Original title Emma
Author Jane Austen
Genre Novel Of Manners
Language English
Characters Emma Woodhouse, George Knightley, Mr. Woodhouse, Mr. Weston, Miss Bates
Published 23 December 1815 (title page gives 1816)
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FAQ about Emma

How effective is Jane Austen’s characterization of Mrs Elton?
...In conclusion, Austen's Mrs Elton is a very vivid and clearly-defined character, easy to define and compare with others, both in Emma, other works of fiction and even people we encounter. She is greatly exaggerated to emphasise the mockery being made...
Discuss two chapters in which Emma’s emotions and thoughts are used to engage readers
...Due to Emma being the key character in the novel, readers need to be able to feel a sense of connection with her in order to want to read more than a few chapters. Austen's dramatic passages of Emma's thoughtful streams of consciousness allow readers...