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The Diary of Anne Frank
Original title The Diary of Anne Frank
Author Anne Frank
Genre Autobiography ,
Language Dutch
Characters Anne Frank, Margot Frank, Otto Frank, Edith Frank, Peter van Daan, Mr van Daan, Mrs van Daan, Dussel
Published 25-Jun-47
ISBN 0-385-49081-6
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The Diary of Anne Frank is a book based on the diary entries of a young Jewish girl, Anne Frank, during the time she and her family were hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II. The book covers the time period from June 12, 1942, when the family went into hiding, to August 1, 1944, when they were discovered and taken to concentration camps. Anne Frank and her family were ultimately killed, but Anne’s diary was saved and published after the war. The book has been read by millions of people and is considered one of the most important historical documents of the Holocaust.

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