographic point for free. Hot spots can be found in public countries and include topographic points like Mc Donald ‘s, schools and libraries. Yet, there are restricting factors to utilizing the cyberspace while at school or in the library which include, connexion velocity, the presence of cyberspace filters, firewalls, and besides blocked sites. Therefore it is apparent that promotions in engineering have allowed for solutions to most communicating jobs.

As the universe is going more wirelessly connected it is get downing to revolutionize the manner in which adolescents go about with their day-to-day lives. Many adolescents go on-line daily on societal networking sites where you remark and station issues, popular among pupils these yearss. These synergistic activities involve big volumes of written ‘text ‘ and have become one of the indispensable day-to-day bases of life to most adolescents, since such activities are required multiple times a twenty-four hours. Harmonizing to the study I conducted, adolescents have become to a great extent reliant on engineering. In fact 39 out of 53 pupils say they are invariably engaged in some sort of electronic communicating throughout the twenty-four hours, in short 73 % of these pupils are obviously surrounded by electronic devices ( Mohamad K, 2010 ) . These devices are being used when a individual is bored, while making prep, before kiping or every bit shortly as they wake up. Students update themselves for the conditions prognosis, events or even look into their electronic mail. In this twenty-four hours and age persons socially communicate via the cyberspace. Bing “ switched on ” has allowed persons with chances ne’er earlier fathomed. Nowadays we are able to pass on extensively with our community. One pupil noted “ I love utilizing Skype ; I speak to my sister in Abu Dhabi. It ‘s great because I merely see her one time a twelvemonth ” ( Mohamad K, 2010 ) . Rapid developments in engineering have created an environment where information is accessible from all parts of the Earth. This information is free and easy accessible, for adolescents this means they have entree to a scope of information resources, all at the chink of a button.

The cyberspace has paved the manner in pass oning information. No longer do pupils necessitate to hold entree to physical texts. They can widen their vocabulary, grammar and linguistic communication conventions all by usage of the World Wide Web. When pupils do non hold entree to books they can entree so much textual context provided by the cyberspace owners. Literacy is improved in many ways when a pupil reads a magazine, an article or even song wordss they gain different degrees of apprehension in the manner that these different types of pieces are structured. It besides helps pupils understand different phenomena ‘s they are non cognizant of, by utilizing on-line synonym finders or lexicons pupils are able to widen their vocabulary. Adolescents tend to do significance from anything they see be it ocular, written, or spoken texts.

Adolescents as mentioned before have developed with engineering and Pew cyberspace and American Life undertaking says that “ seven in 10 pupils have a nomadic phone, and six in 10s have a desktop or laptop computing machine ” . Yes, six in 10 adolescents are likely to hold a computing machine but that is non the lone communicating tool being used. Mobile phones are possibly one of the most used communicative engineerings and have grown quickly among adolescents. In general, phones and computing machines are used by adolescents to maintain records of events, to socialise with friends and household and for amusement, be it bet oning, films, and/or as an educational tool.

Part 2: Adolescents and Their Writing Habits

Having outlined and discussed the manner adolescents interact with engineering and their dependance on it, a treatment of the consequence that this development in communicative engineering has on them will let for a better apprehension of the deductions of communicative engineering. Mentions to composing will be made chiefly with respect to academic authorship and societal authorship as they form the chief majority of composing undertaken by teenage pupils. It is evident in adolescents that some enjoy authorship or are gifted in composing while others are non. Taking into consideration the fact that authorship, inside and outside of school authorship is normally different in the lives of adolescents, it is possible to categorize them as formal and informal pieces of composing. Writing is indispensable to a individual and it is important for people to develop composing accomplishments particularly adolescents go toing school as it is their chief signifier of communicating ( exams and trials ) . Today ‘s adolescents write a important sum at school and exterior of school, yet the composing done exterior of school such as emailing, instant messaging and texting are classified as informal authorship. When adolescents use the cyberspace they do non use the proper usage of linguistic communication conventions nevertheless, harmonizing to Luke and Freebody ‘s Four Rescource Model ( refer to appendix 1 ) they are text decipherers, participants, users and analyzers.

Language is ever traveling to stay as such, though there are many signifiers in which a linguistic communication, in this instance English possibly manipulated by different people. The presence of slang English which refers to common twenty-four hours linguistic communication has no grammatical footing in the English linguistic communication ; this is the best illustration of the use of linguistic communication. The same construct of slang linguistic communication can be applied to the method of shortening words and abridging employed by adolescents during their communicating through engineering. These alterations to the linguistic communication are non without ground. The abbreviation of words is normally either merely a consequence of the convenience of shorter words or due to the restriction by certain engineering as to the size of the pieces of composing. Therefore the manner people apply their linguistic communication accomplishments is different and will ever be different it ‘s up to the adolescents in this twenty-four hours and age to guarantee their increased use of wrong slang English linguistic communication does non impact their basic English linguistic communication accomplishments as the changeless usage of a certain signifier of the linguistic communication will change the basic implicit in grammar rules.

The digital age presents a paradox ( Lenhart et al. , 2008, pg ( I ) ) . Most adolescents now spend a great trade of clip directing texts, it remains doubting as to whether or non this text goaded wont is animating a new grasp for composing. As for school authorship, the most common type of authorship is note taking, composing essays and replying inquiries. All adolescents that attend school are predisposed to these types of work in most topics and therefore they form the demand to better their formal linguistic communication accomplishments, it can be safe to presume that formal linguistic communication is far from being significantly deteriorated at this clip in history, as engineering is still dependent on formal linguistic communication to convey thoughts and information. As such though adolescents have developed differing composing wonts with the usage of engineering for communicating, the fact that they attend school ensures their nexus to basic formal linguistic communication is non severed wholly. In add-on as a adolescent most pupils believe that socially oriented composing they do utilizing electronic devices is considered ‘e-communication ‘ and hence non ‘writing ‘ ( Lenhart et al. , 2008 ) . Students still keep the traditional definition of composing so technically their apprehension of authorship is non being deteriorated by engineering ( Lenhart et al. , 2008 ) .

In my questionnaire the inquiry asked was “ Do you believe that ‘electronic text ‘ is a signifier of composing? ” produced the undermentioned consequence.

Graph 2: Sum of male childs and misss who answered no to the inquiry above

In relation the graph, it can be understood that pupils do cognize the difference between electronic text and formal authorship. All for one, the cyberspace is a primary beginning of research for school authorship and assignments and is an enlightening, communicative manner that is everyplace and is present anyplace at one time. The cyberspace is non merely used for school assignments, most normally it is used for societal networking, and communication and media related activities. The authorship pupils compose in school is basic and mandatory although composing composed exterior of school is a piece that you largely bask composing about that you chiefly show yourself in. This type of composing outside of school enhances the composing capacity of adolescents in school and stand out them overtime.

Part 3: Electronic communicating the relationship between authorship, communicating and engineering ownership

Adolescents are known to utilize the cyberspace for many grounds. A survey suggests that the communicative maps of the cyberspace and nomadic phone are the chief grounds why adolescents use these engineerings ( Lenhart et al. , 2008 ) . These engineerings have increased the methods of finishing written plants and the connexion between people. Since engineering together with the cyberspace have promoted these types of Hagiographas and they have become widely known and popular. It is a concern for some people that pupils might go affiliated to these practises of authorship and continues to compose utilizing the linguistic communication of the cyberspace. A survey confirms 64 per centum of childs ‘ ages 12 to 17 rich persons used emoticons, text cutoffs and informal linguistic communication in school assignments, the study found ( Horowitz E, 2008 ) .

Another inquiry asked to the participants ‘ was, ‘do you prefer utilizing text linguistic communication over acceptable English linguistic communication in your essays? ‘

Graph 3: Sum of pupils who prefer utilizing acceptable English linguistic communication instead than text in essays

To reenforce this I conducted a questionnaire which consisted of 12 inquiries that exactly devised and simple to understand. The troubles and challenges encountered while making this study was first to really understanding what pupils truly thought about the influence that engineering can hold, and whether or non pupils understood that this rapid development is unhealthy for some of them. All in all everyone has different sentiments ; I had troubles understanding some of their drawn-out responses because some pupils did non reply consequently. Besides the fact that engineering has become a portion of our lives means it has become virtually unseeable because it has become a demand in today ‘s society non a privation. So it ‘s hard to inquire the pupils if engineering has improved their authorship or has degraded their authorship, since engineering has ever existed in these adolescents lives. Therefore, pupils may non be cognizant of the impact engineering may hold on them.

Adolescents in general have had different experiences with authorship, as everyone writes for different grounds harmonizing to their involvements. Presents when utilizing the cyberspace it provides you with more words and a wider scope of thoughts and facets although it will non alter the quality of composing it serves as a good information beginning, quality of composing comes with clip and to set up this a broad scope of vocabulary is required.

Harmonizing to my questionnaire many pupils believe that abbreviations such as ; textonyms and chatiquettes could perchance be a manner of address Oklahoman or subsequently. Students said they can keep the basic difference within their outlook between these linguistic communications and seem to connote that they will non do informal linguistic communication become built-in within their linguistic communication wonts. Although, societal analysts believe it ‘s extremely likely with the rapid engineering development. Many pupils have different positions to this issue ; some say that a text message would stand for the manner they speak nevertheless, with brief words. And some say it depends on whether a individual likes formal English speaking/writing or non. These are what some of the pupils had to state:

The inquiries asked was “ do you believe will shortly talk the manner you use text linguistic communication? Why? ”

Sarah Thomas: twelvemonth 12 says: “ hopefully but I think it ‘s inevitable with the sum of engineering environing us utilizing this sort of address ” .

Zahra Ahmad: twelvemonth 12 says: “ yes, it ‘s go oning already, people, particularly the younger coevals, believe its ‘cool ‘ to speak this manner. Because of so much usage of the cyberspace people will shortly be talking in the manner of text linguistic communication.

Fatima Abou-eid: twelvemonth 12 says: ” no because I like to read I love proper grammar and spelling others, nevertheless, who do non wish English as much, might ensue in speech production in texting, finally.

Arian Behbahani: twelvemonth 12 says: “ yes, it is how we communicate by the agencies of our chief ways of communicating ” .

Nur Hannah: twelvemonth 12 says: “ talk? Is n’t text whatever you speak but with some letters omitted? ”

Many adolescents use informal authorship in school work, this accordingly affects their linguistic communication accomplishments, harmonizing to Pew Internet Projects 50 % of adolescents say they sometimes use the informal authorship manners in the authorship they perform for school. ( Lenhart et al. , 2008 ) . It is non surprising that adolescents have adopted these composing accomplishments and use them to school authorship. Given that, the day-to-day lives of adolescents is being consumed by technological communicative systems it is most likely that they incorporate textonyms, acronyms, chatiquettes and abbreviations into school authorship, illustrations of these are LOL ( express joying out loud ) , ily ( I love you ) , hru ( how are you ) .

Using these types of conversational communicative methods outside of school is non the lone factor that contributes to engineering based authorship in school work. It depends on the pupils ‘ attitude as good if a pupil considers that this type of composing ‘electronic communicating ‘ is considered composing than he or she is likely to utilize informal authorship in school work and frailty versa. Adolescents acknowledge the authorship of slang in their work, but besides get the better ofing this wont has assorted troubles depending on the individual though normally it is a affair of revising work to guarantee the absence of informal authorship.

Overall, pupils in school are prompted to compose about novels and articles which involve a great trade of formal linguistic communication execution. School composing helps them to accomplish higher classs, excels their grammar their linguistic communication accomplishments and gives entree to schools, universities. Therefore this would organize an of import motive for pupils to hone their formal linguistic communication accomplishments alternatively of leting engineering based linguistic communication ( sms, electronic mail, messenger manner composing ) . Whilst the authorship adolescents do for their egos ‘ expresses emotions releases emphasis its simple a opportunity to maintain in touch. Many pupils value their formal work because it ‘s an achievement towards better authorship.


This essay was and rating of the “ impact inflicted upon adolescent ‘s ( 16-18 old ages ) communicating degrees with the rapid development of engineering ” . Through research it is evident that engineering has extended our avenues of communicating. It has done this via societal webs and new media ; they have paved the manner for varied communicating methods. Adolescents use these engineerings to pass on and discourse with their friends and household. Adolescents presents have grown up in a developed proficient universe. The research illustrated the ways in which adolescents use engineering and use it with composing accomplishments, this was investigated due to the development of engineering and the inquiry of has engineering impacted our young person communicating degrees? .

Adolescents have adapted to engineering and its widespread usage in society. The findings that have emerged from this probe is that adolescents use informal linguistic communication on societal networking sites the same manner they use “ slang ” to pass on with friends. Both types of linguistic communication would non be employed in a formal mode. As presented in my survey, adolescents would utilize formal linguistic communication when composing academic text, and could distinguish between the different manners.

The research conducted as portion of this survey illustrated how engineering improves and extends adolescents literacy accomplishments. It proposes the importance of engineering in a universe dominated by new mediums. The survey highlighted that adolescents could separate between formal and informal communicating, and could find the right clip and topographic point to utilize either communicating method.

Whether engineering or instruction is the ground for pupils following the ‘slang ‘ manner of linguistic communication is a subject that can be farther taken into consideration. What Education standard an person is subjected to for e.g. Private school or a province school is a factor that contributes to an single adopting slang linguistic communication and that can be farther understood due to different environments, instructors, and pupils. Although the concluding determination is for that single to take, it is up to that person to talk the manner they want to talk. Technology on the other manus is a device pupils become familiar with easy. In connoting this engineering has paved ways for better and more effectual communicating around the Earth. Make non be surprised when a pupil writes so really officially and negotiations in a mode that is ‘colloquial ‘ . It is natural for a adolescent to be at work holding to finish an assignment/oral, and in making so they will with no uncertainty speak/write in an improved formal mode.

Technology and instruction possibly factors that contribute to an single speech production conversationally, but these causes ca n’t be to fault entirely. The cutting down on letters in a word during a chew the fating session consequences in persons chew the fating conversationally and that is what engineering is made for, to do communicating easier.


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