Personal Reflection of Anne Frank's House

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Personal Reflection on Anne Frank’s House I chose to compose an individual reflection on the Anne Frank’s House traveler attraction in Amsterdam because I have 2 children. As a parent, I desire the very best for them and most importantly, their safety. I would do the exact thing what Anne’s daddy had provided for them. Otto Frank needed to transfer to the Netherlands when the anti-semitism in Germany was growing. Though it took 7 years for their household to be reunited in the Netherlands, he successfully got them out of Germany.

My late dad did the exact same for our household. When I was 13 years old, I followed my parents to migrate to Ecuador. We were not leaving anti-semitism but my father knew that we were not safe in our nation due to the worsening of the economy and the rise of discontent in Cambodia.

Like Anne Frank, remaining in a brand-new country I started missing out on the place where I matured and the friends I had left behind.

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I remember composing lots of journals when I got homesick. This was the only method I can re-live the life I had once in the past. Now that I have a family of my own, and if I discover myself with the same dilemma like of Otto Frank. I will discover a much better location for my household. I desire to check out Anne Frank’s house due to the fact that throughout my youth I read her book. I was entirely soaked up worldwide of this innovative and articulate girl who put her experiences in composing while in hiding.

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Considering that I have actually checked out the diary it will be very fascinating to see it in genuine life. I have given Anne Frank’s story and her book to my children and when I get the possibility, I will take my family to visit the Netherlands and tour the Anne Frank historic home.

Anyone with some understanding of The second world war understands the story of Anne Frank and her well-known journal. A check out to Amsterdam will give me a chance to see the place where young Anne and her household were holed up in virtual silence for two years, together with other families intending to leave the hatred of the Nazi regime. The excellent takeaway about going to your home will be a continuous suggestion on how fortunate I am as an American whose flexibility is not in peril. Nowadays, it is difficult to think of a family living in the rooms like what Anne’s family needed to experience, with the constant threat of being handed out and sent to prisoner-of-war camp.

Unfortunately, this did eventually happen and only Anne’s father Otto survived the war. During the first part of Anne Frank’s House presentation, I was only interested in visiting the place because one of my classmates mentioned, “the former hiding place of the Frank family is one of the most popular attractions in Amsterdam and many tourists declare it to be one of the most touching places they’ve ever visited.” But as soon as they got into details about the house, I was no longer interested in visiting the house as a tourist but as a person with a purpose.

I wanted to experience and see first hand with my daughters how Anne tried to overcome their harsh living conditions while writing her journals that eventually sparked a lot of interest all over the world. As mentioned from the presentations, the living quarters comprised of three upper floors of a rear annex to Mr. Frank’s larger office building that is reached via steep, narrow flights of stairs. The room is small, dark and unfurnished, the Nazi captors having emptied them of furniture and most possessions as was customary during that time. The museum set up a place where the visitors can see some of Anne’s diary and read them. I can imagine myself picking up the diary, reading it and being absorbed with her eloquent stories that inspired and touched many people.

What makes Anne’s diary so special is the way she wrote it. In her diary, in spite of the cruel hardship she and her family were enduring, Anne maintained a sense of optimism. Even with the evil that surrounded her, she wrote in her diary “despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart”. Because of her incredible words, Anne is remembered as a girl of tremendous courage and hope, an inspiration to all. I firmly believe that the Dutch people were somehow ashamed of their involvement on the holocaust atrocities.

And one of the defining moments to reinvigorate the Dutch and Jewish people together after the war was to pay tribute to the people who were stripped of their dignity and eventually led to their death. The perfect person for such a tribute was this young girl named Anne Frank. Even though a lot of bad things have happened in Netherlands during the dark times in 1945, today that history has never been forgotten. Preserving the Anne Frank’s house and making it a museum is a constant reminder on how a young girl touched many lives with her diary. And today it is evident from the millions of tourists that visit Amsterdam that Anne Frank’s house is a must-visit.

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