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Sustainability Strategies in Mining
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Sustainability has been a huge controversy when it comes to mining. Sustainability has always been a key consideration in the mining industry and will continue to shape activity today and beyond. (, 2017) Mining is essential to the modernity of life, with minerals and supplies mined around the world having a major role wherein productions and trades function. As in any industry that provides integrated products and services, attention is sited on its processes and their effect on both economic…...
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Evidence of China’s involvement with Africa dates as early as in
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Pages • 7
Evidence of China's involvement with Africa dates as early as in 1980 where it started to strengthen its agricultural co-operation with Africa in trade and other commercial activities. It has also increased its agricultural investment in Africa. With China's rapid economic rise, the global economic downturn and its uncertain recovery, and the challenge of climate change, China's agricultural investment in Africa has developed against a backdrop of closer economic ties with the continent. Although agricultural growth has increased in Africa…...
AfricaChinaMining Industry
Iron Ore Processing in Mining Industry
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Pages • 3
Extracting Iron from Iron Ore in a Blast Furnace The metal iron and its alloy steel is one of the most important substances used by man. Humans have been discovering the metal’s uses science 3500BC. Huge quantities are used in the construction industry to construct of all kinds of vehicles. The most common from of iron known is the oxide. The Iron is extracted from the ore that contains the most amount of iron. The iron is extracted from its…...
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Mining Industry in the Philippines
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Pages • 2
Introduction The Philippine Government believes that a well-developed minerals industry is an option that can catalyze economic development and community empowerment. Minerals are part of its national patrimony, hence there is a big responsibility to maximize the benefits that can be derived from their utilization with due regard to the protection of the environment and without sacrificing the interests of communities. The legal and administrative framework governing the minerals industry in the Philippines is contained in Republic Act No. 7942…...
IndustryMining IndustryPhilippinesPolicySustainability
A Pestle Analysis of Mining Industry
Words • 2437
Pages • 10
1. Executive summary This report has analysed the investment environment of mining industry in Mongolia. The PESTLE analysis is considered first as a basic narration of the situation, and then the evaluations based on this PESTLE analysis are given to show the quality of the Mongolian investment environment. From the former analysis it can be seen that the overall investment atmosphere is good for the Chinese company. And considering the particularity of the local investment environment, it is better that…...
IndustryMining Industry
Blood Diamond Mining Industry
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Pages • 3
In history, it was on 1866 that the first diamond was officially discovered and in the South Africa. Hope Town, South Africa claimed that the first dazzling gems were found in their place. At the early times, South African people’s way of existence was through agriculture. The whole evolution and the development of the contemporary Industrial South Africa have begun with the discovery of this diamonds in the Kimberley area. The discovery of the diamonds was said to be the…...
IndustryMining Industry
Theme of Loneliness in Ben Shahn’s Miners’ Wives
Words • 485
Pages • 2
The Miner's Wives by Ben Shahn takes a bitter look at one of the lifestyles of the early 20th century - that of the down-trodden coal miner. In the foreground of the picture, we see the miner's wife referenced in the title. She carries a bleak expression, her back turned to an older woman and a child, presumably her mother and her offspring. Two men walk away into the distance, and one set of clothing hangs above, unclaimed by its…...
LonelinessMining Industry
Three ethical principles of the Global Business Standards Codex
Words • 668
Pages • 3
ESSAY Assessment question Evaluate business conduct in the mining industry using three ethical principles of the Global Business Standards Codex. Type your essay below: The business conduct in the mining industry is relatively poor because most of their activities violate the principles of the global business standards codex. Examples of these activities include using violence and the misuse of political power which violates the dignity and citizenship principle respectively. On the contrary, some businesses in the mining industry have proven…...
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