Learning Environment Essay Topics

Self-Efficacy Data

INTRODUCTION Instruments: Self-efficacy is said to influence the choices people make, their goal aspirations, how much effort they mobilize in a given endeavor, how long they persevere in the face of difficulties, their vulnerability to stress and depression in coping with taxing demands, and their resilience to adversity (Bandura, Debowski, & Wood, 2001). In this… View Article

Integrating Internet-based mathematical manipulatives within

Integrating Internet-based Mathematical Manipulatives Within a Learning Environment The article explores the development, use and importance of digital manipulatives in a mathematics classroom. These manipulatives are believed to be more versatile, economic and efficient than either the manufactured or teacher-created concrete objects traditionally used in the classroom. Manipulatives have been used from time immemorial and… View Article

Instruction – Learning Environment

The surroundings in which children learn can greatly influence their academic performance and well-being in school. The architecture, layout, décor and facilities of their school all play a vital role in shaping the learning environment, yet the importance of this particular aspect of school life can often be overlooked. Does your school have difficulty creating… View Article