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Essay on Industry

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Banyan Tree

...Banyan Tree is one of the world’s biggest and well known spa operators. Our levels of quality and service are unparalleled and uncompromised. We are the only vertically integrated hospitality company with strong capabilities to tackle and anticipate the challenges of master planning and developing an integrated resort. We are able to take a property from inception to delivery with efficiencies that is entirely brand specific. Our in-house design team, Architrave, and project services team are...

The reason of high staff turnover rate in hospitality industry

...Invest more in the staff. “This does not just refer to compensation, which is vital to retaining top talent, but also spending the time to mentor, train and advance your staff.”(Heather Huhman 2013 cited in Lynn Dixon no date) It is because staff is one of the most important resources in a company, especially in hospitality industry. Try to arrange staff with the related skills to the corresponding position. To make sure that the staff has space for the career development. ‘Uncertainty of ...

Joseph Stalin and First Five-Year Plan

...1. Joseph Stalin (18 December 1878 – 5 March 1953): born Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhughashvili. In office as General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from 3 April 1922 – 16 October 1952 and Premier of the Soviet Union from 6 May 1941 to 5 March 1953. 2. Evan Mawdsley: Professor of International History in the Department of History, University of Glasgow. His previous publications include The Russian Civil War (1983/2008), The Soviet Elite from Lenin to Gorbachev: The Central...

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Case Study About Ethical Conduct in Cipla Limited.

...The Company has identified stakeholders across its value chain. These include customers, distributors, stockiest, civil society organizations, doctors, employees, investors, local communities, patients (and health care providers), regulatory bodies, government and suppliers. The Company continually engages with its stakeholders through various established means in order to understand their respective aspirations, expectations and concerns. In keeping with its commitment to support the vulnerable...

Conference and Banqueting Management

...As a personal conclusion I consider that to have success in this sector or any other from hospitality industry we need to always be one step ahead trying to know in advance what the clients want and need, paying a special attention to details and have great opportunity to make every event memorable . I consider that the progress of the conference and banqueting industry is a beneficial and supportive thing for the people by generating employment that leads to attracting visitors and also making ...

Pharmaceutical Industry Analysis in Bangladesh

...Traditionally, there is a common belief that herbal medicines do not have any side effect. A large majoirity of people living in rural Bangladesh are still traditional in their attitude. This segment of people demand natural products for all kinds of diseases. So, there is large potential market for herbal products in Bangladesh. The demand of pharmaceutical raw materials has increased in the recent years and will increase further in the coming years since the production volume of the local comp...

Assignment Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

...Answer 1.2. A capital good is a durable good that is used in production of goods or services Capital goods are acquired by a society by saving wealth which can be invested in the means of production. Individuals, organizations and governments use capital goods in the production of other goods or commodities. Capital goods include factories, machinery, tools, equipment, and various buildings which are used to produce other products for consumption. Capital goods, then, are products which are not ...

Role of Industrilization in India

...Through industrialization the requirements for the development of agriculture can be met. For example, improved farm-implements, chemical fertilizers, storage and transport facilities, etc., appropriate to our own conditions can be adequately provided only by our own industries. (d) The industrial development imparts to an economy dynamic element in the form of rapid growth and a diversified economic structure which make it a progressive economy. (e) Providing for Security: Industrialisation is...

Strategic Management

...2. "Company Profile - Cipla Limited" www.indiainfoline.com. 3. "Indian drug giant Cipla slashes cancer drug prices - NY Daily News". Daily News (New York). 4. Michael Porter, 1979, Competitive Strategy. New York: The Free Press. 5. PESTLE analysis factsheet, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) 6. Quincy, Ronald. "SWOT Analysis: Raising capacity of your organization". 7. Harris, Gardiner (18 September 2010) China and India making inroads bio tech drugs. 8. Ahmed Rumman (4 May ...

IMpact of industrialisation in indias economy

...With the development of industries the market for raw materials and finished goods widens in the country. 16. Increase in the Government revenue. Industrialization increase the supply of goods both for internal and external markets. The export of goods provides foreign exchange. The customs excise duties and other taxes levied on the production of goods increase the revenue of the State. The income tax received from the industrialists adds to the revenue stream of the Government which eventuall...

Mercury Drug Research

...In our steadfast efforts to protect your personal data and information, Mercury Drug Corporation has adopted capable security measures and protection to safeguard your personal information. We utilize generally accepted standards for safeguards including administrative, technical and hardware measures. We also ensure that additional protections are in place for privileged or highly sensitive personal information. These safeguards and security protections are constantly updated, maintained and mo...

?Westernization essay

...Our resources are depleting land water soil everything is being polluted by the industries which is in turn effecting mother nature. Since past few decades we have started to experience weird climate change extreme heat extreme rain. Everything and anything in too much quantity is hazardous to health. Now coming to the area of technology… as we are aware that westernization has got us a lot of new technology. Who knew tv, cell phone, internet, are going to be so crucial part of our life that w...

Johnson and Johnson Analysis

...Johnson and Johnson have built a reputable brand in the world and it is recommended they go deep down into the rural areas and poor countries to improve way of living. Provide free vaccination for children and help in providing affordable drugs to people that cannot afford mostly the under developed countries. Also it is recommended they help in making awareness of protecting the environment. They should concentrate more on the segment that provide most profit for the organization and not waste ...

Sectors of Economy

...India’s industrial sector accounts for 27.6% of the GDP and gives employment to 17% of the total workforce. Though agriculture is the foremost occupation of the majority of the people, the government had always laid stress on the industrial development of the country. Thus policies and strategies were framed to give a boost to India’s industry. The government aims at achieving self-sufficiency in production and protection from foreign competition. Since independence, India is marching ahead ...

Industries in India

...Bad effects: The industrial centres attract population from rural areas and the density of population has increased in industrial centres. Lack of housing facilities has created many slums. The slum dwellers are suffering from lack of healthfacilities, housing, sanitation and water. The slums have become the centres of many anti-social activities. Recently in almost all the states, the Slum Development Boards have been set up to improve the conditions of slum dwellers. Excessive use of Technolog...

Non farming activities in india

...Large scale industry: Large scale industries refers to those industries which require huge infrastructure, man power and a have influx of capital assets. The term 'large scale industries ' is a generic one including various types of industries in its purview. it thus provides job many villagers Indian economy is heavily dependent on these large industries for its economic growth, generation of foreign currency and for providing job opportunities to millions of Indiansjaintia factories of rajgarh...

Room division

...1. Martin R. J (1998) Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations, John Wiley and Sons Canada. 2. Kasavana M. L. and Brook R. M. (1995) Managing Front Office Operations, Educational Institute, Michigan 3. Jones and Newton S. (1995) Hotel Management and Operations 2 Edition, Thompson publishing company, New York. 4. Chakravarti B, K. (1999) Front Office Management in Hotel CBS publishers and distributors, New Delhi. 5. Vergins and Wood R. C (1999) Accommodation Management. Perspectives for...

Evaluate the non medical influences on prescribing practice

...The impact of the multidisciplinary team cannot be underestimated. I currently run a nurse-led clinic as explained in outcome one. Certainly prescribing responsibility, pressure on the decision to prescribe and prescribing to facilitate the radiographer team will affect the physical act of writing a prescription. The wide range and complexity of advanced clinical decision making and some of the ethical problems and dilemmas faced on a daily basis may make the process stressful and difficult. Ens...

Hospitality industry

...One big issue of the industry regarding the employees is the salary. The organizations should take is count the long working hours, stress, the factors affecting the environment of working place, review their health and safety rules and protection in working place, motivating them by increasing the salaries and paid holidays, keep them happy in order to have happy customers and increase their revenue. The benefits of working in the sector include learning new skills, be trained by professionals...

Manila Pavilion

...In this Department I’ve noticed in the linen area that the uniforms of the regular and casual employees are not properly arrange. They also don’t have their own laundry machine for the soiled linens, uniforms and guest laundry which they needed to send it to the laundry shop outside the hotel and wait for next day to be delivered. The pantry (where linens and amenities are placed) of the superior floor (12, 14 and 15th floor) are not well maintained, it looks like an empty and scary room. Th...

Food Inc. Documentary

...Kenner shows footage of people speaking out, who have lost their loved ones due to illnesses they have gained from the infected product, which may have been avoided if not for the unethical procedures used to manufacture it. This immediately gains the viewer’s sympathies towards the families, as well as become more aware of the danger which these companies present. He also shows statistics of the dangers in genetically modified organisms and how they surround us making us more aware of what i...

The Business Enterprise Trust Case

...Merck & Co should continue research and develop a formulated compound for river blindness. One of Merck’s philosophy is that “we try never to forget that medicine is for the people, it is not for the profits”, which makes sense ethically for Merck & Co to pursue in investing in developing a drug for river blindness. Merck’s value system is important here and if a company states that it values people over profits, it should fulfill their obligations. Merck is also the only pharma...

Emerging Markets: Brazil Case Study

...ON ETHICS: While President Rousseff’s critics accuse her of ignoring Brazil’s lack of comparative advantage in manufacturing, her supporters argue that her policies force Brazil to reduce its dependence on foreign-made manufacturing goods. If you were to participate in this debate, which side would you be on? I would be on the side of her supporters. Through research, I have found that Brazil has extraordinary potential to grow its agricultural sectors through industrialization. By reducing...

The hospitality Industry

...The reason for the popularity of E-booking is that is offers benefits to all parties: the suppliers and customer. There are four basic structural changes that will shape the demand for hospitality services. They include: an increasingly diverse population, the proportion of women working, changing family composition, and a changing income distribution. The shift toward the popularity of ethnic foods almost certainly reflects a change in demand resulting from the increase in America’s present d...

Teva Pharmaceuticals Case Study

...Teva is a company that got to where they are by asking a billion dollar question. The answer to that question was taking the US’s generics market by storm, which is by no means an easy task to accomplish. Now they face a crossroads as a company and are in need of another big hairy audacious goal (BHAG) to achieve. I think that Teva’s recent acquisitions show that they are ready and willing to dive into other global generics markets (Ivax), into the biosimilar industry (Sicor), and into innov...

Process Design for Riordan Manufacturing

...Apollo Group, Inc. (2005, 2006, 2012) Copyright Riordan Manufacturing Virtual Organizations Portalhttps://ecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/aapd/cist/vop/Business/Riordan/Ops/SupplyChain.asp?hangzhou Chase, R.B., Jacobs, F. R., & Aquilano, N.J. (2006) Operations management for competitive advantage (11th ed). New York: McGraw Hill/Irwin European Business Review © Heinz Weihrich retrieved June 17, 2012 from http://www.usfca.edu/fac_staff/weihrichh/docs/germany.pdf The Eight Elements of TQM (2012). ...

Biocon - Case Assignment Questions

...BIOMAb is very important to this next phase of the company’s growth. In the past they have relied on their expertise and experience carrying over from the enzyme development background. However in this next phase they are entering into uncharted territory and as a result will need to prove they have the capability to adapt their expertise and continue to be successful in areas that are outside of their experience scope. The success of the BIOMAb phase of Biocon’s overall strategy will be key...

Air Bnb Stakeholder Analysis

...Airbnb has released some interesting growth figures, proving that 2012 was the year that Airbnb stopped being something people were talking about and started to be something (a lot of) people used. The company announced that 4 million total guests have now used Airbnb to book a night’s stay on the peer-to-peer lodging marketplace. A whopping 3 million of those guests used the service in 2012 alone. The company launched all the way back in 2007, so that should give you a clear picture of just h...

?Burj Al Arab Strategic Plan

...They should work towards targeting business executives and high net worth individuals. This would enable the hotel to get access to a new set of customers which would enable them to maintain their level of profitability and their market share in the time of crisis. The hotel should work towards maintaining their level of profitability and market shares in comparison to peak profitability levels in 2007. Promote new services – Burj Al Arab should also work towards promoting their other service...

Rise of India's Drug Industry

...Secondly, I learned that there are still opportunities to consider in India’s pharmaceutical industry. In the future, I can find an Indian partner who is in the business of pharmaceutical industry and form a partnership between me and him. That way, I could open a branch of the Indian drug manufacturer in Uzbekistan. There is a huge demand for pharmaceuticals in Uzbekistan and the supply is not sufficient thus leading to high prices. I could take advantage of this and become successful busines...

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Case

...In conclusion, the seat problem is an issue that should have and could have been solved sooner. It is an example of what can happen when a company makes exceptions in their processes. If TMM USA had followed the TPS process in dealing with the seat problem it would have been solved fairly quickly, although it would have been quite costly to do so. I believe a modified TPS system could be applied to the off-line process which would encourage employees to look for solutions to the cause of the pr...

Public Sector Policies & Issues in Management Assignment

...Role of Private Sector Enterprises The private sector is usually composed of organizations that are privately owned and not part of the government. These usually includes corporations (both profit and non-profit), partnerships, and charities. The importance of private sector in Indian economy has been very commendable in generating employment and thus eliminating poverty. Further, it also effected the following - Increased quality of life Increased access to essential items Increased production ...

Marina Gana Vida


A study on Beximco Pharmaceuticals Limited

...Product innovation is successive factor behind the success of Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh. BPL knew that in order to survive in this challenging market product innovation is need to focus on deeply. So, as result research and development department were established in order to innovat new product, improving production process, product quality for further strengthen the position of BPL in the industry. This R & D teams is also continuously monitori...

High Labour Turnover in the Hospitality Industry in the UK

...In conclusion, a benchmark practices should be arrived at within the hospitality industry on fighting the operational and administrative challenges that results to high labour turnover. A high labour turnover affects the hospitality industries both directly and indirectly in many ways. Indirect costs results to low employee morale, higher pressure on the jobs, high learning costs, high organisational memory and poor restaurant service. The direct costs are incurred during recruitment, replacemen...

Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses

...This hotel was lack of room attendant and public attendant. In case of someone was on day off or leaved the ___ for the next day will be ruined, because the room attendant who was on duty, he/she will take over the assigned task for the workers who leave. He/she will take the responsibility in doing make-up room and ready room for the floors that assigned for the one who leaved. They only have two public attendants but it was ok for 4 storey hotel. If there was a function in the function room, a...

Eli Lilly in India

...Negotiating and Designing an Alliance. Retrieved July 18, 2010, from http://www. sagepub. com/upm-data/12290_Chapter_3. pdf - Powered by Google Docs Ranbaxy. (2010). Ranbaxy World. Retrieved July 18, 2010, from http://docs. google. com/viewer? a=v&q=cache:Nrn9UEPrl5AJ:www. ranbaxy. com/annualreports/newsletter-2010-ranbaxy-world. pdf+assessing+alternatives+to+Eli+Lilly+Rabaxy+Joint+Venture&hl=en&gl=pk&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEEShyidoDL1vRW7be29h-Qph0U-59nuHIR-_IrhUW1sJ-ZyblNqb-AzBDUg...

Overview of SQUARE pharmaceuticals LTD

...The pharma industry depends upon several organic chemicals. The chemical industry is again very competitive and fragmented. The chemicals used in the pharma industry are largely a commodity. The suppliers have very low bargaining power and the companies in the pharma in dusty can switch from their suppliers without incurring a very high cost. However, what can happen is that the supplier can go for forward integration to become a pharma company. Companies like Orchid Chemicals and Sasha Chemical...

Cost of Quality and Trade-Offs

...The other failure cost is External and these are failures that are discovered by the consumer once they have purchased the product. These can carry a much higher cost when found by the consumers. These costs can include Warranty repairs or replacements, costs of having a customer care center or call center to deal with customer complaints, discounts to customers for current or future products and Legal action if the failure of a product caused some type of personal injury. Based on the 3 types o...

Industry Analysis

...The high rate of inflation in the country will be replicated in the products manufactured. Thus the need of the government to control the forces of trade, to help control the economic crisis the country is facing. Word Count: 1018 Reference List Deanna, J. R. , Pearson, G. & National Academy of Engineering (1998). The Ecology of Industry: Sectors and Linkages. Washington, D. C: National Academies Press. Trewartha, T. G. (2007). A Geography of Population: World Patterns. Hoboken, New Jersey: ...

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