It's an honor to have the power to impact someone's life Whether

It's an honor to have the power to impact someone's life. Whether it is offering an advice or being part of a system that works towards a bigger change. Pharmacy is a growing field that promises to not only offer a change, but also a rewarding future. As a student who is achieving a Bachelors in Liberal Arts and Sciences, I hope to contribute my excellence in the academic foundation in biology to the field. With new technologies and innovations every day, I believe that pursuing a career in pharmacy will provide me with opportunities to fulfill my personal goal of helping others and my intellectual interests of improving the healthcare system.

My aunt was diagnosed with leukemia 17 years ago, in Pakistan. Unfortunately, because of the lack of good resources and facilities available then, my aunt passed away as the cancer progressed. 6 years ago, my younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia as well. It was my first exposure to the field as I spent a lot of time in a pharmaceutical environment picking up his medications.

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As the pharmacist handed me the medications, I took this opportunity to ask him questions about their side effects and other ways in which I get an insight into the drugs he was prescribed. From there, my interest and the appreciation of the field started to grow. My interest in this profession comes from my desire to have a meaningful career and a chance to be involved in the health care system, where I can explore my fullest potential.

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While studying at the University of Illinois at Chicago, I was working as an assistant manager at Kumon. Kumon is an after-school tuition program that teaches Math and Reading for students from kindergarten all the way till High school, allowing them to build a stronger foundation of concepts. As a part of my job, I had to hold conferences with the parents and update them on their child's progress. I had to answer their concerns and also help the students with their weekly assigned homework. My job allowed me to interact with different people and help me build strong communication skills. It showed me the importance of trust in a relationship and confidentiality in particular situations. In my opinion, my job taught me qualities like having leadership skills, being responsible, organized, time managed, and being understanding of the customers which are all very important qualities to have in becoming a successful pharmacist.

Although I have not yet gained a lot of work experience in the field, I plan on continuing to work as a pharmacy technician to have a hands-on approach in learning more about the profession. For as long as I have been working, every second makes me more dedicated and more passionate towards my future career in pharmacy. Watching my pharmacist and my peers work hard every day to someone's health better makes me confident about my decision.

The world of pharmacology is making huge progresses/advancements and is growing at a fast rate. Comparing my aunt's tragedy with my brother's success story gives me all the reasons to appreciate the field. Not only do I have a firsthand experience of being a family member who is dependent on a pharmacist for delivering correct medications, but as an immigrant, I have also faced difficulties with the medical care system and have seen how frustrating language barriers can be. From these experiences, I have learned to be more compassionate and understanding towards other struggling patients and their families. By earning my doctorate in pharmacy, I plan on using my learnings to help other families through their difficult times, where they can trust and rely on me to provide the best care. I plan to use my multilinguistic capabilities of speaking English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi to help with better communication with a wider range of patients and educate them about proper medication use.

By becoming a pharmacist, I want to return the favor to other families. To me, it's more than dispensing medication to the users. I look forward to challenging myself and be a part of researches that works towards finding cures and answering questions about diseases or illness we have yet to understand. Pharmacy is a fascinating field where there are new medical discoveries and technologies being innovated every day. It is the field where I hope to achieve the highest personal accomplishment, and be a part of a revolution that provides a chance for a better tomorrow for others, by offering me a better purpose today.

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