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Industrial Training Report

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My sincere gratitudes go to my industrial supervisor Miss Siti Norshafina Binti Jaih, Site Engineer, and the other staff on Penang Second Bridge project Mr Leong Chee Keong, Contractor Manager , Mr Faizul Ikmal, Site Engineer, Mr Chang Su Thai, Quantity Surveyor, Mr Loo Wooi Min, site supervisor and all the staffs, for helping me during the course of my 10 weeks of Industrial Training at GHL Construction Sdn Bhd on Penang Second Bridge Batu Kawan Expressway Project. A lot of thanks you for all of teaching and providing helpful guidance to me.

Biggest thank has to Miss Siti NorSyafina Binti Jaih as our Industrial Supervisor. She has been in construction field specialized bridge almost 3 years. She is rich in knowledge and skillfulness on arrange work progress, solve problems on site, and ensure the work done is based on drawing and right methods. I like to thank her for her generosity and no less, her patiences in sharing information and knowlegde with me, which has benefited me in expanding my knowledge and understanding about this industry.

Next, I would like to give thanks to my Constructon Manager, Leong Chee Keong. He is a 14 years veteran in the construction field who packs with vast experiences and knowledge in this field. From the understanding of theorems to its applications and technical practices, he knows them very well. I have seen from him as one who strives to continuously in seeking knowledge and improvement.

I also like to thank my Academic Supervisor, Mr Masiri Bin Kaamin .

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During his visit to Batu Kawan’s Site Office (Penang Second Bridge Batu Kawan Expressway Project) for completed the task, he shared his knowledge and experience in the construction field with me and provided valuable guidances.

Last but not least, I am grateful to all other staffs at Project Penang Second Bridge Package 3b expecially GHL construction Sdn Bhd’s Staff. They warmly welcomed me onboard, and not hesitating in lending me helps whenever I need them. They are instrumental in my very much delightful and fruitful working experience in Project Penang Second Bridge.

I wish them all well and successful in their life and carreer, and the continuous prosperity for GHL Construction Sdn Bhd .


I have completed a 10 weeks industrial training program at GHL Construction Sdn Bhd, started from 23rd May 2011 and ended at 29th July 2011. During the internship at GHL Construction Sdn Bhd, I have been assigned as assistand engineer for project named as Penang Second Bridge Batu Kawan Expressway Package 3B. This report gives an insight of the process of this program, and summaries the working experience gained, knowledge learnt accomplishment and feedbacks from me during working as a trainee in GHL Construction Sdn Bhd.


Jabatan Kerja Raya has been regularly taking in industrial trainees from various universities or colleges in order to assist project implementations and support daily operations. For this period of time, there are 7 students from universities or colleges are offered to be trainee including me.

There are 5 students from diploma’s level and 2 students from Degree’s level. I and one of other trainee, Izyan Balqis from University Technology Malaysia are assigned at Kompleks taman Bimbingan Kanak- Kanak Project. Besides that we also assist in Project Bangunan Tambahan Jabatan A & E dan Wad Hospital Bentong, Pahang- Pakej 11, Project ….

During industrial training, student’s job scope is mostly to observe and learn from engineer. Trainee need to study plan to know more of their working environment. Trainee will do further study during following the engineer to the site and make surveying work, levelling work and supervised activity on site .Trainee was always being asked to observe them doing their works and do some work with carefully. Certainly they will explain to me the processes and the reason they need to do so.

Trainee is encouraged to be humble to ask any questions from seniors. It is necessary for Trainee to learn as much as possible during industrial training such as knowledge of related jobs, practical skill, communication skill, good behavior, responsibility, and other.

Besides, Industrial trainee will be exposed to the construction field and applications and technical practices. Trainee will also understand the process flow of project implementations, from the beginning stage of planning and designing, to developing and testing.

To equip the trainee with relevant knowledge and skill on this, the trainee will firstly learn the concept of plan reading. Trainee also needs to know and learn about relevant skills and technologies, for examples tolerance for leveling pile cap, marking cutting pile, communication skills , consultants and other contractor trends.

Trainee also supports daily operation. Various tasks assigned to the trainee are required to be completed in an effective and timely manner. Trainee not only will know about how the company runs in the process, but also forge a good working attitude in the meantime.

This industrial training program at Jabatan Kerja Raya has been completed successful, with every objectives meet in the same time.


During the period of the 10 week’s industrial training, I was being assigned to supervised and consult several project such as Kompleks Bimbingan Kanak-Kanak, Project Bangunan Tambahan Jabatan A & E dan Wad Hospital Bentong, Pahang- Pakej 11. Main Contractor for this package is IJM construction. There are a few subcontractor under GHL Construction Sdn Bhd.

First of all, I had to train myself to speak and talk with my supervisor, colleagues within company, even workers at site. This helped me to improve my communication skill. I learned to speak nice, humble and soft with my colleagues. This helped to generate a good relationship which will make my working life more smoothly and enjoyable. From the communication with seniors in company, I got to more about their working life experience. I knew how to work in society and ways to survive in working society. It also helped me in choosing my future path after I graduate soon.

Besides, In the industrial training, I trained to do any things on my own. I learned to apply the knowledge I gained from school and university in work. I had been approached to the real-life working environment.

Furthermore, I also need to be initiative and independent in my work in company. When working, I had been given a few tasks or assignment to do. I been trained to done my job independently without any friend’s help. This made me become more initiative and able to make my own decision in doing my work. If got any problem not understand, I also need to be initiative enough to ask my colleague or supervisor for guidance. When I am free at work, I also will find something to do on my own; either seeks for work from supervisor or studying the operation manual and contract document by my own. This trained me to have a good behaviors and habits when working in the company.

I also experienced the real-working life more practically during I supervised work at site and have talk with contractor. I learned the construction management including the way to manage time, worker, machinery very well. I also had chances to work at site project for the almost 80% of my 10 week’s industrial training. Mostly, I observed my colleagues how they carry out the checking and do joint sheet measurement with contractor.

Besides, I was exposed to the progress of a project, and also the business relationship between companies. I also know the organization for this project and their function and responsibilities about the project. I also learn a little about consultant and client organization and work . I gained some experiences from the head section about formwork and steelwork(welding and cutting). There are a lot of knowledge I gain from them.

Beside that, I also got involved doing leveling for every substructure and supervise the activities on site. Now, I also know the name and the function of some machinery and apparatus used at site very well. I learn how the operator manage to used and handle it.

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