History of Victoria’s Secret Industry

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Almost every store throughout the mall promotes their brand by using gorgeous models. Advertisements are famous for using professional models with perfect bodies, in order to grab the public’s attention. Many people assume professional models on the front page of advertisements are healthy, powerful, and confident. Being a model may seem glamorous from the outside, however; the modeling industry exposes their models to eating disorders.


The Victoria’s Secret industry creates monsters by setting high standards for their models to have “the perfect body,” which ultimately pushes their models and young girls towards a monsterous view of the female form, but the fashion industry can solve this by representing healthy looking women.

The fashion industry’s distorted standard of beauty makes models into monsters. While history has always dictated a social norm for what is considered beautiful, the image of beauty today comes directly from an industry determined to sell merchandise that makes people look and feel beautiful. Worldwide, the three trillion dollar fashion industry has the opportunity to influence many people (Strijbos).

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A part of that industry is the lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret, founded in 1977 as a mail order and brick-and-mortar operation. While the corporate model of advertising has shifted from the 70s to present from a more classy version of Playboy apparel to a 2010 more sophisticated under and outerwear. The billion dollar institution uses popular celebrity models advertise their brand: Kendall Jenner, Kate Moss, Heidi Klum, and Tyra Banks. They have launched the Miracle Bra, the Incredible Bra, and Pink, asserting the sexy but functional nature of their products.

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Women can buy sleepwear and activewear, and Victoria’s Secret also carries cosmetics and fragrances, completing any woman’s beauty needs. Consumers would think that all this effort would result in a world of beauty, but realistically this corporation creates monsters and a monsterous society.

Victoria’s Secret makes their models into monsters. They create unreasonable standards for “beauty” and hold models to these standards relentlessly. Victoria’s Secret encourages their models to lose weight, which causes models to lean towards extreme dieting methods. In the fashion industry, weight and height qualifications are extremely important. Victoria’s Secret controls their models by encouraging anyone who has gained weight to quickly lose it. There’s a body type and a size type that they believe in. A Victoria’s Secret model must have “ big tits, tiny waist, tall skinny legs,’ says a stylist who has worked with the brand. ‘If they don’t have the body that Ed [Razek, Victoria’s Secret’s senior creative] deems the perfect woman’s body, they will not be in the show’”(Fallen Angels). One ex-model who worked for top designers like Tom Ford and John Galliano reported that Victoria’s Secret was no different than other fashion houses in their requirements that guided her lifestyle. The professional model confessed that she “lived on Diet Coke and apples for two years. For the couture, we had to get up at 4 a.m. to be sewn into the clothes and there was huge pressure to be thin” (Hilton). She admits, however, that she was well paid for her dehumanization, and “the fact remains that for girls chasing the big money, skinniness is professionally necessary” (Hilton). The industry causes models to turn towards dangerous “weight-loss methods [that] range from skipping meals, using diuretics, sweating off the pounds in the sauna, regularly vomiting, and using laxatives” (Hilton). For young women entering the modelling field, or even professionals who seek to advance in the profession, the pressure to maintain an abnormally low weight leads to unhealthy habits, which can develop into addictions and illnesses. In reality high fashion industries are “unconcerned with beauty; its objective is selling clothes, and the consensus remains that in order to achieve this, models need to be thin” (Hilton). The industry is unconcerned wil..

These made models become role models for many young girls and women. More monsters are created by the imitation of young girls who idealize these models. The billion dollar industry has a reputation for using celebrity models to lure the younger generations into their store. Professional models like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have the power to attract both high school and college students because of their successful careers and Hollywood reputations. Kendall and Gigi have both walked in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which is held in New York City once a year to represent the brand’s sexy lingerie. The fashion show creates the wrong impression of beauty by using “starving models [who] are forced to to strut up and down a runway lugging enormous bedazzled wings on their birdlike frames” (?). Victoria’s Secret models walk the runway wearing lingerie and large embellished angel wings to present their beauty. Models have to be personally selected by the industry in order to wear the famous angel wings during the fashion show. The industry hires a team of designers to handcraft beautiful embellished angel wings for each selected model. The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show sets unrealistic expectations for young girls who desire a body that is made by unhealthy eating behaviors and methods. These monstrous made bodies convince many young girls and women that a skinny physique is the key to feel confident and sexy.

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