Marrying someone from a different country Essay

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Marrying someone from a different country

Is marrying someone from a different country more problematic than marrying someone from your own country?

In today‘s fast-moving world, travelling and connecting with people all around the globe is becoming more and more comon. Because of the increasing globalisation, it often leads to international marriages. It is a new age concept and an endless discussion. However, I believe marrying a foreigner to be a norm rather than an anomaly.

The main positive aspect of international marriage is learning so much about different cultures. It is a great way to broaden your horizons and to learn a foreign language because practicing it with your spouse is an inevitable routine. In other words, international marriage is a symbol of cultural integration and gives a great opportunity to have an open mind.

Furthermore, children from international marriages are likely to become bilingual. Although raising a bilingual child requires hard work, it is generously rewarded. Children with the ability to handle multiple languages profit in many aspects of life.

Finally, international couples are obliged to travel more. With relatives in different countries, holidays are often spent abroad. In line with cultural challenges, travelling expands one‘s way of thinking and opens up new perspectives on life.

Every marriage requires commitment, dedication and work. International marriages need even more attention because of the additional issues. In some cases, cultural shock may be a serious issue for the new family. However, the key to a successful intercultural marriage is to develop understanding and patience. Discussing the expectations in every area brings a positive vibe to a relationship and helps to build a strong international family.

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