Life of Pi Essay Topics

Darwinian Theory and the ‘Life of Pi’

Darwinian Theory may be used to explain Yann Martel’s novel ‘Life of Pi. ’ While the novel is an aesthetic portrayal of spirituality, purity, and practicality, it is nonetheless not immune to the issues of scientific validity, materiality, and determinism. In this paper, the author will explore the relationship of Darwinian Theory with the core… View Article

Daignosis of Pi in Life of Pi

Piscine Molitor Patel, after floating on the ocean for 227 days, was discovered exhausted and pale. There is no abnormalities in vital signs discovered, which indicates that with proper cares and rest, his body will function well. In spite of his physical health, his mental health should be particularly examined in detail. Without precedent case,… View Article

Life of Pi

During Life of Pi, and Castaway, characters in each experience disastrous deaths of loved ones which play with their will to survive. However, their hope and determination pull through and overcome this heart- wrenching event. For Pi, from Life of Pi, there are numerous deaths that have a huge toll on him. Pi’s whole family… View Article

“Life of Pi” Characters

As the final chapter of Part Two comes to an end, Pi breaks into tears, crying the following words: “Richard Parker, a companion of my torment, awful, fierce thing that kept me alive, moved forward and disappeared forever from my life.” In the world today where civilization exists, the idea of an innocent sixteen-year-old boy… View Article