Never offer your heart to someone who eats hearts and the Lie

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The simile “tears, copious as spring rain” implies that walkers hiding her emotion and not showing how she feels. Personification is also used when Angelou writes “screams are crowded in a corner”. Personifying this makes it seem like angelou is literally pushing her screams away. In “never offer your heart” the use of an extended metaphor “someone who eats hearts” shows how painful loving this man or men alike him is. When walker uses the simile “grins like a God” this creates a sinister image again, because a God is meant to be good, high and mighty, yet men like this break women’s hearts.

People also believe and trust in God this makes it seem like a man like the one described in the poem could draw you in, make you trust and believe in him, and then he “eats your heart”. In the last stanza walker uses positive imagery. “Sail away to Africa” this is a calming image and tells the reader that there are women who can help them fix their hearts.

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Religious and cultural imagery is created by the words “holy women”, “art”, “God” and “sang”, Alice walker was a very proud African American woman , she not only stood up for her race, but she also stood up for her gender, she believed that women should unite against men.

In “The Lie” there is no rhyme until the last stanza where angelou rhymes “late” with “date” this is visual rhyme when “gone” is rhymed with “telephone”, this half rhyme shows how broken angelou is.

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In “never offer… ” Half rhyme is also used in the last stanza this adds a happy upbeat feel this fits in with the idea of women there to help in Africa. The rhythm in “The Lie” starts off slow and lots of commas are used, this makes the poem seem scary, but when it reaches the last stanza the rhythm is also slow, and the use of run on lines adds to the sinister tone.

In conclusion, it is evident that both poems are similar in the way that they are both written about love in a sinister way. The poems are different in that “The Lie” is written en an angry and upset mood, the word “today” is used, this showed how recent the poem was written after she was heart broken, However, in comparison the other poem “never offer your heart.. ” is written more about men in general as oppose to one particular man like in “The Lie”. My own personal preference is “The Lie” because I liked how emotional it is, but how there is a sudden change of mood at the end.

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Never offer your heart to someone who eats hearts and the Lie

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