The idol of the cave

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In Francis Bacon, The Four Idols are described as the causes of the human error in the pursuit of knowledge. The four idols are, the idol of tribe, the idol of cave, the idol of the marketplace and the idol of the theater. The idol of the cave is defined as those which arise with in the mind of the individual. This idol is common to all human beings. Francis Bacon stated that “The lofty and discursive puts together the finest and most general resemblances” (2).

Francis Bacon idol of the cave is used to advertise Vitoria secret products by feeding on the belief that possible clients will perceive slim woman as beautiful, sexy and will want to feel as sexy by using the Vitoria secret products. Victor Secret is women’s lingerie retail store where women constantly shop at. Where did the name Victoria Secret originated from? It likely refers to queen. Why do women shop at Victoria secret? Most women would say because the material this retail stories better than other regular retail store for example Walmart.

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Vs bras and panties are of a higher price than some at Walmart. Why do women wear Victoria secret? It makes them feel good about themselves. When a women wear these vs lingerie’s they feel sexy.

Victoria Secret advertisement stated that “every love affair begins with something little and lacy” to look naughty not nice is what their advertisement wants to reach out. These naughty lingerie’s is what calls for men’s attention.

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Sexy is what men find attractive, the more skin the sexier it gets. Men love to see women model these sexy beautiful underwear, The advertisement of Victoria secrets gives us a view of slim models but not everyone is slim. Models are known to be slim in every part of their body. Slim is what men find attractive the most. Not only is there slim models for Victoria secret, they also have thick models advertising the larger lingerie’s. As a result to these many advertisements Victoria Secret are calling women to look naughty not nice, sweet but sexy and gorgeously attractive. What does the wording love pink stand for? Love pink is just a brand Victoria secrets carries. Victoria secret advertisement states “Life is pink is life” from my understanding its trying to say to love pink as thus we love life. Many people see and say many perspectives about the brand name love pink. Some people say it represent awareness for breast cancer. Others see it as an attention grabber sexy. Women who see other women wear the love pink yoga pants always tend to test them out. All women come in different shapes and sizes women will wear what they like and think is cute. The love pink yoga pants are a big seller, they are an attraction to both men and women. Everyone loves yoga pants. The fragrances is mostly attracts the male, women smell a nice scent and for which they will own. A women’s scent is very important and sexy and defiantly an attention grabber. What mean wouldn’t love to be dragged away from a women’s amazing fragrance from Vitoria Secret. This isn’t any secret because vs is one great seller. The advertisement on the cover to this essay represents hot and sexy. From my perspective it gives a sexual representation, it attracts both men and women. However men would love to see their wife’s dressed in Victoria Secret lingerie’s, and would always try to wear something sexy for their partner. This is a great advertisement

However in regards to The Four Idols in the book of Francis Bacon. The idol of the cave gave a perfectly definition to Victoria secrets advertisement. This idol covers an individual who dedicates his mind to some particular branch of learning becomes possessed by his own peculiar interest. This idol give strong understanding to Victoria Secret ad their advertisement.

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The idol of the cave

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