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Avro Arrow
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The push to develop the Avro Arrow occurred due to the viewed hazard of faster and more effective planes being created in the Soviet Union. At this time in history the Soviet Union was in a Cold War with Western Nations including Canada. Canada's goal was to produce an airplane that was more maneuverable and faster in order to beat the Soviets at their own game. This objective was achieved with the creation of the faster and more advanced Avro…...
Air TransportationCold WarEconomicsFinanceHistoryIndustrial Revolution
Great social turmoil in the United States
Words • 729
Pages • 3
World War II was a time of great social turmoil in the United States, not only because of its active role in the war, but also because of the radical changes taking place in society. As an effect of the Jim Crow laws, people were beginning to speak up against segregation and demand equal rights. During this time, many activists and political reformists used different forms of social media in order to present their ideas regarding racism. In 1942, Dr.…...
Jim Crow LawsPoliticsRacismSocial IssuesStateWar
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