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Original title Emma
Author Jane Austen
Language English
Characters Emma Woodhouse, George Knightley, Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. Weston, Miss Bates
Published December 23, 1815
ISBN 978-0-7432-7065-6
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The book “Emma” is about a young woman named Emma Woodhouse who lives in a small town in England. She is beautiful, wealthy, and has a lot of friends. However, she is also very spoiled and often makes poor decisions.
One day, Emma meets a young man named Mr. Knightley. He is handsome, intelligent, and seems to be perfect for her. However, Emma is not sure if she wants to date him or not.
Later, Emma’s friend, Mr. Elton, asks her to help him find a wife. Emma agrees to help him, but she ends up choosing the wrong woman for him. This causes a lot of problems and eventually leads to Mr. Elton leaving the town.
Emma is also interested in a young man named Frank Churchill. However, she is not sure if she should date him because he is engaged to another woman.
Throughout the book, Emma makes many mistakes. However, she also learns from her mistakes and grows as a person. In the end, she realizes that Mr. Knightley is the perfect man for her and they get married.

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FAQ about Emma

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...In conclusion, Austen's Mrs Elton is a very vivid and clearly-defined character, easy to define and compare with others, both in Emma, other works of fiction and even people we encounter. She is greatly exaggerated to emphasise the mockery being made...
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