Learning Essay Examples

Teaching styles in different sports

How can you alter your style of teaching to meet the demands of different practice and competitive situations for individual, racket and team sports? In this assignment I will be looking at the different styles of teaching that are needed for different sports practices. For each different practice there are certain skills needed and so… View Article

Learning Chinese: A fashionable trend

Learning mandarin has caught the attention of millions of people, emerging as a new must have language in many Asian countries, Europe and the USA, having many desperately trying to master one of the world’s hardest languages. Mandarin is seen as a key skill for people hitching their futures to China’s economic rise, bringing huge… View Article

Personal Writing – Learning to understand

As usual George stopped at the local sweet shop on his way to school. It was the same old woman at the counter: Mrs. Meridew. She never smiled or thanked anyone. Gorge was not really bothered by this since he only went to the shop to buy sweets. “50p of ‘Cola Bottles’ and 20p of… View Article

Characters and what Pip learns

Magwitch reminds Pip of his vulnerability throughout the novel. When Magwitch turns Pip upside down in the novel, this can be interpreted as a metaphor for indeed just how much Magwitch does change Pip’s life around. When Pip first meets his convict he does not look down on him, even hoping the guards don’t catch… View Article

Learning Agreement

Instructions: * There are 4 parts to a Learning Agreement. You must remember to complete every section since marks will be awarded for each section. Sections in a Learning Agreement Remarks Marks Allocated Objective(s) This is where you determine ‘What’ you want to learn from a particular department 15% Strategies The ‘Strategies’ is where you… View Article

Memories of the mentor

Often in our lives comes a person who leaves us completely changed and different, even to ourselves. In my life such a role has been played by a number of individuals combined but one of them whose influence was maximum was late Mr. Salim, my English teacher during O Levels. May Allah bless him a… View Article

Normalisation Problem

The adult education class needs a new database as running the courses with books proves a problem. There is a selection of books with each set of data in. This data can become damaged and the staff can forget to update each book. Also as there are a few books, staff has to update each… View Article

Promote learning

In this area of play I believe it should be stressed that children should be praised as they have put a lot of work into something even if it is totally non-recognisable as anything, considering some of the most famous artists drew/painted in abstract and their work is widely appreciated. At this age creative activities… View Article

Learning theorists

In most cases, the more students use construction to understand new material-the more they use what they already know to help them understand and interpret the material-the more effectively they will store it in long-term-memory. Different people often construct different meanings from the same stimuli, in part because they each bring their own unique experiences… View Article

Graphics page

Whether they are interested in tennis, if they are a fan and what events or players would they like to visit if possible. (Interests) Whether or not the person is interested in purchasing such a product that I will be making, and if so why not? * Do they have any suggestions or preferences in… View Article

Outline two perspectives on learning

Classical Conditioning is when behaviour is learned through a stimulus response bond (S_R) This is done by using unconditioned stimuli as well as conditioned stimuli. Simply put this method of behaviourist learning is able to create behaviour that doesn’t normally exist (e.g. salivating at the sound of a bell) this is done through association. For… View Article

Improving Teaching and Learning

As all children’s experiences and development are individual, every child will have their own unique ‘starting point’ from where to continue their learning of a subject from. Ausubel (1968) puts forward the interesting thought that we should design our teaching to start from where the pupil is. However, as Littledyke & Huxton (1998) suggest, it… View Article

Competitive vs Collaborative

This is when members of the group are preoccupied in establishing that they are “right” [AWJ2]and that the others are “wrong.” The group member may not want to adapt any of their work to have it blend with the others. They may pressure others into thinking their way. Some groups may suffer “group think,” where… View Article

Fitt’s and Posner’s Phases of Learning

Describe “Fitt’s and Posner’s” phases of learning and explain how you would structure practises to enhance a performance In this essay I will explain Fitt’s and Posner’s phases of learning and how I would structure practises to enhance performance. By practising a skill we can become better. Fitts and Posner theories were that everyone has… View Article

Learning Agreement

In R Tours, I was assigned in the Inbound Department and I learned a lot from there. One of the main duties in the department is the inbound operation. The inbound operation consists of several tasks. First to create interesting and excellent tour packages, then, promote them locally and internationally and finally handling them. We… View Article