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The Stranger
Original title The Stranger
Author Albert Camus
Genre Philosophical Novel
Language French
Characters Meursault, Raymond Sintes, Marie Cardona, Salamano, M and Mme Meursault
Published 1946
ISBN 0-345-33775-2
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About The Stranger

The Stranger is a novel by Albert Camus that was first published in 1942. The story is about a man named Meursault who lives in Algiers, Algeria. Meursault is a French citizen and works as a clerk in a local business. One day, he gets a telegram from his mother’s nursing home telling him that she has died. Meursault goes to the funeral, but he does not cry or show any emotion.After the funeral, Meursault returns to his job and his daily routine. A few days later, he goes to the beach with his friends Raymond and Marie. Raymond is an Algerian who has a girlfriend named Masson. Masson is white and Raymond is black, so their relationship is not socially acceptable. Marie is a young woman who lives with Meursault and is attracted to him.At the beach, Meursault and Marie get into a fight with an Arab man. The Arab man threatens them with a knife, but Meursault manages to disarm him. Raymond is angry with the Arab man and wants to take revenge. He asks Meursault to help him, but Meursault does not want to get involved.Later that night, Meursault goes for a walk on the beach. He sees the Arab man again and follows him. The Arab man sees Meursault and tries to run away, but Meursault catches up to him and shoots him five times. Meursault does not feel any remorse for the killing and he does not try to hide what he has done.The police arrive and arrest Meursault. He is put on trial and is sentenced to death. Meursault does not try to defend himself or show any remorse. He accepts his fate and is executed by firing squad.The Stranger is a novel about a man who is unable to feel emotion or remorse. He is a French citizen living in Algeria and he kills an Arab man without any reason. Meursault is put on trial and is sentenced to death. He does not try to defend himself or show any remorse. The novel is a study of human nature and the inability of humans to understand or control their own emotions.

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